Strange contradictions in the Jehovah's doctrine

The teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses is the Christianized variant of Islam. The basic theses of the Witness doctrine are found in the Muslim religion, except that Jesus is explicitly mentioned in the Watchtower Society and assigned a certain role. The inner kinship between the Muslim doctrine and the doctrine of the Watchtower Society will still be clarified in further places.

A picture from the Watchtower for September 1, 2008, page 13 falls into this context. Here an apostle with a turban is depicted.

Zacharias with Turban

The only thing that is not Muslim in this picture is the open face of the young woman. If this young woman were dressed according to the guidelines of the Koran, every observer of this picture would immediately notice: These are Muslims. The subtle idea that the Original Christians were traveling like Muslims can only be found in the publications of the Watchtower Society.

The Watchtower Society manipulates its readers with the help of the images in its booklets and books, where the open mixture of religions can no longer be accommodated in the text. Pictures are used to spread messages in a subliminal way. Even demons play an important role in these Watchtower graphics. The images published by the Watchtower Society cover all areas of religion. From demonism to Islam, Christianity is brought into a light that leaves only irritation due to its overload of foreign content.

But also the use of self-contradictory texts is peculiar from the beginning of the Watchtower Society and represents one of the "virtues" of the faithful and understanding slave. So we already read in the Watchtower of June 1922:

It was Br. Russell who announced the time of the harvest and the presence of the Lord of the harvest. It was he who first went through the land and cried out, "The harvest has come; go into the field to work. And thousands who heard the war cry join in the proclamation of this message.

It was Br. Russell who announced the time of the harvest and the presence of the Lord of the harvest. It was he who first went through the land and cried out, "The harvest has come; go into the field to work. And thousands who heard the war cry join in the proclamation of this message.

Elsewhere, Russell describes what this regency looks like. Watchtower of January 15, 1923, page 217:

It will indeed be a new world, glorified in every way. ... But the Old Testament overcomers will also, if necessary, use "the iron rod" to bring the obstinate and disobedient into order. All will have to learn that injustice is no longer permitted; for justice will be the foundation of the new kingdom.

According to Russell, the One World rule will sit in Jerusalem and act from there. This world domination will be exercised by Old Testament men who will be called into modern life after Russell for the purpose of perfect incarnation. The iron rod assigned to them can only mean tyranny and it is of course exercised by these figures according to the statutes of the Watchtower Society "non-violently oriented", which then act in gloomy, foggy distance like the Governing Body itself. Not tangible, not visible and only existing for the innermost circles of the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses as bodily people. Whereby in the case of the then again resurrected Old Testament heroes the darkness and the fog will probably be so dark and dense for the very innermost circles of the WTS that the Watchtower world rulers with the iron rod will not be tangible or verifiable for anyone.

Contradictions in the Bible

For people who are not in living contact with Jesus, the Bible is full of contradictions that seem to prove to common sense that there can be no God. The achievement of Jehovah's Witnesses is to add another great obstacle to this unfavorable circumstance. The Watchtower Society relies on the wrong understanding of the carnal human being, nor on the self-boiled contradiction that once again leverages and darkens human intelligence. With persuasive arts, the Watchtower covers a thick blanket of contradictory manipulation over the already disoriented spirit of earthly-minded human nature. The great mixture of religions thus leads to a freely and arbitrarily manageable code of law, which the Watchtower Society can apply to human beings at its own discretion.

The only true religion

Like Islam, the Watchtower doctrine describes itself as the only true religion. Thus, both internally and externally, a fundamental agreement of Islam with the Wachttum doctrine becomes valid without the public taking notice of it. The Watchtower Society's proclaimed Christian propaganda ensures that this fundamental Muslim core does not come to the surface: both Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims are responsible for their own perfection and must not hope for a saviour who gives them this perfection. Only the always gracious Allah/Jehovah is the instance of human salvation. A better and more skilful leveraging of what Jesus brings to man is inconceivable.

The basis of watchtower doctrine

Those who inform themselves about the Watchtower doctrine only by chance or perhaps by special guidance discover the real foundations of this erroneous religion. Even men like Raymond Franz, who served for nine years in the leading body of Jehovah's Witnesses under the regiment of his uncle Fred Franz, do not always comprehensively realize all connections and overlook individual key points that prove and characterize the absurdity of the Jehovah's religion.

The Watchtower exposes itself to those who are able to verify the Watchtower's statements in an unadulterated and unmanipulable manner. Personally, I actually believe that this analysis requires the preservation and guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only on this basis that I understand the ever-widening abysses of lies emanating from the Watchtower Society. – But let the Watchtower bear witness to itself. It is the October 1922 edition.

The chronology of present truth might only want to be a coincidence if there were not the repetitions in the two great cycles of 1845 and 2520 years which take the matter out of the realm of coincidence and bring it into that of certainty. If there were only one or two corresponding dates or times in these cycles, this might want to be a mere accidental coincidence; but where the coincidences of dates and events show up in dozens, it cannot possibly come by chance, but must have its origin in the plan or purpose of the one personal being capable of such a plan – Jehovah himself; and the chronology itself must be correct.

In the corridors of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the agreement of one or two measurements with the chronology of present truth may be a matter of chance, but the agreement of dozens of measurements proves that the same God conceived both the pyramid and the plan – but also proves the correctness of the chronology.

The chronology's agreement with certain measurements of the tabernacle and the temple of Ezekiel also stamps the chronology as true.

This example illustrates how Watchtower men use human thought in delusional misdirection to fathom God and guide others. This aggregation of all attainable arguments in support of one's own fantasies is found in all Watchtower publications and in all information available about the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing is more important to the faithful and understanding slave than to advance and underpin his future world domination under the protective mantle of an invisible Jesus and under the intangible resurrected prophets of the Old Testament.

The second goal of the Watchtower leaders is to encourage preaching ministry, the priority of which is to deny Jehovah's Witnesses marriage, family, and children as much as possible. Again and again, this lying apparatus of the Watchtower Society recommends Jehovah's Witnesses not to marry, for Armageddon is imminent. – But it is only a matter of optimizing the hours of sermon service and of building a world-dominating institution that at some point, under nebulous circumstances, comes to the hoped-for rule.

But the original reason for the Watchtower Society is madness, which lies in the mixture of faith and speculation. Where there is no connection to Jesus and Jesus is not allowed to intervene in a corrective and purifying way, spiritual cancer-like deformities arise in man which are worse than the primitivity of a Darwin and a Hitler who practically applied Darwin's views. For coming to death takes place here on a spiritual level, because people do not accept God's guidance, but rather rely on measurements in pyramids and follow Watchtower people. The spiritual death that results from this is a work of fanatics and those who claim a piece of being God for themselves. They present themselves as prophets, take on the role of spiritual leaders and don't give a damn about the people they mislead.

Small overview

The Catholic Church replaces Christ with the Pope and the constantly repeating rite (confession, Eucharist, etc.), Islam simply claims that Jesus was not crucified at all, and the Watchtower Society prohibits Jehovah's Witnesses from contacting Jesus. All have the same goal! They want to prevent anyone from turning to Jesus with confidence. The great distinguishing feature of those who consciously or unconsciously serve Satan is the rejection or replacement of Jesus.


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