Father of Eternity

The Jehovah's Witnesses argue with all their might that Jesus is an instrument of God that must not be the center of worship. Although Jesus is still such an indispensable secondary element in Jehovah's Witnesses, he does not take up the position that God has set for Jesus as the central fulcrum. According to the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, God's work and will does not have the goal of saving the world in Jesus Christ, but Jesus is only a kind of can opener for them, which God uses and then puts aside.

For the purpose of the decentralized role of Jesus, which is deliberately too compelling, the Watchtower Society has used thousands of means of distraction and half-hearted appreciation since its existence in its present form. It is true that Jesus can still be a kind of role model. But with all love! He is only one of us. He is Jehovah's chief witness, the forerunner of good deeds, the perfect Adam and the model of continuous preaching. In the Watchtower theology he serves only the interests of this religious community, which has to flatter itself with the utmost effort of being good with the favor of that Jehovah.

In order to portray Jesus as only a subgod, the Watchtower Society is sealing a beginning for Jesus and the Jehovah's Witnesses believe it. These Witnesses testify to a God who sent Jesus to earth and stayed home himself. These witnesses claim a Jesus who made himself available as an obedient instrument so that the God of the Watchtower Society could sit quietly on his home planet and convince people of the saving reason theory of preaching. This God of Jehovah's Witnesses bears a name invented by man and lets people die with his commandments on operating tables.

The central attack of the Watchtower Society on Jesus is the thesis that Jesus was the first created being to have a beginning and is therefore finite. Although the Bible says that Jesus is eternal in many ways, the Watchtower Society believes that he is finite. According to the doctrine of the faithful and understanding slave, Jesus had an end at least at the front end of his existence. This is distilled by this great false teacher and false prophet from the Word of the first-begotten Son.

But let us consider that this Bible special verifier also asserts that human beings would pass away 100 percent with their bodily death and would create new and at the same time old (as human beings were when they died) from God's memory (graves = memorial tombs) for the purpose of resurrection, then we notice how the Watchtower Society deals with the concepts of eternity and finiteness in a general way wrongly. According to the "theology" of Jehovah's Witnesses, finite man has two beginnings and an open end. Jesus has a beginning according to this man-made patchwork theology, but is eternal because his end does not take place.

Accordingly, according to the idea of the faithful and understanding slave from the American newspaper publisher, eternity should exist, even if this eternity has a beginning. Thus this religious community, which is itself justly spoken by the justice of the work, mixes the terms time and eternity and can build up with this confusion of terms a construction which finds the salvation of man in an invented name of God and dismisses Jesus as a fool. The God who became man in Jesus in order to save us by his infinite (eternal) grace must be removed from the hearts of people of this kind. Therefore, the language of people and the meaning of words must be twisted so that a "reason" can be built that has only one goal: The introduction of a substitute God called Jehovah and the downgrading of Him who became human for us and suffered the suffering of absolute remoteness from God for us on the Cross. (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!)

What is eternity?

Contrary to the view of the Watchtower Society that has been enforced with much propaganda by some people, eternity is not finite! Eternity can have neither beginning nor end and no moments, no time divisions or the like. Eternity is timelessness and thus a completely different being than what we humans feel and experience in our temporality. Eternity is a completely different kind of existence and cannot be estimated at all by human standards. As a human being, eternity can only be conceived in principle and formulated with extreme caution. – But one does not find this caution in the formulation with the faithful and intelligent slave from Brooklyn.

Eternity can't have time units. It helps our human imagination to think of eternity with infinitely many time units. But time, and with it every division of time, is excluded from the nature of eternity. If eternity is eternal, then all time units, no matter how short they may be, are also eternal. Even the single second fictitiously assumed in eternity must be eternal, for it is part of eternity. It cannot be limited, for in this other being, which is eternal, it is different, just eternal. A fictitiously assumed second of eternity can only be of the same nature as eternity itself. It is eternal.

An idea that sets the beginning of eternity mixes two forms of being in an illogical, nonsensical way. There can be no eternity with a beginning, for there can be no time-measured eternity. Eternity is absolutely independent of time – just as God is completely free of human thought. In this we can once again understand what God really did for us in Jesus! He has released himself from his absolute freedom and has gone into the temporal captivity of our form of existence, so that we can be saved in faith in his salvation.

The slander of the Watchtower Society, which assumes a beginning of Jesus' existence, has a purposeful meaning. It is the dirty intention of the faithful and intelligent slave to bind the Jehovah's Witnesses to a substitute god whose fantasy name was arbitrarily vocalized from the tetragram by Catholic monks in the 13th century. The purpose and goal of this Watchtower strategy is nothing other than to prevent salvation in Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus, which is the only name in which a person can ever be saved, is to be replaced according to the arbitrary logic of the Watchtower Society by an alias in which people are distracted from the will of God. According to the Watchtower Statutes, the will of God is to be trampled underfoot by making redemption unimportant in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is called Father of Eternity in the Bible long before his earthly appearance! How blatantly a theology must reflect Satan's self-glory in order to deny this Jesus eternity backwards in the carnal thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses! With unbelievable impudence of human argumentation, the Watchtower Society creates an image based solely on the mixing and confusion of formerly clear concepts. Eternity is mixed with time in the Watchtower doctrine and in this absurd form is made the basis of the false view of Jesus Christ.

And the Jehovah's Witnesses are so in love with this human construction that they can never find Jesus again because they believe this false prophet that Jesus is not God. This evil, godless outrage is shared by the Watchtower Society with many religions of the world, and it thus takes full part in the godlessness of the world. It makes people drunk with its distorting wine of shame and thus fulfills the will of the one who guides all the religions of the world.

But whoever gets involved with Jesus will not find any religion with him and no church that can be integrated into the world by the state or in any other way. Whoever enters into Jesus and entrusts himself to him will find brothers and sisters all over the world. But he is not destined to think of himself as belonging to an earthly community, because no earthly organization can be the true church. The true church can only be the community of those who belong to Jesus.

Thus the fact remains that all power and authority emanating from associations such as the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society can only be human aberrations of faith. They are all exposed to ruin. They do not bind themselves to Jesus, but propagate their own beatifying idiosyncrasies, designs and fantasies (blood question, Marian idolatry, Eucharist). They roll in pagan ideas and rites and pollute God with human logic. They rule over God like shamanic priests. They exercise violence over people and all together have only one goal: to block the way of people to the Father of Eternity.


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