Return of Christ 1914

Christians have at all times hoped for the return of Christ and still do today. They are actually quite fantastic, these people. But who once got to know Jesus will not get away from the thought of his return and will not want this either. The hope for Jesus also lives from this promise that the Lord made. The liveliness of the Christian faith shows itself exactly in this hope for his return that cannot be quenched.

Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves Christians, but do not have this hope for the return of Christ. For them Jesus returned invisibly (and without effect) as early as 1914. They can no longer hope that Jesus will return, but can only hope that an inferno of annihilation will lead to the Watchtower Society gaining dominion over the world. Thus the hope in the Lord Jesus is lost. It was replaced in Jehovah's Witnesses by the hope of Armageddon.

The importance of this exchange of hope in Jesus through the hope in Armageddon can hardly be expressed in words. The abysmal forlornness of the Jehovah's Witnesses is not properly realized until one realizes what is actually destroying their system of false doctrine.

The train has already departed for the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Someone is striving for the platform in the big chaos with the thought that a train will arrive here at some point, with which he can flee into a better environment. All timetables have become invalid and nobody knows when this promised train will arrive. The man only knows that this platform is his only chance to escape from the land of perdition. This man now hurries through the station lobby, through the dirty, stinking underpasses, finds the right staircase, hurries up the stairs and sees many people there, who all seem to be waiting for this train. He hopes to have found the right platform, selects a place to wait and drops off his luggage.

Next to him stands a well dressed man with a briefcase, shaved smooth and prepared for a normal working day. The man speaks to him about the promised train. The shaved man reacts astonished. With a pejorative hand movement he says: "Oh what! This train has been through for a long time!"

This is the attitude and lost hope of Jehovah's Witnesses. They themselves have no hope in Jesus anymore and they try to impose this hopelessness on as many people as possible. They do not only commit the lie and the insult that Jesus has already returned without effect. They do not only claim that he is worthless because he is ineffective. Rather, they impudently claim that the great factor of hope of Christians in 1914 had already been fulfilled by nothing that anyone could notice. They declare Christian hope meaningless, fulfilled by nothing. They declare Jesus a meaningless, ineffective, silent non-appearance that no one has noticed.

The anti-Christianity of the Watchtower doctrine is so multi-layered and ingeniously constructed that the assumption is not far-fetched that the adversary himself worked on this system of false doctrine.

The statement that someone appeared invisible is in itself a contradiction that only Jehovah's Witnesses can spread about Jesus. Imagine you come home and no one notices. This is the antichristian application to the Second Coming of Christ as John describes it in reference to Jesus' first appearance:

Johannes 1,11 He came into his property; and his did not take him in.

The Watchtower version of the Second Coming of Christ is: He came into his possession in 1914 and no one noticed anything.


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