The Core Lies of Watchtower Theology

Satan's dearest child is the denial of the divinity of Jesus. Since God in Jesus directed His wrath against Himself to save us, it is the devil's most beautiful hobby to convince people that Jesus could never be God. For with this he can destroy the work of Jesus and prevent people from entrusting themselves to Jesus. The thesis that Jesus is not God is the core lie of Watchtower theology, which tries to keep burning in people's brains and hearts. The Watchtower acts ceaselessly with all means of manipulation.

Without even thinking about whether Jesus might not be God Himself, without even lifting a finger to subject the Watchtower theology to a serious examination on the basis of the Bible, the Watchtower Society drives one propaganda after another to blind people. This is also the case in the Watchtower, which the Faithful and Intelligent Slave created for February 2009 – on page 15:

Jehovah, the most significant name

The proper name of God appears about 7000 times in the Bible.

This is a lie! The Watchtower Society has arbitrarily and brazenly reproduced the term Kyrios (Lord) in the New Testament by translating "Jehovah", which in fact means an inadmissible replacement. Anyone who wants to give even more meaning to the name Jehovah in this way of deception is recognizable to the whole world as a liar and propagandist. With this arbitrary rewriting of the Bible, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses merely wants to justify its own need for existence. They know that the name Jehovah was merely a write-read accident of Catholic monks, and they know that true worship can never run over a God name invented by humans or formed by chance. Therefore, they must regularly re-anchor the name fraud in the brains of Jehovah's Witnesses.

For the Watchtower Society it is a bitter defeat to one day be recognized by the wrong name of God. The entire worldly and spiritual intelligence realizes that the name Jehovah cannot withstand a single test. Unfortunately, the Watchtower Society, in its boundless arrogance (allegedly the "God-approved" channel of God), has become inclined to bind the supposedly only true worship of God to this sad accident. The name Jehovah, which is one of Satan's most stupid and clumsy lies, is considered by Jehovah's Witnesses to be the epitome and center of their religious endeavors. All in all, the struggle of WTS is to remove Jesus as God and install an art god for it. The artificial name "Jehovah" seemed good to them at the time to start the Jesus-with-foot pedal project. Unfortunately, they didn't know and don't know that Satan would abandon his own after some time. So the Jehovah's Witnesses today depend on artificially raising the artificial name "Jehovah" again and again and underpinning it to the best of their ability with filler. In the meantime, they have come to the point where they can no longer "underlay solid materials", so that one can say: The name Jehovah stands on soft ground and threatens to fall over at any moment.

What does that name mean? When Moses once inquired about the name of God, Jehovah declared, "I will be who I will be."

Here God's explanation is used as proof that the name Jehovah is correct. The exact opposite is the case. When God said to Moses, "I will be who I will be," he made it clear to him and to all men that one day he would show himself to men. The term "I will be who I will be" says nothing other than the fact that people would see God face to face and in this very context would see who God is. When Jesus came to earth, he was the man-made God who showed Himself to men. Jesus' self-declarations are extremely strongly characterized by a certain term: Jesus says: "I AM!"

The declaration of God "I will be who I will be" has nothing, but nothing at all, to do with the name Jehovah. That the Jews, the then, present, and future people of God, named God by the name of Yahweh has nothing to do with the artificial name Jehovah. The only connection between Yahweh and Jehovah is a fundamentally wrong reading, a mixture of consonants and auxiliary vowels that existed only in the scriptures to signal to the reader that he did not have to pronounce the name of God (Yahweh), but should alternatively read "Adonai" (Gentlemen).

God's indication to Moses that he will be who he will be points with an outstretched index finger to Jesus Christ, who continuously indicated in his appearance that as the Son of man he is the Creator God who has become man. These clear statements of Jesus are linked to the formulation: I AM. With this I AM, Jesus perfectly fulfills God's declaration to Moses.

So the name Jehovah is a guarantee that God will become everything he needs to achieve his goals.

If we suspect Satan behind the artificial name Jehovah Satan, this sentence of the Watchtower Society actually acquires a comprehensible meaning. Then this statement of the Faithful and Intelligent Slave means: We can make of God what we want under the pseudonym Jehovah so that Jehovah (Satan) achieves his goals. If Jehovah Satan had not actually been secretly meant in this sentence, they would not have woven the term God into the middle of the sentence, but would have used the oh so significant name Jehovah here as well. But then the sentence would have been indecisive in itself. For God is as he is, and does not change. Above all, it does not change according to any purpose or objective. The faithful and intelligent slave would very much like that God bends to any purpose. That is the basic intention of the Watchtower lie, that God is instrumentalizable and changes for different purposes in one way or another.

To make the confusion complete, the Watchtower comes with the right statement: "If God promises something, we can rely on it rock solidly. Then the WTS sales agency comes to the fore again, claiming that the lie concentrated in the substitute name Jehovah is a guarantee of God's trustworthiness. What an assertion that drives the blush of shame to your face! Only the name Jehovah, of all things the name invented by Catholic monks, this abortion of human power theology, is supposed to establish the trustworthiness of God! This is one of the cruelest distortions of the Bible. But Jehovah's Witnesses believe this nonsense. They are firmly embedded in the reverse theology of the Watchtower. And the state, which grants Satan's church rights to this child, sins against many people who thereby fall into Satan's slime.

The biblical passage quoted says quite the opposite of what the Watchtower wants to spread here!

Isaiah 55, 8 – 11: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways, says the Lord, but as much as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as rain and snow fall from heaven, and do not return there again, but wet the earth, and make it fruitful, and grow, and sow seed, and eat bread, so shall the word which cometh out of my mouth be: It shall not come again empty unto me, but it shall do that which is pleasing unto me, and it shall prosper for what I send it.

The Word that comes out of the mouth of God is Jesus Christ. The thoughts and ways of God are as far away from the name accident Jehovah as heaven is higher than earth. It is incomprehensible why the faithful and intelligent slave, Satan's offspring, leads this biblical passage in this pamphlet of Jehovah worship. For this word says what the Watchtower Society does not want: believing and accepting clear facts from the Word of God. This biblical passage is the exact opposite of Watchtower tactics. For the Watchtower promises to be able to understand God through a Bible study accessible to the human brain and to grant him the only true worship. But this Bible passage says the exact opposite. It says that we must seize the offer, the outstretched hand of God, which is Jesus Christ, even if we do not understand it. This is believing that we must take His hand and let Him save us. Only then will he introduce us to all truth. But this truth cannot be grasped by a human Bible study.

The lie of salvation and true worship in the name "Jehovah" is nothing other than the continuation of the Marian lie of the Catholic Church. As Catholicism introduced the great project of Marian worship to dissuade people from Jesus, so the secular organization of that Jehovah fabricates a doctrine that has only one goal: Do not worship Jesus, do not trust Him, do not take Him seriously! Satan basically does only one job. He wants to distract from Jesus. He uses boastful wealth, vain science, animal sexuality and much more. The main vehicle he uses and therefore loves most is false religion: Catholicism and all its subspecies. The Watchtower Society is only a catchment basin for those who begin to see through Catholicism.


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