Corona demonstration in Rauenberg on Nov. 15, 2020

Offices only harassing

Police car stood in front of the entrance

Demo Dates

Unbelievable! An manned police car stood in front of a driveway! The resident of the house did not like it. Wow! For the sake of peace and quiet, the police drove the car a little further.


A person who ignores everything except a police car standing in front of his driveway is the prototype of the good German citizen. He doesn't care about Merkel's dictatorship, he doesn't care about the Islamization of Germany, he doesn't care about the lies of the government. The main thing is that there is no car in front of his driveway. What a fine example of the platform on which systems like the Third Reich thrive. All democratic efforts do not matter to this person. Only his driveway counts.

The first speech was dominated by the harassment that emanated from those in power – the district administration and others. With logic the offices can no longer be followed. Where do we know this tactic from? From the Jehovah's Witnesses! In the Watchtower religion this very tactic is rampant. People are punished or excluded completely free of any logic. And even the public denunciation of this arbitrariness acts as an amplifier. In the end, it is only a matter of separating the exercised power from any logic. People have to get used to this. The success of this tactic is seen in people who withdraw completely. Example: the man for whom only counts his driveway.

A true dictatorship manifests itself in the completely illogical treatment of the subjects. Therein lies the true power to oppress people absolutely arbitrarily. Standards, which are based on logic, only limit the power of dictators. Whoever looks at the words and deeds of Frau Merkel under this light, realizes that she has been pushing her power to the dictatorial top for a long time. Angela Merkel destroys Germany and does not lose any voters. Mrs. Merkel destroys the coming generations through Islamization and she does not lose any supporters from the former conservative CDU. When Merkel resigns, a real change must take place in Germany. Otherwise, everything will remain as it is. The CDU is the wrecking ball that must go with Merkel.

Against the Islamic outlook, the mask and the corona show lose a lot of their importance. Corona is just a nice vehicle to get as many people as possible used to lies and illogic. As much inner peace still exists in the entry-free Germans, as little can be prevented without a fundamental change in Germany, the annihilation of the Germans. The demographic development will inevitably ensure that the Sharia will come and, through various forms of transition, will become established throughout Germany. This will be a joyous beheading. Then the mask problem will also be solved.



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