Watchtower slave a case for psychiatry?

by Eddie

Part 2

In part 1 we examined the behaviour of the WTS and JW.Org on the basis of the literature of the profiler Suzanna Grieger-Langer. Today we want to do this from the point of view of another person, namely from the point of view of Wladislaw Jachtchenko.

Wladislaw Jachtchenko was born in Ukraine and came to Germany at the age of 11. He studied in Germany and the USA. His subjects were: History, Literature and Law. After working for a while in a law firm, he became self-employed and trained and today gives courses/seminars in rhetoric and related fields.

His credo is:

  1. Being nice was yesterday
  2. Commandment 1: Know your counterpart
  3. Commandment 2: Don't be considerate
  4. Commandment 3: Manipulate before you are manipulated

(See the back cover of the book and page 13 of his book below.)

He is also the author of various writings and one of them is titled Black Rhetoric. The subtitle is Manipulate before being manipulated.

In it he shows very detailed how you can confront your opponent with content from the trick box: With body language, with bogus arguments, with twisted or half-truths, with alternative truths and facts, with pseudosciences, with confident appearance in complete ignorance, with clothing and hairstyle, with appropriate choice of words, etc. and so on. And all this also with exercises and examples. This reminds me, among other things, of rhetoric and other courses for executives, which I was allowed to attend during my time as a member (employee) of a large electronics company, where I worked as a trainer and also in marketing. Here, too, we learned and practiced how to manipulate in conversations (and from a leadership point of view, we should).

Among other things, Jachtchenko also speaks of cognitive distortions and there of distortion no. 8, the optimism trap and wishful thinking (see pages 157-160). Especially in the latter there is also selective perception and how this is best suited for manipulation (for the manipulator). All you have to do is reinforce the error – and the whole thing works like a charm. He gives psychological-practical tips on how to do this exactly. – I see exactly this procedure at the WTS given. And if someone then pulls this through for decades, there are hardly any possibilities left to pull the victims (and at the same time co-perpetrators) out of it. One of his clues: High probability that such procedures are used in sects. Any questions? (colour highlighting by me).

"To learn who rules you, just find out who you can't criticize."

Voltaire quote

Part 3 will follow at some point



Hello Eddie,

according to what people write about the tricks of JW.ORG, JW.ORG is the association that ultimately fills the psychiatric system. They're not crazy, they drive crazy. Don't they?

Ruediger [October 10, 2019]


Hello Ruediger,

of course you can see it from this side.

The big problem is – at least that's how I understand it – that these people believe everything they talk (and write) about. The lower ranks ("rank and file people") anyway and the upper ranks manipulate anyway and always, because they "have the right" – at least they are convinced that this is so – more about this in one of the following two parts.

A little hint, by the way:

How such people usually tick, in such circles, how "lifted off" they are and how they act, this can also be read in the book "Schuld" by Thomas Middelhoff, the ex-top manager (among others by Arcandor). I myself haven't read it yet, this book, but I watched this interview in the TV show "Lanz" and there was a lot to come out of it, in this respect. Also Ray Franz' books give information about it, especially from the internals of the WTS.

Eddie [October 04, 2019]

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