What is nothing before the world

The good citizen knows only one working mechanism: for a thing that is good, you have to pay well! This means that a thing that costs nothing cannot be worth anything. This is the life of the world, the life and thinking of the carnal man who is used to worldly thoughts. In this way, the Catholic Church can pay dearly for masses that are supposed to save the deceased from the purgatory it invented itself. Thus the Watchtower Society can be paid dearly by billions of preaching hours and just as many donations. This is the business-like earthly religious process that people have made of Jesus.

But Jesus says, I give life for nothing.

Those who take Jesus' words seriously can never assume that life can be bought for money or work. Jesus clearly tells us that he is the giver of life and that no one and no means can replace it. The fact that religious communities nevertheless turn Jesus into a lucrative business is a sign that they have not understood Jesus and never wanted to understand him. Organizations that make Jesus Christ a business idea cannot be in harmony with God. They are the births of the Antichrist.

For the word of the cross is a foolishness to those who are lost; but to us who are saved is a power of God.

No one can understand that God gives us life for nothing. That He sacrificed Himself to pave the way for us to Him is pure nonsense for the fleshly man. For what is good must also be expensive. This is how normal people think and cannot deviate from this principle.

But God has linked our salvation to faith in Jesus Christ and made a decision that clearly does without human achievement. For man's achievement can only be sinful and dirty because man is a sinner. For this reason alone, God has done the deed of salvation from his own potential and has merely ordered us to believe in this Jesus Christ.

What happens if you take Jesus seriously?

The thoughts of God are so alien to us normal people that we cannot understand them on our own initiative. Just as a man only shakes his head when he is told that there is a car downstairs, it belongs to you, here, take the key, so we cannot comprehend and comprehend God's gift. Since we know our sin through and through, we cannot understand that God simply wants to save us through faith. How can that work! Is God a wimp?

God is so little wimp that he himself became man and took upon himself the worst punishment for our sins there is. He has emptied himself, left himself. (Father, father, why did you leave me!) He went through the hell of abandonment of God, which is actually reserved for us sinners. It is the absolute separation from God. This separation Jesus endured in death on the cross.

Whoever takes Jesus seriously will understand the consequences of his deed with his help. But the true extent of his deed can only really be felt by us once we are with him. Until then we must believe. Knowledge does not help us because human knowledge is worthless because it is incapable of understanding God's thoughts.

Jehovah's Witnesses – the good citizens

Jehovah's Witnesses rely on the power of their good works. They work their asses off all their lives and deceive themselves with it. But they have the advantage of the good feeling of having done what is possible for them. In this way they share the core of religiosity with Muslims, Catholics and all those who calculate something against God and want to arrive at Him with good works. What is good must also be expensive. So they do not realize that God cannot take any payment from us, because people are not able to pay God at all. The only appropriate payment is eternal death.

But since God loves us unimaginably, he has taken upon himself the punishment of destruction. This is connected with the fact that he can and wants to give us life after his act of redemption. He gives life in vain. Here the mind of the good ordinary citizen and the mind of Jehovah's Witnesses reach into emptiness. This normal mind cannot comprehend that God is free to give and take man as and what he wants. The mind of Jehovah's Witnesses is oriented exclusively to the fact that a good cause also has to be paid dearly.

They despise the fact that God has already paid the bill in Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses are thus self-rescuers who want to make a ticket to paradise out of their own works. They will meet Jesus with this ticket to Paradise. They will meet this Jesus who has given everything for us. They will meet this Jesus, whose payment they did not consider sufficient. They preferred to pay for their salvation in their own currency of good works and hard Bible study.

Jehovah's Witnesses! Good works are always a product of the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus Christ. They are basically just a symptom of living faith. But never a prerequisite for salvation or for faith. As long as you try to save yourselves by speculating on the Watchtower Society, you are living dead. Jesus himself will say to you, "I do not know you. For you have not received him.


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