There's only one truth, even if the Jehovah's Witnesses interpret it differently.

At the English speaking congress on 11.10.2008 in Bingen the topic was discussed which concerns the statement of Jesus that he is the truth. What my girlfriend told me about it (she is a Jehovah's Witness), I did not quite understand. Probably because she herself did not fully understand it. But it can be concluded from the process that the Watchtower Society is trying to defuse my concerns expressed on as soon as possible by influencing the congress participants in such a way that the organization can continue to publish increasing numbers of members.

That is why this issue needs to be raised again.

The Watchtower Society's tactics usually go the way: he said it, but meant it differently. This is the formula by means of which it presents things to Jehovah's Witnesses in such a way that each individual's access to Jesus must remain blocked forever. They teach a teaching that does not accept Jesus, does not take Him seriously and makes Him a being that says something but means something else.

There's only one truth!

Those who believe in God cannot avoid the fact that there can only be one truth. It is the truth that is God Himself. Nobody can ignore this thought, this knowledge. When Jesus says that he is the truth, then we must necessarily conclude that he is God. All excuses of the Watchtower Society cannot abolish this simple fact or make it ineffective. But they will confirm the matter with their excuses in the end, because they will fail miserably with their reinterpretations.

For the knowledge that God is the truth is the foundation of human thought. As soon as a person begins to believe in God, an understanding takes place in him that tells him: There is only one truth. This truth is God and can only be God. This knowledge is so fundamental that it cannot be eliminated even with the most clever watchtower formulations. This fundamental assumption is the foundation of faith and knowledge. Whoever classifies God as something that is not the only truth speaks of some being, but not of God.

Jesus is the truth

Jesus now confronts us and smashes the sentence on our table quite simply and without flourishes: "I am the truth! Under these circumstances, how could believing people come up with the idea that he is not God? After all, he claims to be the truth. The truth itself.

Anyone who seeks an excuse from this clear state of affairs to install a substitute God (e.g. this Jehovah), gets absolute difficulties through this clear statement of Jesus. For apart from God himself, nothing and nobody can be the truth. It is amazing with what patience the Watchtower Society approaches this problem. It seems confident that it has its Jehovah's Witnesses so firmly under control that it can turn this truth around and trivialize it.

At their congresses, for example, they present the topic as if they had received new light. In reality, they only react to my website and try to vaccinate their Jehovah's Witnesses against the clearest and truest thing a person can ever know. They continue to manipulate their sheep and hope for the stupidity and conscience of the people.

Jehovah's Witnesses, start thinking!

Without a man asking himself the question of truth and making a decision of conscience, he cannot come into true worship. As long as he allows himself to be spiritually befuddled by the Watchtower organization, he will be consistently led past the truth. Literally.

Because: Jesus is the truth!


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