There is only one true religion and the WTS corresponds to Noah's Ark today; it is "Jehovah's organization" on earth.

by Eddie

When the writings of the WTS speak of "true Christians", when the JW generally speak of "true Christians", there is always talk of the members of this faith community. They alone "have the truth", "are in the truth", etc., etc.. Of course, they are never never a sect, never belong to Babylon, the great whore, no, in contrast, JW are, as long as they "remain in the truth" in the "modern ark", the lifeboat that brings them safely through Armageddon, thanks to the "faithful and understanding slave" from the Gospel of Matthew, according to their understanding – see above, Dogma 1.

Many churches claim that they are the only ones or the true ones or at least the better ones. The only question is: Who is right now? Is any of these churches/faith communities right? Or all of them, a little bit?

As always, one should consult God's Word for such questions. It is the only legitimate source. And what do we find in God's Word on this subject?

Let us take from the Gospel of Matthew the whole chapter 7 in context and some verses in detail. There it is said:

(1) Stop judging so you won't be judged (...).
(2) For with the judgment with which you judge, you shall be judged (...)
(15) Beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inside they are rapacious wolves
(16) By their fruits you will know them (...)
(20) So you will really recognize them by their fruits.
(21) Not everyone who says to me "Lord, Lord" will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven will enter the kingdom of heaven.

(New World Translation of WTS)

Not "by the church," but by the fruits you will know them. Are dogmas good fruits? Especially if they clearly contradict (at least in part) the biblical doctrine?

The WTS gladly takes the text from Revelation 18, verse 4 to hand to show that one should leave the churches. If someone is now convinced that the WTS is also part of "Babylon", and therefore leaves the "Organization of God" for reasons of conscience, he runs the risk of falling into isolation, because a "renegade" must no longer "dirty" the "Ark of God" with his ideas, not even be greeted anymore. There are dozens of reports, probably thousands of individual experiences, in which there is talk about how people who gave up belonging to this religion were in the truest sense of the word driven into narrowness and isolation and will probably still be in the future. If one then accuses this, one gets from the "true Christians" to the answer "blame yourself – why did you also ..." etc. If a Catholic/Protestant/Anderbeliever leaves his church / faith, for example to become a JW, these other churches and religions are accused of "narrow-mindedness", "devil's work" and other things, but if a JW leaves his faith, because he can no longer support many things for reasons of conscience, what happens in this church, is punished with contempt at least just as, if not even harder.

This also creates a connection to the Dogma 5.


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