Jehovah's Witnesses don't know the Bible!

Yesterday I asked my friend, who is Jehovah's Witness, if she knew the Bible passage that says that every knee will have to bow to Jesus. She said: No, I don't know!

Which Jehovah's Witness knows this scripture?

Philippians 2.10 that in the name of Jesus all those knees that are in heaven and on earth and under the earth should bow (Luther)

Philippians 2.10 so that all in heaven, on earth and under the earth may bow their knees to the name of Jesus (Elberfelder).

Philippians 2.10 Before Jesus all will once fall to their knees: all in heaven, on earth and in the realm of the dead. (Hope for all)

Philippians 2.10 that in the name of Jesus all the knees of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth may bow (Butcher 2000).

Philippians 2.10 And because Jesus bears this name, all those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth will once throw themselves on their knees before him. (New Geneva translation)

Philippians 2.10 Before Jesus all must fall to their knees – all who are in heaven, on earth and under the earth; (Good News Bible)

Philippians 2.10 so that all in heaven, on earth and under the earth may bow their knees to the name of Jesus (unity translation)

Philippians 2.10 Let the knees of all who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth bow before this name. (New Life)

In addition, there is the biblical passage in which Paul makes the assertion into the world that Jesus is the only name in which we must be saved. Furthermore, we have to bear in mind the fact that the name Jesus is bound to an actual person, while the name Jehovah is merely a (false) vocalization of the tetragram invented by Catholic monks in the 13th century! Imagine that! Jesus appeared with power and authority. Catholic monks over 1000 years later come up with a surrogate name that the Watchtower Society uses to pretend to Jehovah's Witnesses that true worship is in them.

Baron Munchausen

So that the average witness does not suspect that the Catholic naming is the basis for the allegedly true worship of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the newspaper publisher, by Catholic grace, conceals the Bible passage of Philippians 2.10 from its seduced readers. The Jehovah's Witnesses are those who have not jumped into purgatory, like the masses of stunned people from Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria and other Catholic strongholds. They are intercepted by the Catholic Metastasis Watchtower Society by the lie of true worship concerning the name Jehovah.

The Pope's false doctrine in new clothes

Catholicism lies to people that they must bend their knee before Mary in order to be able to appease Jesus at all. At the same time, the Roman whore mechanizes Jesus Christ in the Eucharist into a rite that is entirely under the authority of the priests. All the striving of the Catholic Church is grouped around the idea that everything is possible – except the worship of Jesus Christ.

This is exactly how the Watchtower Society proceeds, intercepting those who have gone beyond Catholic irritation. Many who have noticed that the Catholic Church is lying fall into the trap of the Watchtower Society. Here the distraction from Jesus is not carried out insidiously as by the Pope, but the frontal attack on the Bible digs the grave directly and openly for the seekers by replacing the name. Every person deterred by the lie of Catholicism is in danger of being caught in the plausibility and simplicity of the Watchtower lie. For there the lie does not take place in detail, but in grand style and fundamentally.

In order to perform this deception, Jehovah's Witness must be prevented from reading the Bible independently. He must not know the full truth so that he goes into the net of the Watchtower Society interception organization and remains in it. This remaining in the network of the Watchtower Society is supported by massive threats that one cannot survive in Armageddon without the faithful and understanding slave.

Catholicism and Jehovahism Confess the Bible

Those who read the Bible and take it seriously recognize that the religions of this world are liars. All claim to follow the Bible, but their teachings are subtle distractions from what is proclaimed in the Bible. Jesus Christ is leveraged with sophisticated technology. Some replace him with Mary, others with Jehovah. Nothing else is known of all the religions of the world: the worship of the name in which we must be saved is to be removed.


Jehovah's Witnesses! Take the Bible and read it on your own! Research and be guided by your conscience. Stop bowing to a newspaper publisher and being subject to his lust for power. Finally, notice that every single person can turn directly to Jesus and that God does not use any special guru to administer his church. He administers the true church directly through his Holy Spirit. This is directly accessible to all people.

All those enlightened by the Holy Spirit will bow their knees voluntarily (and with enthusiastic joy) and without breaking a bone before Jesus. But all people who seek only the corset of the great community in the human organization will be broken.


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