Watchtower – direct violations of the Bible

Let us take a small piece of the Bible and pay attention to the extent to which the faithful and understanding slave violates the Bible.

Acts of the Apostles 10,25ff

And when Peter came in, Cornelius went to meet him, and fell at his feet, and worshiped him. And Peter lifted him up, and said, Arise, I am but a man.

Cornelius is the first pagan Christian to be a high member of the Roman military. Nobody asks him to give up the military trade because of his faith in Jesus. This is only a side note. If the watch tower's own overemphasis on pacifism and anti-militarism were biblical, the military membership of the first Gentile Christians would have had to be criticized. Cornelius, however, was accepted as a Christian regardless of his military function.

Rating: The Bible knows no apostasy due to military affiliation. Accordingly, all Jehovah's Witnesses' efforts to separate themselves from state and military institutions are only an in-house facade that cannot be justified with the Bible. Much too serious is the fact that even the first converted Christian from the Gentiles and his entire house was accepted into the congregation, although he and his house were dependent on the Roman military. Any Jehovah's Witness who watches or has watched one of his fellow believers be disfellowshipped because he did not refuse to serve with a weapon or do civilian service is guilty of placing internal organizational arrangements higher than the Bible. At this point the Watchtower Society applied and continues to apply psychoterror, which all those who do not oppose support and share responsibility for. At the same time, Jehovah's Witnesses prove with this Bible devaluing behavior that the Bible is neither authority nor standard for them.

In the Bible of Elberfeld it says here worship instead of worship.

Evaluation: The different meaning of the terms worship and worship is a watchtower specialty that serves to devalue biblical passages in which Jesus is worshipped. The unnatural classification of these terms, which is drawn near by the hair, becomes a habit in Watchtower jargon, which leads to the fact that as a Jehovah's Witness one can no longer take note of the fact that Jesus was even worshiped as a human being and that he allowed it.

And while he was talking with him, he went in and found many who had come together. And he said to them: You know that a Jewish man is not allowed to deal with or come to a stranger; but God has shown me that I should not avoid or call any man unclean.

Peter is a Jew and has no clue that the God of the Watchtower Society could ever replace the actual people of God with a fictitious spiritual people of God. Peter follows God's instruction and breaks away from Jewish traditions without denying and losing his Jewish origin.

Assessment: The thesis that the Jews are no longer the people of God can be found both in the Roman Catholic papacy with the origin of the state-religious monopoly of power, and in the slave cult from Brooklyn, whose origin is an economic corporation. Jehovahism and Catholicism both insist on being the only true organization, and both insist on having become the people of God instead of the Jews. These two points of arrogance, arrogance, selfish power poker, and relentless master politics alone should make all men think carefully about whether, as Catholics or Jehovah's Witnesses, they can even have a hint of Christianity. For such violations of the Bible for power-political and commercial reasons cause the destruction of the entire organization. No one who is a Catholic or Jehovah's Witness can claim to have a chance of salvation as long as he remains in the juggernaut of presumption and secular power.

Peter: "God has shown me that I should not avoid any man or call him unclean." This is Christian!

In the Watchtower Society, people who do not belong to the organization are labeled as "world people". No one in the class of Jehovah's Witnesses may entertain fellowship with worldly men. Anything that no longer serves to win the world man for the Watchtower Society is forbidden. Jehovah's Witnesses are professional people-meaters.

Rating: Jesus did not separate us from the rest of the world as an elitist group, but sent us into this world after redeeming us from our world of sin. The separation that occurs to people who have converted to Jesus is the awareness of being as bad as any other person, but saved by grace. This acceptance is a personal privilege, but it belongs to every person and is offered to every person. Through the availability of Jesus for all people, even the last breath of elitist thinking disappears. Christians or so-called Christians who feel they are better should hurry to repent and ask Jesus what he thinks about it. They should learn from the children, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

The elitism of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which is also found in Catholicism, is a sign that in the emergence and development of these organizations the waste was carried out. Elitism is diametrically opposed to all the messages of Jesus.

That's why I didn't refuse to come when I was taken. So now I ask you why you sent for me. Cornelius said, Four days ago at this time I prayed for the ninth hour in my house. And behold, there stood a man before me in a shining robe, saying, Cornelius, your prayer has been heard, and your alms have been remembered before God.

A man, far away from the alleged leading body of Christians of the first century, had an experience. An angel appeared to him. This may not sound particularly sensational, but it is remarkable that such a thing is excluded from the Watchtower society.

For people outside the Watchtower society, God is supposedly absolutely unreachable and all experiences that are not explainable must come from Satan according to the Watchtower teaching. And since people in the Watchtower Society have no special experiences, the Watchtower Society simply states that miracles no longer exist today.

Assessment: The Watchtower-specific determination that miracles are no longer possible today is related to the denial that the Holy Spirit is more than just an impersonal force. An impersonal power can be better tied to beneficial qualities and references that one determines oneself. The Watchtower Society, as the channel of God, claims to be the only recipient of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit were an independent instance of God in whose name even Christians are baptized, its use as Watchtower channel power would be more difficult. Then it could happen that it is not the superiors in the form of the governing body who keep the say, but it could happen that the Holy Spirit chooses someone himself to instruct with the truth. But for the superiors in the form of the Watchtower Society Governing Body to keep the reins, the Holy Spirit must be reduced to something like the electricity of God. The fact that one can then no longer baptize in the name of the Holy Spirit is a logical consequence of its degradation. Jehovah's Witnesses probably modified baptism accordingly.

Now therefore send for Joppa and call Simon, surnamed Peter, who is a guest in the house of Simon the tanner by the sea. And I sent unto thee immediately, and thou didst right that thou didst come. Now we are all here before God to hear all that is commanded you by the Lord. But Peter opened his mouth and said: Now I know in truth that God does not look upon the person; but in every people he who fears him and does him right is pleasing to him. He sent the word to the people of Israel and proclaimed peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord over all.

Jesus is Lord of all. Whether they accept him or not. Jehovah's Witnesses have two masters, for they say that the Father and the Son are two different gods, demigods, or bearers of the title God. Jesus is degraded to a kind of angel messenger. If Jesus is still Lord over all, then with Jehovah's Witnesses it is only an underlord, for he may not be worshiped. Contact with him is forbidden. Jehovah's Witnesses disengage themselves from the rule of Jesus. They just grant him a kind of directorship. Thus the rejection of the rule of Jesus is already perfect.

Rating: In Judas 4 we get the information that Jesus is even the sole ruler of the Christians. This is an indication that either the Father and the Son are really one, or that the Jehovah "God" who does not want to be Jesus has completely lost. According to the Word of God, Jesus is the only ruler of the people who believe in Him. If Jesus is not God or if this Jehovah "is not God" as God is not Jesus, then Jesus is not the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses. – Or according to Peter's statement above: Jesus is Lord of all people, but Jehovah's Witnesses strictly reject his rule and prefer another Lord named Jehovah.

Incidentally, Jehovah's Witnesses do not even accept this Jehovah as Lord, but only the Watchtower apparatus. The party apparatus of the Watchtower leadership must be followed in all things. And be it directly to hell. Jehovah's Witnesses justify themselves to themselves by saying that the Watchtower leaders will be punished for being wrong. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot admit to themselves that this solution is a cheeky self-redemption due to shifting responsibility.

You know what happened in all Judea, starting from Galilee after the baptism that John preached, how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power; he went about doing good and healing all who were in the power of the devil, for God was with him. And we are witnesses of all that he did in the Jewish land and in Jerusalem. They hanged him on the wood and killed him. God raised him up on the third day and made him appear, not to all the people, but to us, the witnesses chosen before by God, whom we ate and drunk with him after he had risen from the dead.

Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus was resurrected as the Spirit. They deny that his disciples ate and drank with him after the resurrection. What in Christianity is the practical victory over death because Jesus rose physically becomes a purely spiritual world idea in Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus only stands up as a spiritual being, as a spiritual unity, which of course can be used splendidly for the world program of the Watchtower Society. Jesus is therefore not the victor over death, but only an ideological manifestation.

Evaluation: As soon as the Bible, which clearly reports that Jesus rose physically from the dead, is bent over with the goal of the resurrection of Jesus as merely a material manifestation of a spirit being, the appearance of the risen Jesus can easily be presented as a psychic group hallucination. In addition, this twisting of the Bible offers the possibility that Jesus can be turned into a legend that only exists as an idea. This legend can then be wonderfully redirected and expanded in exactly the desired direction, so that Masons and Co. can really enjoy it. At the end of such a development stands a worldwide organization, which works on a New World plan and brings people spiritually into line, because the initiator of Christianity was reduced to a spiritual idea. The inner axis of faith in Jesus, namely Jesus himself, is only good intention or high goal, but no longer real. Those who do not believe that Jesus is real do not believe in Jesus. First the personal contact to him was forbidden, then a "spiritual manifestation" was made of him. This is the best variant of the instrumentalization of Jesus immediately after the request of a sorcerer who offered the disciples money for the Holy Spirit.

And he has commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is appointed by God to judge the living and the dead. Of this all prophets testify that by his name all who believe in him shall receive forgiveness of sins.

By the name of Jesus! No other name goes. All Jehovah's, Manitous, Allah's, Mary's and Joseph's and others fall away as human inventions.

Rating: There is only one name that stands like a hotline for contacting God. That is the name Jesus. One searches in vain in the literature of the Watchtower Society for the recommendation that someone should call on the name Jesus. Instead, the recommendation to confide in a certain Jehovah is found with extraordinary frequency. These recommendations are accompanied by statements such as: Certainly he forgives sin. All statements about this Jehovah are kept in the optional form. However, all statements in the Bible about Jesus are in the clear factual reporting form. When the Bible speaks of Jesus, there is no perhaps, no can, no certain, no certain. But there are only clear announcements that are valid without ifs and buts. The Watchtower Society and its Jehovah are bathed in can-do formulations. Pay attention to this when reading literature from Jehovah's Witnesses.

While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell on all who listened to the word.

No Bible study! No oath on the organization! No mind control! Isn't that a wonderful contrast to the practices of the Watchtower Society?

Rating: Here the Holy Spirit still decides for himself and thus fulfills the words of Jesus that it is with the Spirit as with the wind. You can feel it, but you don't know where it comes from and where it goes. The Watchtower Society (channel of God), on the other hand, regards the Holy Spirit as their personal possession and, with this self-appointment, takes on the role that only Jesus deserves. Also here the wrong interpretation that the Holy Spirit is only a kind of energy of God and not a person proves to be helpful for the New World concept of the Watchtower Party. Jehovah's slaves have him at their disposal and consider it right to prevent the Jehovah's Witnesses from thinking for themselves.

The Holy Spirit behaves in the opposite way in the account of the Bible. And instead of going in search of Christian communities where the Holy Spirit works as he did then, individually and entirely according to his own will, Jehovah's Witnesses follow the Watchtower Doctrine and consider the Holy Spirit to be a system-immanent advantage of the Governing Body in Brooklyn, New York. The sick thing about it is the unwavering conviction that God could be represented by a humanly led organization.

And the Jews who had become believers, who had come with Peter, were astonished, because the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Gentiles also, for they heard that they spoke in tongues and praised God highly. Then Peter replied, Can anyone also deny baptism water to those who received the Holy Spirit as we did? And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. So they asked him to stay a few days.

Can a Jehovah's Witness Receive the Holy Spirit? The Watchtower Society claims that the Holy Spirit is just something like the electricity of God. And this is reserved for the organization. If the individual person can receive the Holy Spirit, as the Bible teaches, the organization has very bad cards!

Rating: The Watchtower System, like a secret society, decides on baptism (inclusion in the organization) and apostasy (exclusion from the organization). The spiritual unification of the people and the membership in the Watchtower Society based on it is probably more rigidly handled than in Freemasonry. The sanctioning of independent thought is brutal and rigorous, and participants do not become formal members of the religious community despite baptism. Only as an elder does one gain formal membership as a Jehovah's Witness. The remainder underneath can be arranged at will and is not subject to external control. The data cannot be viewed by any authority. The Watchtower Society, however, still seems to handle these data very carefully. It needs to conceal data loss. This at least comforts the external observer in such a way that he can assume that he is not yet juggling with the mass of members. However, the extent to which the data for the recognition disputes have been manipulated or not must remain open.

Please click on picture! – "very positive annual report for the year of service 2011"

At the point where they would honestly have to give a value of more than minus 10 percent for the decrease in the number of baptised persons, they suddenly indicate the daily average number. On the one hand, those who deal with data in this way show that they prefer the game of hide-and-seek to the truth, on the other hand they signal that they have not yet simply falsified all the data.

Of course, this impression can also be exactly wrong if one considers that the number of baptized persons always fluctuates strongly and they prefer to indicate the daily average at this point. If this is the case, i.e. if the average is not intended to be an euphemism, then the vaguely assumed data security based on the assumption of existing scruples on the part of the data administrators is also omitted.

The effort of the Bible study had to be increased by 5.37% compared to 2010 in order to achieve a result of only 89% in baptized persons compared to 2010. Let us hope that the information about the Watchtower Society's heresies will continue to help protect people from religious deception, even if they engage in a Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses.

If one compares the "gratifying increase" in the Watchtower numbers with the increase in the Earth's population in proportion, the result of Jehovah's Annunciators becomes even more miserable. From this point of view, the so-called growth of the Watchtower Society has no glory, but is dull and only euphemises stagnation. But the seducers will continue to attract people to whom they are obstructing the way to Jesus. Even though their success is constantly diminishing, there is still concern for the people who have fallen for them. These people have no lobby, they are more brutally detached from the social community and dropped into nothingness than all the poor and disadvantaged. The individual fate of the systematically excluded Jehovah's Witness (the system of apostasy) always appears in such a way that the state or fellow human beings cannot help, because the destruction of social life hits the excluded Jehovah's Witness all alone. The manipulation of the Watchtower doctrine prevents him throughout his life from asking Christians what Jesus really is all about. Excluded Jehovah's Witnesses can mostly only build a new life in godlessness, which corresponds to Watchtower godlessness. The jehovaized victim of the planned apostasy is with his entire life in a desolate state, consciously destroyed by the Watchtower Society. The culprits of all these tragedies are elevated by the state to a public corporation and sunbathe in the tied-up position of the good man. The breakaway system of the Watchtower Society has only two goals: 1) to destroy social life and 2) to resist the words of Jesus, who promised that we could not be torn from his hand by anyone.

Read the Bible on your own!

If you read the Bible without the thought filter of the Watchtower Doctrine, you will repeatedly encounter passages and contexts that fundamentally collapse the entire edifice of thought of Jehovah's Witnesses.


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