Jehovah, an invention of modernity

"Since 1183 it had been the Church's view that any deviation from the Church's teaching ... had to be punished with death, and with the most painful death by fire." Ignatius von der Langer

After the resolution was realized within the power field of the Catholic Church that nothing could be opposed to the arbitrariness of Rome, the clergy gained a whole new platform to deface the Bible and carry out the apostasy of God. Every imaginative intervention of the Catholic scholars had to be accepted by the people since 1183 and brought the risk of death in case of refusal. Against this background, the atrocity of some clerical Catholics (monk Raymond Martini and Cardinal Nicholas of Cues) to establish the name of God as Jehovah is to be regarded as an act of deception, which in the course of world history could only become effective after the date 1183.

The ground of the semi-conscious lie by arbitrariness was sufficiently prepared at that time to be able to turn large parts of mankind away from Jesus. In view of the Bible's message of salvation, which emanates exclusively from the name of Jesus when the salvation of people is addressed, the world of the adversary had the task of proclaiming a substitute gospel and another God to people in order to minister to their Lord, separating as many people as possible from the worship of Jesus.

While within the Catholic Church the aberration was already fixed by the heavenly goddess Mary, the arbitrary invention of the name Jehovah opened up completely new fields of spiritual desolation and irritation for circles outside the sphere of influence of the deified Mary.

This clearly shows the Lucifer plan that no "plan square of mankind" is omitted to deny Jesus the almighty Creator Godhead, which, according to the Bible, is his own.

For this purpose the counter god (often also quite openly called Satan) worshipped in many religions serves the peculiarity of humans to want to imagine God's being as plasticly as possible. Man forms his judgement and assessment according to his carnal possibilities and forgets that God exists completely independently of the inadequacy of our imagination and that only he can be the one who can open his true nature to us recognizably.

The possibility of knowing God through faith is only commanded to us through Jesus Christ. No religion in the world promises people that God will make Himself known to the believer. Only the Christian has Jesus' explicit promise to be introduced into all truth. That is why the apostasy of God is found in all religions of the world and will always bring forth new blossoms in order to put Christians on the sidelines with their trust in the power of God.

In view of this general turning away from Jesus, which can no longer be influenced by mankind, efforts to collect and make known circumstantial evidence and evidence of the deity of Christ are given the appearance of a slightly crazy fight against windmills. Nevertheless, another voice is to be used here to show Jehovah's Witnesses the madness they are committing.

David H. Stern writes in his commentary on the Jewish New Testament, 1996, Haennsler-Verlag, Holzgerlingen, page 34:

20 Adonai, literally »my gentlemen«; linguists consider this plural a »pluralis majestatis«, therefore the translation in this case is more correct »my master«. Long before Yeshua's time the word Adonai had replaced God's proper name, the four Hebrew letters iod-he-waw-he, written in the German J-H-W-H, Yahweh or Jehowa, in speaking and reading aloud in awe. The Talmud (Pesachim 50a) forbade it to pronounce the tetragram (which means »four-letter name« of God), and this is still true in most Jewish circles today. Out of consideration for this tradition (which in my opinion is unnecessary but harmless), the JNT uses Adonai, where JHWH is meant. (The name »Jehowa« is, by the way, an invention of the modern age, a hermaphrodite from the said four Hebrew letters, J -H -W-H, with the vowels of the word Adonai, e-o-a.)
The Greek word for »master« is kyrios. This word has several meanings: (1) »Lord« as in »Mr. Mueller«; (2) »Lord« in the worldly sense, as »lord of the manor«; (3) »Lord« in the divine sense and finally (4) it stands for the proper name of God, JHWH. The JNT uses Adonai exclusively where »JHWH« is definitely meant. Even if there are other places where »Lord« could be replaced by Adonai, the JNT is consciously extremely precise in this point ...

The important sentence in relation to the Watchtower Society, which after all has averted 6 or 7 million living people from Jesus and has an even higher contingent of lost people, if one adds the already deceased angelogists, is this:

The name »Jehowa« is, by the way, an invention of the modern age, a hermaphrodite being from the said four Hebrew letters, J -H -W-H, with the vowels of the word Adonai, e-o-a.)

If you look at this example and see the simple lies (the name of God is Jehovah) that can be used to separate people from the hope of eternal life forever and ever, you can see the range of techniques used by Satan. From the most sophisticated religious constructions to the application of untruths that can be seen through with a single critical glance, everything that can send people into the desert in search of truth finds its place in the hands of the Antichrist.

The Watchtower Society shoots the bird in some respects. Its greatest anti-Christian terror of faith, however, is the constellation of the counter god Jehovah. This counter-god, who consistently pushes Jesus out of people's hearts, gets his name from a stupidity committed by people. These people actually knew far too much to be able to believe that this act was stupidity.

In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses who have sat on this lie, the use of psychological force prevents any possibility of clarification of the lie. This even works when the necessary information has become available to Jehovah's Witnesses. They are all under the spell of the faithful and circumspect slave. The Watchtower Society keeps its believers on course by means of mental violence and can only exist if it repeatedly increases the mental mutilation of these people to a certain minimum.

The simple transparency of the Watchtower lies basically helps Jehovah's Witnesses nothing to very little. Because the individuals trapped in the Watchtower organization are systematically brainwashed and mentally mutilated, injured, and put down. Here the state has long had the duty to stand up for the people. But it fails to do so because it too belongs to the betrayed of the Watchtower Society. Of course, the state only receives the information that is useful for the Watchtower powers to establish themselves in their respective states.

But nothing else suits the state well. For as soon as it intervenes in these things of faith, it will produce patterns of action that would automatically pull out real Christians as well. Therefore the general public must live with the existence and the attacks of the great liars of this world and resist them where possible.


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