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Through the daily vaccination the faithful and intelligent slave manipulates his followers, the large crowd, the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society not only imitates the Christian custom of having a Bible word in one's mind at the beginning of each day, but reverses it to the perfect opposite by turning the respective word from the Bible around in its exact sense. The goal of the Watchtower manipulation is a) the reversal of the Word of God and b) the distortion of the sense on one goal alone: the permanent advertisement for the religious newspaper publisher.

This permanent manipulation of the Jehovah's Witnesses will be illustrated by means of a small example. In the booklet "Daily Research in the Scriptures – 1997" the Bible text from Matthew 11:28 is turned so beautifully upside down that the simple Christian realizes: Here people are being lied to and deceived!

This example is intended to show people who are not able to deal intensively with the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society the technology with which the Watchtower Society interprets and reverses the teaching of the Bible in an ice-cold way. The Watchtower Society's interpretation, with the utmost skill, refers exclusively to the vital ministry of preaching, which increases turnover and profit.

Daily research in the writings, Monday, 9 June 1997
Come to me all you who labor and are laden, and I will refresh you (Mat. 11:28).
The words "refreshment" and "refreshment" (in verse 29) are based on a Greek word used in the Septuagint for "Sabbath" or "keeping the Sabbath" (2 Mo 16:23). So Jesus did not promise that those who came to him would not have to do anything, but that he promised to refresh them so that they would be ready for the work they would have to do in accordance with God's purpose. But how can one 'come to Jesus'? He said to his disciples, "If anyone wants to come after me, deny himself and take up his stake and follow me constantly" (Mat. 16:24). Coming to Jesus therefore involves subjecting one's own will to the will of God and Christ and continually bearing a certain burden of responsibility. w 15. 8. 95; 18, 19

The first nut that Jehovah's Witness cracks directly and blatantly in the writing department is the difference in content, morals and above all spirituality between keeping the Sabbath and a compulsory exercise. While Jesus expressly says that the Sabbath is for man and not the other way round, the Watchtower scribe kills the Spirit of God's Word with one blow. In the Watchtower group, Sabbath keeping is the basis for fulfilling the duty that flushes new donations into the coffers of the Watchtower Society. The spiritual sitemap of Jesus' words does not play the slightest role for Watchtower people.

For Jesus provides us with this great Sabbath by offering us the space in which we may enjoy the unconditional yes of God in the unqualified promise of forgiveness of sins. Whoever has entrusted himself to Jesus like a child, experiences this Yes of God throughout his life and discovers the freedom that is given to us in Jesus Christ. No more fear, no more anxious to ask what he or she thinks of you, no more to die inwardly from honest self-knowledge, but to look up to the Lord with gratitude and joy and live the opportunity he offers us.


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