Self-disclosure of the Watchtower Society

Someone who's up to something big can't let himself be seen through the back door. The great annihilator of Christianity with the pious code name "Jehovah God" occasionally likes to look into cards and shows his face in Jehovah's Witness literature. He sometimes looks out of the safe darkness of the room, sometimes makes true statements about the society of which he is God.

There are indeed invisible "world rulers", powerful demons who share control of the world under the dominion of Satan the Devil. Watchtower 01 September 2011, page 8

Certainly, the average witness associates such a remark with politics and false religions, but this statement is equally clear and applicable to the Watchtower Society and its "Jehovah God. Just the towering blasphemy of placing two gods in one religion with the separated gods or divine beings Jehovah and Watchtower-Jesus, and seducing people to break the first commandment (you shall have no other gods beside me), indicates the probability bordering on absolute certainty that this "Jehovah God" is either a "mighty demon under the dominion of Satan" or Satan himself.

Why work in secret?

Even a "Jehovah God" cannot bear it if his rule, which he exercises over 7 million people and their sympathizers, remains unrecognized. He cannot afford to talk openly about his great acts against Jesus, but he loves to make himself known just so clearly that Christians recognize him and just so unclear that his subjects, Jehovah's Witnesses, do not recognize him for what he really is.

Our society consciously or unconsciously reflects the personality of its ruler and also follows the motto "dominate or destroy". Watchtower 01 September 2011, page 8

What is "Our company"?

Jehovah's Witnesses like to speak of the Watchtower Society as of their spiritual mother. The word "Our Society" is used internally by Jehovah's Witnesses to refer to the worldwide brotherhood of polytheism of which, of course, they rarely know that it teaches polytheism. When they talk about the Watchtower Society, they simply say "Society" or "Our Society". For a Jehovah's Witness, it is his society.

Even if the disinformed reader does not refer to the Watchtower Society as such, this one sentence quoted above wonderfully reveals the devilish face of the Watchtower Society. The face of Jehovah, who forbids contact with Jesus and claims that one can be saved by knowledge, is clearly reflected in the Watchtower Society. The highly educated and educated clique of Watchtower knowledgeers, demarcated and elitist, shows all over the world their exaggerated pride in themselves, in their Bible knowledge. Children, women and men are handed over to the ritual Jehovah victim by refusing blood transfusions. The arbitrariness of the Watchtower rule is theocratically absolute and without comparable parallel in the world. And this dictatorship under the paradigm of theocracy dominates its subjects with velvety paws, flattering friendliness, and ensnaring persuasiveness. No dictatorship in the world has tricked as many people as this one.

The ruler's motto: dominate or destroy

Also this guideline, the clear recognition mark of the one who works against Jesus, is fully fulfilled by the Watchtower Society! Either the Jehovah's Witness is faithful to the line and lets himself be controlled into the most private concerns, or he is exposed to spiritual death and excluded, which is tantamount to his annihilation. There is no Jehovah's Witness who is not afraid of death unless he has already opened the door to Jesus a crack wide.

Slavery or death penalty

For a Jehovah's Witness, there is only Watchtower slavery or Jehovah's spiritual death penalty. Otherwise, he has no alternatives. This is so exactly consistent with the above quoted statement about Satan's method of rule that there is no need to mention that Jehovah's Witnesses are in the hands of the devil himself. As painful as this statement may be, we cannot help but meet it, for the facts are unambiguous. The rule of the Watchtower Society corresponds so perfectly to the attributes it attributes to the devil that the obvious conclusion must be drawn: The Watchtower Jehovah "God" is the devil. He praises himself and is proud to make himself clearly known in his pious writings to anyone who is not subject to his rule or so abysmally boiled down that he is on the side of the devil as well. The enslaved, the Jehovah's Witnesses, have only a slight idea of who they are subordinate to, and they must repress this bitter truth of conscience every day. They fall mentally ill with this gnawing shame and can only compensate this marking of their forlornness by a very special pride and by the highly elitist belonging to "their society". They attribute responsibility to the Watchtower leadership and believe that in this way they are innocent of their ruin. But they do not realize that they only prefer domination to annihilation.

Just as in the Catholic Church with the idolatry of Mary the most obvious paganism of all times is celebrated without the Catholics taking flight, so in the Theocratic Loyalty to the Watchtower Society the spiritual death is accepted in order to be able to continue to adhere to this Satan.

Satan also wants glory and honour

Why is the Watchtower Society so clearly exposed and yet not understood by Jehovah's Witnesses? The Watchtower Society enjoys resisting God with stubborn harshness. It shows him its fist and, at the same time, gives itself so well known that many people fall into its trap with confidence. The fact that she repeatedly rolls out the themes that she herself unmasks as Satan's servant, shows that Satan works with pride and refinement to increase his honor and glory among people. It is for this very reason that he occasionally reveals himself.

He is interested in proving to the whole world what power he has over people and that he can afford to be very open, as long as he does not interrupt the pious seduction. Satan loves to fool people with 95 percent truths and tell them later: If you had only opened one eye, you would never have fallen for me!


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