JW.ORG Governing Body a Case for Psychiatry?

by Eddie

Part 4

The day came, the hour came in which all this was to happen, but – nothing of the sort happened and everything went as before

I start here with a website: Origins of Jehovah's Witnesses

But, Jerry Bergman, the operator of this site, I don't know from that. At least not originally. That is, personally not at all, but so "around the back" over back doors and "five corners".

Let's turn back the clock to the 1980s. I can't say it more precisely, not on the hour and / or week, not even on the day, not even on the month and not even on the year. I only remember the decade, but it is exactly right: It was the decade of the 80s, as just mentioned. My children were still small, did not go to school yet. My wife and I were a young married couple, who served as a family together with the "small cattle", as in ZJ circles children were often funny enough called (by no means meant evil), in a ZJ community residing in southern Germany, a "meeting" in WTS jargon, a Spanish/Portuguese speaking flock of WTS (allegedly the god Jehovah). That we in reality only served people who were the owners of a US-American corporation, and not the God of the Bible, was "somehow" already known, but only in the (blinded) sense that they embodied "the mouthpiece" of God, like the Pope as representative of God on the Catholic side. This AG, so our knowledge and at the same time feeling, was just the vehicle, the vehicle, the organization, which God uses on earth, as he used many other persons and also states and institutions already in old times, be it Balaam, be it Nebuchadnezzar, be it the old Egyptians and Pharaoh, their leading league or others more.

I like to read books, mainly specialist and non-fiction books, which fall into my professional as well as private resorts: IT (formerly: EDP), mathematics, pedagogy and science (all kinds of things) and also commercial-legal matters on a professional level as well as travel, culture(s), history, archaeology, religious and psychology on the pages of or better than personal interests (plural). This network gave rise to a small library which I can call my own and which I was able to save (at least in part) from my later divorce. What will happen to this mini-private library after my death does not matter here – only one thing is certain: institutions like the WTS will not receive it under any circumstances. This will be taken care of (already today). Firstly, I am not delivering ammunition to the other side and secondly I would like to point out a biblical passage: Gospel of Matthew chapter 7, verse 6.

Matthew 7:6 Do not give the holy thing to the dogs and do not throw your pearls before the swine, so that they will not trample them with their feet and not turn around and tear you apart.

Well, back in the 80's my library wasn't half as big as it is today, but it already had a considerable value, according to the motto "small but nice". Above all in terms of content. And it is the basis and "food" for my various actions and agitations, especially here and today.

Somehow – I can't remember how and why – I had made contact with a group in the USA that was critical of the Watchtower. Not on the Internet, because this was not yet known at that time, but I found it in some anti-WTS articles in some magazines. Since I had visited the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn a few years earlier during my first trip to the USA, as a young, strapping ZJ, still unmarried and with a lot of commitment for "the truth" (I still have photos of this visit today), I immediately took up the "spiritual" fight against this group and ran with open visor and the "spiritual weapons" – see Ephesian chapter 6, verses 11-20 – against these "enemies".

Strangely enough, they also had "spiritual weapons", at least as good as mine, perhaps even better. So there was an argument exchange of several months in good old postal manner via snail mail, despite Airmail. As I said, there was no internet at that time and therefore no emails or the like. The "good old days". They also sent me a little booklet, titled "The Mental Health Of Jehovah´s Witnesses", with the request to read this "pamphlet" well – which I also did – with the simultaneous request to translate it into German and send the result back to them (this group) in German language.

Yes, I read this booklet (a dissertation, as it turned out afterwards) carefully, but did not translate it – mainly for time reasons, because I was very busy both theocratically and professionally at the time. Somebody else did that later, as far as I can remember and I am not mistaken, a certain Mehmet Aslan, a German with Turkish roots. By the way: M. A. also searched the WTS Bible for intentional (and thus bent) reinterpretations and mistakes. The resulting construct is a masterpiece, which describes the information control of which Steven Hassan speaks (see part 3 of these remarks) and the procedures, respectively, of S. Grieger-Langer and W. Jachtschenko (Part 1 and Part 2).

When I couldn't get any further in the matter – the "opponents" were simply too strong for me – I began to search for suitable counterarguments in my own lines and rows. Of course, I didn't tell any of the elders I interviewed where the arguments and information came from. Of course, I had heard them in sermon service – door-to-door service, so I would have to answer now. At least that's my tactic.

It then became interesting in the course of time that some years later a Watchtower study article appeared, in which some weakened arguments of this JB appeared and without mentioning its name it was said that some apostates, so-called psychologists, who claimed to be such, would try to pull "Jehovah's sheep" away into the kingdom of darkness, i.e. away from "God's earthly organization". Some of these arguments I already knew from the common correspondence and I knew who and what the sources of them were. I also knew that this JB in particular was not a "so-called" psychologist, but one who had indeed just finished his studies and had now become active as such. But, of course, the term "so called" weakens the status of this person significantly, an approach that JW.ORG points out as a milestone of manipulation (see Part 2).

But first: At the same time, the elders interviewed by me answered me that if these discussions were not fruitful, I should break them off in the sense of the WTS, because they were aimed at taking me away from the ZJ. Only people who "deserved" the answer should receive it. And if they constantly contradict, despite biblical teaching (from the point of view of the WTS), they do not deserve the word of truth. They would already be judged "from the very top", i.e. from heaven, and I could do nothing more for them.

Well, today I know if such kind of reasoning: It is the highest kind of arrogance that one can only imagine.

Yes, Ruediger (= RH), you are right with your Freemason theories, because even JB gives on his pages a rather clear reference to 6 YouTube movies (unfortunately "only" in French), which prove this. Of course I also knew about Russell's statements about this and his original partner Barbour from the STA, but I accepted this as an ancient and far from valid statement. And in the (then) version of his dissertation this did not come out either.

Here I refer once again to Steven Hassan (SH) quoted and based in Part 3. In his book "Combating Cult & Mind Control" he describes the BITE model. Remember: BITE is the acronym for Behaviour-, Information-, Thought- and Emotional Control. In chapter 4 he gives a short introduction with an example, which is discussed on pages 114 to 115. It is about a cult that predicted the end of the earth and in which it should happen, during the process that aliens would come to earth and destroy all non-believers (opposite to this cult) by (second) flood, but collect and save the believers in their UFOs. The day came, the hour came in which all this was to happen, but – nothing of the sort happened and everything proceeded as before.

The result? How did these believers react?

Original quote from SH:, page 115:

"Most members, however, became more convinced than ever!"

(Underlining and highlighting by me). A strong piece, isn't it?

How did this happen? How was it "managed"? Actually the believers should have felt cheated and turned their backs on the whole line! But no ...

Again I quote SH, one to two lines lower:

Their leader proclaimed that the aliens had witnessed their faithful vigil and decided to spare the Earth!

Does this kind of procedure and argumentation not seem familiar to you, dear ex- or Still-JW?

Sure: Different text, different matter, but: exactly this kind of gait! Just compare what's said here about this Wisconsin cult with what's said in WTS about the 1914 generation!

If the scales don't fall from your eyes now, you can't be helped it anymore!

In fact, I find myself forced to argue with the same reasoning that the ZJ themselves use when they don't get on with a person: Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 4 verse 4: It is hidden from those to whom the God of this system (= Satan) has blinded the meaning, so that the light of truth (= Jesus) does not shine through.

Yes, dear reader of this basically fourth and final part, I have reached the end of this series. A part will come (in progress), titled "The truth will make you free". This contribution and its title can, however, be seen and traded as a rounding off of this series/at the same time as an extra ("bonus") part. As already mentioned in the first part, all this here has in principle reference to all religious communities that claim to be the only true way to God. However, according to the name of this website, all this refers primarily to the GG of the Watchtower Society. As always, the JW.ORG, when it reads all this ("enemy" always reads along – although I do not see ZJ as enemies, but rather as many times ignorant and followers), will again claim that I / we (the writers and authors) "beat the slave". That this is not the case in reality, I already let it be known in another article, with a link to an English video of a former Bethelm employee with the title "Are we bashing Jehovah´s Witnesses?". There it is shown that we as Christians are even obligated to point this out in (even painful) ways – see Hesekiel chapters 3 and 33. Even the WTS recognizes this and argues the same in door-to-door service, but they are blind to follow the true truth, the true light and the true way of Christ, even if they do not believe so and claim otherwise. Therefore, dear reader, if you should adhere to this religion, check please everything this religion tells you, by means of the Holy Scripture and pay attention to it, that you are just as much a member of the royal priesthood if you can prove that only the scripture interprets the scriptures and no church/organization – and also that courageously – see the two letters of Peter.


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