Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 428

Beautiful day in Walldorf

Non-witness controls witnesses

Where are we going? The fuel is so expensive. Renate has to push the car. Man! How long does it take? – No, this was a joke. But we still saved a lot of fuel, because Walldorf is very close to Wiesloch.

Shortly before the church square I confessed my feelings to Renate. Whenever I drive this route and expect Jehovah's Witnesses to unwind their seduction program at Kirchplatz, a mixture of fear and mild nausea arises in me. That's probably because of this Jehovah's Witness, of whom there's a video in which he follows me with clenched fists. Renate said: "Oh, that's nice that it's not just me."

My strategy was to take a little detour to stalk the men on the rolling watchtower stands. Renate suggested even greater detours, but she was the one who dared to approach the two Jehovah's Witnesses in close proximity. During their attempts to talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses of Walldorf, the Witness made defensive hand movements that also looked threatening as a slap movement. In his defense, he only wanted to keep Renate at a distance of 10 meters. Shortly after these actions of Jehovah's Witness, a man appeared on the scene who did not look like a Jehovah's Witness. This man stood very close to the Jehovah's Witnesses and I thought he wanted to protect them from Renate.

But during the video editing I realized that this man wanted to protect Renate from Jehovah's Witness. The Jehovah's Witness justified himself before this unknown man who did not appear to be a Jehovah's Witness. I just wanted ... I then only ... – the conversation took place in such a way.

Do we have to deal in Walldorf with an undercover working district supervisor of the watchtower organization, who has a hidden camera ...? Or does the Walldorf police assign a man to keep the Saturday situation at the church square under control? Or is there a Masonic authority that tries in the Walldorf SS emergency to save the public reputation of Jehovah's Witnesses from a complete crash? It was very peculiar that a Jehovah's Witness justified himself to an obvious non-Jehovah's Witness and accepted his teachings with a pinched face. A social worker is unlikely to have been this ruler over Jeova's witnesses.

According to the information obtained from the video, a picture emerges that we all did not expect. An authority above Jehovah's Witnesses keeps watch that no Jehovah's Witness from Walldorf is freaking out. And freedom of speech is also protected by this higher authority. The man didn't insult Renate, but only pushed himself in between to end the conflict. The justifications of Jehovah's Witness then betrayed the whole thing. It became clear that these poor people would not only have to obey the lies of the Watchtower, but would also be subject to constant control reminiscent of the GDR. And this control comes without tie and collar, without watchtower and without WARNING! But she doesn't have a special camouflage either. No shopping bag, no plaster arm, no bicycle. There was a man who was very similar to an agent or informer and who didn't care about it.

But the ongoing justifications of Jehovah's Witness make the music. How can a Jehovah's Witness in apologetic tone infiltrate a passer-by? What are his reasons for this? Which powers watch over which powers? The conversation, which looked very reprimanding and instructive on the part of the new man, lasted at least half an hour. And an additional Jehovah's Witness had to leave immediately. What are the powers that open up there? Jehovah's Witnesses let non-Jehovah's Witnesses teach them?

The fact that all public prosecutors' offices still ignore the bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society fits suddenly into the overall picture. The impression created by the Jehovah's Witness crawling before the neutral passer-by says: "There is an instance that seems to have both power over Jehovah's Witnesses and, logically, over the legal system. The whole thing is hidden and only comes to the surface in an emergency. Who has an interest in protecting lies that kill children and adults from unrestrained Jehovah's Witnesses who could betray anything through their emotions? The neutral-looking man at least stopped the confrontation between Renate and Jehovah's Witness, who likes to threaten people. And the Jehovah's Witness was then subdued.

Not only pedestrians on foot were happy about our action, but also car passengers showed their thumbs up or shouted out of the window: "Absolutely continue!"

Overall, the situation was more relaxed than I had expected. The threat from the aggressive Jehovah's Witness was somewhat lower than before and the intervention of this strange nobody kept the Witness's behavior completely in check. Renate and I enjoyed the time and only during the video editing the reference to a controlling authority opened up to me, which intervenes massively controlling and disciplining. The man must have observed the situation from a distance. And how he skilfully interrupted the conversation between Renate and the Jehovah's Witnesses speaks for the fact that he was a professional.

The constant search for an explanation for the fact that the public prosecutor's offices all ignore the religious murders of the Watchtower Society naturally arouses in me the thought that a control power, which can just kill a Jehovah's Witness on the street, also has power to prevent the overdue accusations of the Watchtower murders. What kind of game is really played in Germany? The deliberate Islamization is also fitting.

The appearance of this strange nobody reminds me strongly of the informer in Speyer, who dragged me by force a piece with himself, because I had taken a photo of him. He told me what his colleagues had to say and dragged me towards the police station. This thing ended with the deletion of the photo and the far too late insight of the informer who had betrayed himself as an informer by calling the police colleagues. Recognizing how stupid he was at the time, he went further and further away in large loops behind the well and looked around for me again and again. He had let his job go.

But the nobody in Walldorf who pulled several teeth at once for Jehovah's Witness was better off than the informer in Speyer. He didn't know, however, that Renate had unintentionally recorded the conversation between him and Jehovah's Witnesses on video. This video clearly shows how the Witness submits violently to the demands of no one. There is no other explanation for this than: There is something in Germany that promotes the irritation of the people, covers the murders of the Watchtower Society and plans the Islamization of Germany. My guess is that today we have experienced the lowest offshoots of the background organization that also ensures that Angela Merkel destroys Germany and leaves it to Islamization. The maintenance of this direction must be protected. This is how it feels after watching the videos. So even a rushing Jehovah's Witness has to bow to the big picture.

I have never had the slightest suspicion that Jehovah's Witnesses are not only under the power of the Governing Body, but are also controlled by other rulers if necessary. The possibility that the Nobody of Walldorf could have been a Watchtower employee is excluded. I certainly recognize Jehovah's Witnesses after working with them for many years. The nobody from Walldorf was not a Jehovah's Witness or an employee of the Watchtower Society. He made exactly the same impression that the Speyer informer made on me, if one takes out his stupidity. Only! Is the police really involved in this cramped informer crap? Where is the camera that observed Jehovah's Witness gesticulating so badly that one could interpret his movements as blows? We didn't discover anyone who had an eye on the process from a distant position. What forces are so interested in that no Renate and no Ruediger are beaten by Jehovah's Witnesses anymore? Why do those who prevent Jehovah's Witness aggression appear as no one who is most certainly not part of the Watchtower Society?

For me it is clear that all these possibilities are very plausible as long as not a single public prosecutor feels called upon to investigate the serial murders of the Watchtower Society. These people have a damn duty to do so by law!


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