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God's will to make the earth a paradise will happen (Jesaja 45:18; 55:11).

Satan rules the world today (John 12:31; 1 John 5:19).

In the new world to come, God will very much bless humanity (Psalm 37:10, 11, 29).

Quotation Watchtower Religion: "God's will to make the earth a paradise will happen." Where does the Bible say that God wants to make the earth a paradise? The Bible does not say that God is a kind of do-gooder. The Watchtower lie that God wants to make a better old earth out of the old earth has nothing to do with the Bible. This is a purely earthly power doctrine, which the Watchtower Society is to use for world domination. Jehovah's Witnesses hope exactly for this world domination of their spiritual mother, who will then turn the old earth into an improved old earth. In order to maintain global power in this world through manipulation and underhandedness, it is necessary to inoculate people with such thoughts. If one can then also claim that this vaccination comes from the Bible, then one has a good chance to create an instrument from religion, which all people need if they are not in Jesus Christ, which in the long run draws more and more people into this crazy doctrine. And even if the goal of the Watchtower world domination is never reached, one has nevertheless ensured that for an unforeseeable period of time the distribution of the religious products of one's own company will be sold. The mass of the misled is the guarantee of long-term profit. And how beautiful it is when a few old people can rule over the brothers in the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah without limits! That is the anti-Christian thing about the Watchtower religion that it strives for and exercises unlimited power. Just as Catholicism rules people spiritually, so does the Watchtower Society.

Let's look at the biblical passages that the Watchtower Society presents to the reader to prove that God wants to make the old world an old, but totally optimized world:

Isaiah 45:18 (NWT) For this is what Jehovah said, the Creator of Heaven, HE, the [true] God, the Former of the earth, who made it, HE, who gave it substance, who did not create it in vain, who formed it so that it might also be inhabited: I am Jehovah, and there is none else.

This is the wording produced by the NWT. In comparison, we read the original text as we find it in the normal Bible (Schlachter 2000):

Isaiah 45,18 For thus says the Lord, the Creator of Heaven – He is God – who formed and prepared the earth – He founded it; He did not create it as a desert, but He formed it to be inhabited -: I am the Lord, and there is no one else!

In both Bibles, both in the NWT watch tower colored transmission, thus a consciously changed preliminary interpretation, and in the not colored translation of the Bible the thought of an optimization of the old world does not occur. But let us see whether at least in the next biblical passage something on the subject "New World under the optimal rule of the Watchtower Society" occurs.

Jesaja 55:11 (NWT) so will my word come out of my mouth. It will not return to me without result, but it will certainly do what I have liked, and it will certainly succeed in what I have sent it to.

In comparison, the uninfluenced word from the Schlachter 2000 translation:

Jesaja 55,11 My word that comes out of my mouth shall also be the same: it shall not return to me empty, but it shall do what I like, and carry out what I have sent it for!

What is striking here is that the Watchtower Society added the vocabulary "certainly" and "determined". These vocabulary accumulate in the Koran and in the NWT and give the impression that the God communicating in each case is not sure of his cause. This reference to Muslim thought runs through the Watchtower doctrine like a red thread. The Watchtower Society weakens the Word of God with the permanent interweaving of this Muslim expression in order to be able to better incorporate its own doctrine into it. But even in spite of this technique we find no indication in this Bible passage that God wants to turn the old world into an old world that has become paradise.

The purpose of the Watchtower Society is to exploit man's hope for a better world and to suggest that Jehovah's Witness can create this miracle by his own power paired with perseverance. All human beings throughout their lives have had this phase of world improvement and the Watchtower Society and Catholicism have turned this human attitude into a formal religious instance and are building on it their teachings on the Kingdom of God, which can and must be created through human efforts. Unfortunately, both religions completely disregard the Bible, which freely claims that the old world must pass away!

Let us just look at the ad hoc Bible passages collected on the subject of "new world". The keyword input "new earth" leads to bibleserver.com four direct hits, which clearly speak of a new earth, which did not originate from an old earth through (Masonic) improvement:

Jesaja 65,17 For behold, I am creating a new heaven and a new earth, so that the former will no longer be remembered and they will no longer come to mind;

Why doesn the Watchtower Society in its so clever book "What does the Bible really teach?" not bring this Bible passage. Is the Watchtower Society afraid that a Jehovah's Witness might recognize, for lack of spiritual transmogrification, that here the old world cannot be the foundation of an old, improved world? Does the insight that this new world will really be built by God Himself and not by a channel of God endanger the followers of the organization devotees?

Isaiah 66:22 For just as the new heaven and the new earth which I make shall abide before me, saith the Lord, so shall your seed and your name abide.

Again, the Watchtower Society conceals a Bible passage that speaks much more clearly about the new world than the one used by the Watchtower Society to mislead people. Extremely clearer in this passage is the talk of the new world God creates, but this passage is just as much too dangerous for Jehovah's Witnesses! It must be embezzled! By such practices of selective Bible reading, we recognize the enemy who uses only those passages that confirm his doctrine. The whole Bible is deadly to the Watchtower religion. But it uses individual filtered passages from the Bible to confirm its doctrine. The lie that Jehovah's Witnesses are firmly based on the Bible is easy for them, because they leave out only a few things (which are uninteresting or deadly to them).

2 Peter 3:13 But according to his promise we expect new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells.

This biblical passage was also simply omitted. Can the Jehovah's Canal use something like new heavens? Never, because then the old earth would have to pass away with the old heavens. So you'd better get rid of this biblical passage quickly. Let's see how the Watchtower Society deals with this passage in its Watchtower-cut NWT:

2 Peter 3:13 But there are new heavens and a new earth, which we expect according to his promise, and in these will dwell righteousness.

I see. The new heavens already exist! Then nothing can go wrong anymore. Fortunately, nothing old has to go down, otherwise the Jehovah Canal and its world domination would also disappear. Here, with small inserts, the goal is achieved of building a Bible version that makes the Watchtower doctrine available to people. Here the Word of God is changed in full consciousness and with clear purpose. This is entirely the nature of Freemasonry and the Watchtower Society to have no respect for anything and not to shy away from any falsification of truth. Freemasonry and the Watchtower Religion are a machine and a gear. Freemasonry is the machine and the Watchtower Society is a Masonic gear.

Revelation 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea no longer exists.

It is very exhausting to rewrite the whole Bible, and it is also very dangerous after all, because from a certain degree of lying even the more uncritical can no longer be convinced that this is still the Bible. That is why the Watchtower Society did not change Revelation 21:1. This biblical passage is simply too clear and would have to be rewritten in such a way that even Jehovah's Witnesses' hair would stand on end. So we have found that the Watchtower Society is lying hard-core, giving hard-core false biblical passages that say nothing about the Watchtower claim. Bible passages that, however, give clear statements are simply omitted. The Watchtower doctrine works consistently with this method of biblical passages saying nothing about the subject. The entire Watchtower text is peppered with biblical passages, but no Jehovah's Witness seriously reads what is written there.

Quotation from the Watchtower Religion: "Satan rules the world today." This saying is as meaningless and empty as the biblical passages that accompany it, but it has been put forward with caution. With the assertion: "Satan rules the world today" the Watchtower Society suggests that the well-being and woe of the world depend solely on the ruler of the world. Thus the Jehovah doctrine says: "Wait only until we are in power!" Jehovah's Witnesses associate this hope with the statement of Satan dominating the world. They also get the wrong idea that Satan has a power similar to that of Jesus, who according to the Watchtower doctrine has reigned in heaven since 1914, but who enforces his dominion on earth through the Jehovah's channel. This interweaving of half-truth and lie leads directly to the awareness that the Watchtower Society only has to take over world domination, then all problems would be solved and the earthly paradise could finally be established.

But what does the Bible tell us in the passage quoted, which is to prove that the Watchtower Society should take Satan's place?

Johannes 12,31 Now the judgment shall be upon this world; now the prince of this world shall be cast out.

The judgment of which Jesus speaks here goes against the one who seduces people like the Watchtower Society. The prince of this world is deprived of power by no longer being able to harm the people who rely on and accept Jesus' death on the cross and his physical resurrection. The casting out of the prince of this world took place exactly at the time when Jesus bore the punishment for our sin. The prince of this world, who now can no longer sue anyone who trusts in Jesus, is thus cast out. This concerns every single person, but not the world as a system. Jesus did not change the system, but changed man's chance to come to God despite his sin. If Jesus had acted and worked systemically, the statement "Satan rules the world today" would have been wrong anyway, because the biblical passage clearly refers to the time of Jesus' crucifixion.

1 John 5:19 We know that we are from God, and the whole world is in trouble.

Again, there is not a single word about it that allegedly "Satan rules the world today!" The world is in a mess and that is a consequence of human actions. Satan's power over men lies only in seduction and in the desire to keep men away from Jesus. The Watchtower Society knows this very well. That is why it ignores the root and the work of seduction of the individual human being. It itself seduces people and separates them from Jesus through a religious system. Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to pray to Jesus and therefore cannot have any contact with Jesus.

The idea that one only has to exchange the rulers of the world in order to achieve a system change has been practiced throughout the history of mankind until today and has changed nothing. The idea, the ideology, that with the exchange of rulers the world could be turned into a paradise, is one of the most lasting errors mankind has ever had. And the Watchtower religion is built on this very error. It is not based on Jesus, but misuses Him only for one of the oldest and longest lasting disgraces of mankind: System change is salvation. The work of Jesus, which exclusively cares for each individual human being, is here once again completely faded out and, as in Catholicism, stuffed and suffocated into systematic mechanisms. People who join religions that praise salvation exclusively in themselves have no contact with Jesus. People who have contact with Jesus flee from all religions in order to be able to stay with Jesus.

Citation Watchtower Religion:
"In the future new world, God will bless mankind very much."
In the optimized old world, because the Watchtower Paradise is only this old world recycled by Watchtower Power Application, the Watchtower Jehovah will bless mankind very much. This is the translation of the status of a lie into the status of a correct statement. The above lie has several holes through which its putrid intestines smell. What does "very bless" mean? Suggestions: more money in the Watchtower treasury, more Watchtower power over humans, finally the freedom to kill apostates? God has blessed mankind very much already and more than that. He has completely blessed humanity by freeing access to Himself through Jesus' sacrificial death. Not the system "world" is the goal of God's blessing. God is not a communist who works with committees, and God is not a capitalist who squanders his newspapers with the optimal distribution system and exploits people in the process. God turns to each individual person and saves him if he believes. Satan cannot bear this and therefore lures people into rescue systems that offer no salvation at all, but only exploitation and slavery.

Psalm 37,10 A little while more, the wicked is no longer there; and when you see his place, he is gone.

When Jesus reaches you, you are no longer godless. The possibility of eliminating one's godlessness by believing in Jesus does not exist for Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses do not see in this passage the elimination of godlessness in you, but the elimination of the godless Himself. Jehovah's Witnesses forget that Jesus came to heal the sick and save the lost. Jehovah's Witnesses prefer the destruction of those who are godless in their eyes. That they themselves are much more godless is hidden from them by the pious Watchtower religion. Jehovah's Witnesses are systematically seduced. Jesus saves individually. Jesus saves through personal faith in him, which always expresses itself in a personal yes to him.

Psalm 11,7 For the LORD is righteous and loves righteousness. The pious shall see his face.

Who are the devout? Are they the system devotees who talk about a Watchtower apparatus that you have to belong to in order to survive the end of the system? No. The devout are those who say yes to Jesus, and man can only do that in direct prayer to Jesus. That is why the ban on contact with Jesus that the system God Jehovah has Jehovah pronounce through his channel is so deadly. Because the salvation that God has in store for us beats the Watchtower system and makes itself the great Savior. People from America and elsewhere think systemically and slaughter the individual for the greater good. This systemic process can be beautifully observed in the Watchtower Society. There not a single person has a personal relationship with Jesus.


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