Corona demonstration in Rauenberg on November 8, 2020

Good citizens make the windshield wiper

... and thus prove their superior intelligence

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There was a very good speech and good citizens were there with their bikes and did the windshield wiper. This is what you know from Jehovah's Witnesses when you show them signs with critical facts. The parallels between cultists and good citizens are striking. They must signal to others that they are millions of times superior to the critics. But they don't know that the PCR test is a hollow number that Drosten freely invented without ever having isolated the virus. Nor do they know that class action suits against Drosten and Merkel are pending. They also do not care that millions of children will be left to poverty and death as a result of Merkel's measures. Just like Jehovah's Witnesses, who did not shed a tear for the six-year-old from Walldorf.

Who are the millions of children that Frau Merkel gives over to death? There are currently a maximum of three children in Germany who have died under the Merkel mask. In developing countries, however, there are millions of children who are starving due to interrupted supply chains and the lack of orders due to shutdowns. Mrs. Merkel has made so many Muslims happy through illegal immigration. How many children worldwide has she handed over to death? Does that add up? In addition, the third group of death is our children and grandchildren, who will lose their heads or one hand and one foot, mutually cut off, due to the expected Sharia. Muslims hope for the Sharia.

I call out to the windshield wiper citizens: "You are in the big ARD/ZDF sect"!

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