Freemason Adam

Adam and Eve, as inhabitants of Paradise, were in a situation dependent on the decision of obedience or disobedience. God had made it clear that disobedience inevitably led to their death. Just as the serpent led Adam and Eve to see the term "disobedience to God" only relatively, i.e. to compare disobedience with possible advantages gained through disobedience, so the Watchtower Society leads people on a path that reports that Adam should have proven himself for a time. As Masons ascend from degree to degree by probation in their lodges, so Adam, as a resident of Paradise, is supposed to have had a probationary period in order to finally receive eternal life from God.

Quote: Watchtower 15 February 1998, page 31
When Adam was created, God made the "tree of life" grow in the Garden of Eden ... Since God had planted the tree for a purpose, Adam would surely have been able to eat it if he had been faithful long enough in God's eyes.

The simple duality of obedience/disobedience is transformed by Watchtower theology into a process known from Freemasonry. One rises, proves oneself for a while, then receives a bonus, which then no longer falls under the question of whether one is obedient or disobedient. This theory contradicts the unambiguous report of the Bible, which only knows the two states of obedience and disobedience in relation to Adam and Eve. The Watchtower Society introduces a byway that serves only to make Jesus completely useless to all people and to replace him with the Masonic probation strategy.

Obedience regained through Jesus

God Himself prepared obedience for us and paved the way for us to possess this obedience. God was absolutely obedient in the form of man Jesus and bound the question of our obedience to the only decision that remained: Do you believe in Jesus?

For Jesus let Himself be punished for our disobedience and for us He carried the punishment. He who believes in him has obedience to God and does not need to prove himself like a Mason or a sorcerer's apprentice. Those who believe in Jesus realize that they can never obey God by their own strength. Those who believe in Jesus can only accept the obedience of Jesus as a gift and be redeemed by Him.

The artificial alternative

Jehovah's Witnesses are in a performance religion. They have to prove themselves day after day in the election campaign for their Watchtower Jehovah. They have no salvation, but only the prospect of a possible success of their sermon performance. They work in the hope that all people will be destroyed one day. Only they don't. Who then should be left to prove himself before their Jehovah God? This strategy of probation through laborious campaign work has nothing to do with salvation, and already contradicts the report of the Fall. Jehovah's Witnesses teach a deviation from the clear question of obedience, and redirect people to a problem that can supposedly be solved through perseverance and probation.

But that Jesus solved the problem of obedience for all people and traced everything back to the question of obedience by being absolutely obedient and taking away the punishment for our disobedience, this simple realization has no place in the Watchtower Freemason's performance religion. By speaking of a temporary probationary period for Adam, Jehovah's Witnesses deny Jesus who eliminated disobedience to God for all of us.

Jehovah's Witnesses thoroughly anti-Christian

Revelation 21 And I saw no temple in it; for the Lord Almighty God is their temple, he and the Lamb. And the city needs no sun nor moon to shine on it; for the glory of God enlightens it, and its light is the Lamb.

The glory of God is the Lamb. If Jesus were only a one-to-one compensation for the formerly perfect Adam, he could not be called the glory of God.

The light of Jesus Christ, the truth of Jesus Christ, the way of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the life of Jesus Christ does not apply to Jehovah's Witnesses. They have committed themselves to the struggle of probation and speculate on a biblical, earthly reconstruction of the world in the sense of the Watchtower Society, created by human exertion.


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