Sermon Service – Does It Make Jehovah's Witnesses Christians?

Jehovah's Witnesses are promoters of a New World program, supporters of a religious party, and go door-to-door, although Jesus expressly prohibited this from-home-to-house going . Jehovah's Witnesses discourage Jesus in their preaching ministry and want to convince people that only their "Jehovah God" may be worshiped. In this way, they want to draw people into a two-god religion because they have two gods in their religion: Jehovah and the Watchtower version of Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not a bit ashamed when it comes to drawing people away from Jesus to the side of their "Jehovah God," for they themselves do not know that they serve an idol whom they worship through a second idol. This Jehovah idol with the invented name, to whom they must constantly put the attribute "God" at the back, demands of his witnesses that they earn their "Christianity" by advertising at the front door.

Awake! April 2007, page 26

Like the representatives of a political party in election campaign times, they go from house to house and promote a religion that makes Jesus a kind of subgod. In this way they try to spread a religion that cannot be more pagan. They have several gods, one they only worship. Several gods have them, through one they worship the other.

The inventors of this two-god religion repeatedly let the devilish origin of their pagan cult shine through in their illustrations. In the depictions of Jehovah's pleasing sermon service, one always sees some accompanying demons showing that Jehovah's Witnesses as servants of Satan try to seduce people. They are representatives of the eradication of the last chance to come to Jesus after all. They burden people with occult powers and pretend to have their teachings from the Bible.

Also funny are the Romans (), who hold a modern Bible in their hands and are all totally baffled. Because they have never seen such a book before. At that time there could not have been any books in this form. – By such small things the faithful and intelligent slave from Brooklyn betrays his lie. One day Satan will laugh and ask the Jehovah's Witnesses: How could you believe such nonsense? Didn't you see the obvious clues I had built into the Watchtower notebooks?

Then it'll be too late. Then Jehovah's Witnesses will be told how many souls they have on their consciences. Then they will be shown how many people they have driven into the hands of Satan. Then they will no longer be able to pray to Jesus, because they have refused for the rest of their lives.


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