M.S. Lett of the Governing Body Jehovah's Witnesses recruit new accomplices
for the religious murder by bleeding to death

A sympathetic man has himself filmed for new accomplices to the religious murder by bleeding to death. He doesn't care at all that his religious community produces dead people again and again – worldwide. The Watchtower constructors have simply extended the biblical blood ban to donated human blood and have thus managed to commit the religious murder by letting it bleed to death with impunity in every single country on earth. This hemorrhage murder is meticulously monitored by specially organized hospital liaison committees so that the bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses can also surely die through the rejection of blood transfusions and the rejection of Jesus.

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

While the novel character Hannibal Lecter still has to administer drugs to his death candidates to make them believe that voluntary death is best for them, Jehovah's Witnesses manage this manipulation without the use of drugs at all. Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible prohibits them from transfusing blood, but the Bible speaks only of animal blood and nutrition. If human blood was at stake, cannibalism should have been dealt with in the Mosaic Law. But the main information that the Watchtower Society conceals from its victims is this: in the case of a blood donation, there is no dead whose life would have to be given back. The blood donor lives on! The Bible speaks only of killed animals whose lives had to be given back to the Creator symbolically by pouring out their blood.

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

The bleeding specialist Watchtower Society's fraud is perfect. To date, not a single one of Jehovah's Witnesses has examined the Bible, so the great lie of "forbidden blood donation food" has never been recognized. Even religious scholars have failed to realize that the Watchtower Society is a true murder society. For anyone who deliberately misinterprets the Bible in order to bring death to people is indeed a deceitful murderer. This murderer still works today in a highly organized way worldwide.

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

For me, too, the view of the facts of the religious murder that the Watchtower Society carries out all over the world without interruption was long obscured. I cannot therefore laugh at the German judiciary, which has failed to clarify the biblical context. If the German judiciary had taken advantage of the service of having theologians prove to it whether the Bible actually orders death by bleeding through the refusal of blood transfusions, the chances would have been very good of finding out the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses. Then it would have become clear that it is not a matter of mass suicide, but of the targeted manipulation of many to drive them to their deaths. And that is murder!

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

Does the state have a duty of care to protect easily seducible people from such a deadly trap? Does the state not at least have the duty to keep a religious bleeding organization away from being legally equated with the churches? How much morality, how much justice is in a judiciary that swings up to forbid the circumcision of male Jewish babies, but at the same time not only ignores the planned and perfidiously arranged and systematically forced death by religious bleeding to death, but also supports it by special state concessions?

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

If the Watchtower Society only wanted to earn money by manipulating people, it would not need to misinterpret the Bible in order to bring death by bleeding to people. Only the conscious fight against the Jesus of the Bible, who made Satan's work meaningless, explains the high motivation of the Watchtower Society not only to kill people spiritually, but also to eliminate them physically as far as possible. If the devil is not behind this behavior, then the initiators, followers and supporters can basically only be called perverts. Is it the joy of killing that drives these people to celebrate the slow death of bleeding with the help of a biblical misinterpretation?

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

While beheading, as carried out by the Islamic State, does not take long, bleeding to death sometimes takes days. During this time of dying, the bleeding Jehovah's Witness is massively exposed to manipulation by hospital liaison committees and must continually fight against his own will to live. This is one of the Watchtower summits of the perversion of the Christian faith. The Watchtower Jehovah is a murderer god and Jehovah's Witnesses advertise for him like trigger columns.

Faithful and understanding slave continues to work on religious murder

Let the facial expression of the depicted man have an effect on you and ask yourself how much this man knows about the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine being a decidedly planned murder campaign. Remember also that every single Jehovah's Witness becomes an active supporter of the religious murder by joining this Society, because he has been informed of this matter and has then decided to join this organization. Certainly, the lower Jehovah's Witnesses are not necessarily aware of this tragic, even murderous, connection. But they also categorically refuse to think about what they are doing. They are submissive soldiers of religious murder.

Watch this Jehovah's Witness Leadership Body member in the video and keep in mind that the Watchtower Society is the best camouflaged MURDER ORGANization in the world.


My God: opened the eyes. Also for some 100 hours sucked the so-called "Bible sayings". No joy had thereby.

Was too weak to say "NO". Then you are visited - and it becomes increasingly difficult to get rid....

Time wasted. Absolutely nothing gained.

Review: Everything was sad. (It is still hard - after a year - to shake off the ballast).

Advice: Don't even start.

Johannes [April 08, 2021]

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