The Watchtower Society says who the Jehovah's Witnesses really are

Jehovah's Witnesses hope that one day all evil in the world will be destroyed. While the Bible clearly proves that no man is good in the eyes of God unless he calls the name Jesus, Jehovah's Witnesses believe that they are good because they belong to the slave of Brooklyn. They claim that salvation depends on the slave from Brooklyn and not on Jesus. The Bible says that a person in whom Jesus is not must die. The Watchtower Society says that a person who is a Jehovah's Witness and hates prayer to Jesus will survive.

Again and again, accusations were made that Jehovah's Witnesses were being dragged onto this website and that they were being maligned. There is talk of hatred and agitation and that the website cannot come from Jesus because so much shame would be poured out on Jehovah's Witnesses. But who is responsible for this shame? The fact is that on this website the Jehovah's Witnesses as persons are not incited or hated or maligned. Only the lies of the Watchtower Society are the subject of this website. That people who follow the lies of the Watchtower Society don't come in the best light should be clear to everyone.

Those who wonder who the Christians are will quickly and easily come across the fact that they are people who communicate with Jesus in prayer. Whoever wonders who the Jehovah's Witnesses are, on the other hand, has a lot of books to read and will always come across ambiguities and contradictions. Sometimes they come along like Muslims, sometimes like Pharisees, sometimes like a Masonic world brotherhood, sometimes as liars, sometimes as bribers, sometimes as judges and executioners in one person. Above all these features stands the big headline: Never pray to Jesus, because then you will be destroyed. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses do everything in the name of a Jehovah whose name cannot be found in any original script.

Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses in the eyes of the Watchtower Society?

In order to push all speculation and vague assumptions into the background, the Watchtower Society itself should have its say. It talks a lot about the subject: Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses really? But the articles of the writers from Brooklyn are very insubstantial and without any real support. There is talk of good neighbours, decent people, sensible contemporaries or loyal members of a religious community. All these clichéd descriptions do not make a man wise. But there is a written statement by the Watchtower Society about the true nature of Jehovah's Witnesses that is clearer and more waterproof on all points than the dull explanations in the articles for the public.

So when the Watchtower Society really (almost) undisturbed speaks, we recognize the true spirit behind the Jehovah's Witnesses. Many Jehovah's Witnesses themselves do not realize what kind of brotherhood they have entered. They do not examine the texts and do not let their hearts speak. They swallow the literature of the leading brothers like an oversized pill and do not look at the details. They overcome themselves again and again to swallow and think that this overcoming to swallow is faithfulness. But it is only the omitted examination and the shutting down of one's own heart movements that move against the assertions of the Watchtower Society.

Excerpt from the Book of Revelations, Chapter 23, page 149, paragraph 6 to page 151, paragraph 9:

6 "And the number of the horsemen was two myriads times myriads; I heard their number. And so I saw the horses in the vision, and they sat on them: They had fire red and hyacinth blue and sulphur yellow breastplates; and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire and smoke and sulphur. These three plagues killed a third of the people, of the fire and the smoke and the brimstone that came out of their mouths." (Revelation 9:16-18).

As can be seen in Chapter 23, the Watchtower Society sees in one of the biblical plagues the Jehovah's Witnesses, the 144,000 Anointed. These are the John class. According to the teachings of the Watchtower Society, Jehovah's Witnesses will spiritually kill one third of humanity.

Book of revelations page 150 Illustration Rider armies (click)

The great crowd has a share in this spiritual killing of a third of humanity. This is confirmed by the Watchtower Society on page 152, paragraph 14, sentence 2: "Under the leadership of the four angels – the anointed John class – it has really done it." That here incidentally it is implied that the John class, that is the 144,000 extra anointed "Christians" the four angels are, is shocking once again, but does not lead the reading Jehovah's Witness to the thought that he is being hoodwinked.

Thus the class of the 144,000 anointed on their horses with the lion heads is also represented very harmlessly. The illustration does not really make the viewer shudder. The riders rather make the impression of participants on a cultivated ride. And there are actually four of them, so that the identification of the 144,000 with the 4 angels is confirmed once again.

Book of Revelations page 151 Illustration Johannes-Class (click)

These are the guides that drive the great multitude of Jehovah's Witnesses to bring about the spiritual death of one third of mankind.

7 Apparently, these equestrian armies are storming forward under the guidance and direction of the four angels. What a fearsome spectacle! Imagine how you would feel if you were the target of such armies! Even the mere sight of them would frighten you deeply. But have you noticed the similarity between these armies and the locusts mentioned above? The locusts were like horses; in the equestrian armies, on the other hand, there are horses. Both locusts and horses are involved in a theocratic campaign (Proverbs 21:31). The locusts had teeth like lions; the horses of the armies have heads like lions. Both locusts and horses are therefore associated with the brave lion of the tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ their leader, ruler, and example (Revelation 5:5; Proverbs 28:1).

The Watchtower Society sees the locusts mentioned in the Bible in the large crowd of Jehovah's Witnesses. And here we come to the answer to the question of who Jehovah's Witnesses really are or should be. They are the annihilators of Christianity, they are the plague that God seizes upon Himself, who reproaches people for having access to Jesus as a sin. It is Jehovah who claims that one should not deal with Jesus, worship Him, thank Him, let Him help one another. Jehovah is also the one who sends Jehovah's Witnesses to have a third of humanity spiritually killed through them.

8 Both locusts and equestrian armies participate in Jehovah's judicial activities. The locusts came out of the smoke that announced to Christianity a woe and a destructive fire; fire, smoke, and brimstone came out of the horses' mouths. The locusts had iron breastplates, which meant that their hearts were protected by an iron devotion to justice; the riders wear red, blue, and yellow breastplates reflecting fire, smoke, and sulfur – the deadly judgment messages emanating from the horses' mouths. (Compare Genesis 19:24, 28; Luke 17:29, 30.) The locusts had tails like scorpions with which to torture; the horses have serpentine tails with which to kill. It seems that the armies of riders continue and finish the work begun by the locusts even more intensively.

Even if the preaching ministry seems hopeless and pointless, the equestrian armies (the John class) intensify the killing of the Spirit and complete the struggle against the Spirit. So the spiritual killing is not completed by the preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses, although it is already enough to kill the spirit. The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses will intensify and then end this spirit-killing struggle.

So if Jehovah's Witness has gone from house to house and could not open an interested person, he still has confirmation that he has thoroughly deterred many people from reading the Bible. He killed spirit. This is the true goal of his God, who also calls contact with Jesus sin and blasphemy.

9 So what do these equestrian armies symbolize? Since the anointed John class has begun to proclaim Jehovah's decision to avenge Christianity, as with trumpets, and thus to use their power to 'stab and wound', it is to be assumed that the same group is used to 'kill', that is, to make known that Christianity and its spirituality are spiritually completely dead, ripe, thrown by Jehovah into the 'furnace of fire', or 'cast into the furnace of fire' by Jehovah. to be destroyed forever. Yes, everything that belongs to Babylon the Great must perish (Revelation 9:5, 10; 18:2, 8; Matthew 13:41-43). Before their destruction, however, the John class uses "the sword of the Spirit, that is God's word" to expose the deadly state of Christianity. The four angels and the riders on the horses give the order for this symbolic killing of 'a third of men' (Ephesians 6:17; Revelation 9:15, 18). This points to the good organization and theocratic leadership under which the fearsome multitude of kingdom proclaimers is drawn into battle with the Lord Jesus Christ at the head.

How can it be that the entire organized Christianity is to be destroyed by an organization that is itself known as the most brutally organized organization in the world? The killing John class is fulfilling its program. It kills the spirit of Jehovah's Witnesses and then uses them to pursue the destruction of the spirit to perfection. Carefully, the Watchtower Society in its Book of Revelation does not depict the locusts near the text, otherwise the Jehovah's Witnesses would get frightened and run away screaming. The representation of who the Jehovah's Witnesses actually are in the eyes of the Watchtower Society is far away in a neutral place. On the first sheet below the book cover. Where no one gets the idea it could really be the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves.

Book of Revelations, page -1
(p. minus one, inner page book cover, picture locusts (Jehovah's Witnesses)

Jehovah's Witnesses! Take a close look at what the Watchtower Society is making of you. Tearing monsters destroying a third of humanity. The crown is the sign of your snootiness when you are openly spoken to. You yell after one another: "Have a nice day!" and your hatred is deep. You follow a God who represents to men the access to Jesus as sin. In this way you have indeed become animals of the destruction of the Spirit.


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