His Word also applies to the Jehovah's Witnesses!
Jesus Christ says: I am the Truth

True worship can only take place in the truth. And who is the truth? The Bible tells us that Jesus is the truth.

Anyone who looks at Jesus as a telephone set only and wants to pray to God through him, for example, how to call in the name and for the account of a company, thinks too briefly. Jesus is not the technical component of worship, he is the goal of worship. This goal of worship coincides with the Father, who does not accept prayer if it is not addressed in and through Jesus Christ.

To make this clear to us human beings, Jesus speaks of worship only being possible in the Spirit and in truth. And as the summit of knowledge and clarity he brings the sentence that only God himself may allow himself: "I am the way, the truth and the life." With this assertion he bursts all human imagination and focuses all worship, therefore all worshipers of God – on himself! How logical does it seem that this Jesus had to appear to the Jews of that time as a blasphemer? How clear does it become to us that Jesus must fail because of our small faith?

Our small faith weighs between things that seem plausible and those that cry out to us that they cannot possibly be true. In the latter category belongs Salvation through Jesus Christ. It is so unlikely and far too generous in our eyes that God descends to us in Jesus to fulfill His own righteousness by sacrificing Himself for us. It is far too great and unnatural a gift. It is so great and fantastic that we are automatically urged to accept it: This cannot be reasonable.

If we now have an offer that demands a high price, and an offer that is free of charge, we can and must at least examine the framework conditions in order to ascertain who offers what and what the purpose of this offer is. Jesus offers us life for free. The Watchtower Society offers us life through many thousands of hours of work and many thousands of euros in donations. The offer of the Watchtower Society seems plausible and acceptable to the reasonable citizen. The offer of Jesus seems so unlikely that it is rather impossible in the eyes of a modern man.

Let's ask the name of worship!

Jehovah's Witnesses worship Jehovah. This name was invented by humans and is one of the most improbable vocalizations of the tetragram in the Bible. This vocalization is definitely the most absurd because the vowels of the word adonai flowed backwards into the tetragram. This reversal of the vowels of the word adonai should make it impossible to see them as part of the name. The whole thing served only to prevent the reader from pronouncing the tetragram, however.

The name Jesus was given by the Holy Spirit. Mary received the explicit command, documented in the Bible, to call this promised son Jesus. There are no grey areas and no uncertainty factors! The name Jesus was given by the Spirit of God, who created the Son in Mary, ice cold and crystal clear. The order was given to Mary to call these people, whom she was to bear, Jesus.

Only this clear quality feature of the name of Jesus, which is also claimed in the Bible to be the only name in which we must be saved, catapults the alternative of worship into the absolute nirvana of infinite nothingness. The name Jehovah as a purely human creation from the tetragram and the vowels of the word adonai, in contrast to the name Jesus, is without a real biblical root and without the express will of God. The name Jehovah is therefore godless and can only function as a displacer of the name Jesus.

Bible researchers fail

How could it happen that generations after generations of intelligent Bible scholars could pass over the simple truth and overlook that Jesus is the truth and worship can only take place in him? There is only one possible explanation:

Charles Taze Russell tried to understand the Bible with the human brain. He assumed that studying the Bible alone would make God accessible to us. He put his hope in his own mind. The Watchtower Society still propagates this today and tells Jehovah's Witnesses that they must grow spiritually. But the Bible speaks a completely different language. It speaks of spiritual growth and as a "total work of art" always moves at the limit of human understanding.

The fact is that without the Holy Spirit the Bible remains closed to us at least as God's thought. Only when we have pronounced the faith-yes to Jesus do we realize what the Bible really tells us. For this we no longer need a special technique of Bible reading, but can deduce implications from a word in the mouth of Jesus which the normal fleshly man can never see.

Through the application of human study and decision-making techniques, the Watchtower Society has attempted to make the Bible "usable and useful" for us. It fails every day because of this plan. It disregards that God has decided that by believing in this Jesus Christ we attain salvation and truth. It disregards the fact that only the Spirit and the truth in the person of Christ can unlock for us what no man has ever seen.

The power and grace of God

The power and grace of God are so great that they exceed all human imagination. We must never fall into the delusion of being able to understand the Bible out of our own insight. We must never think that we can find God by analyzing His Word. For the will of God is that salvation be given only to those who, like children, bind themselves to Jesus and say: Lord, work thou!

When this happens, when we turn to God in faith in Jesus Christ, we worship Him in spirit and truth. We say "Lord Jesus" and God hears us. We worship the Lamb and Him who sits on the throne (Revelation 5:13/14) and experience His goodness in abundance and perfection. This perfection is given to us and will one day protect us from passing away from our sins in the presence of God.

O Lord, pour out rivers of living water, O Lord, upon us!


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