Walldorf: Corona demo on December 14, 2020

Merkel sits the children dead

Man discriminates me

Demo Dates

While everyone, including those from Walldorf, immediately understands the fact that Merkel is sitting the children dead, a man in Walldorf approached me and asked if I was a local. When I told him that I lived a few villages away, he was pleased, because that showed him that his Walldorf was clean. He called my sign an impertinence. A Walldorfer would never do something like that.


As a nice confirmation for this man, the Catholic Church sounded the demo participants extensively with its bells and a beamer show at the church tower enlightened the people about which God to believe in now.

NO! Angela Merkel is an insolence!

Merkel is sitting the children dead. That is and remains a fact. How much respect does a person deserve who openly ruins the country and causes mass damage?

  • Ruinification of the German pension system
  • Conversion of the German state with a social market economy into a state with a communist planned economy
  • Cold replacement of Germans in the state system (administration and management) by people from incompatible cultures
  • Giving away German citizenship and advertising it among migrants
  • Unrelenting promotion of Islam
  • Consistently ignoring all knife murders and rapes committed by migrants
  • Consistent senseless squandering of German funds
  • Target balances, non-repayable aid to neighboring states (in the hundreds and thousands of billions)
  • Cold elimination of democracy – reverses elections
  • Cold elimination of Parliament – through subsequent pseudolegitimization of a body foreign to the Constitution (Corona Cricket Cabinet)
  • Open increase of arbitrariness in administration and police
  • Remotely recommending church songs against Islamic knife murders
  • Eliminating critical people according to the GDR model
  • Equalization of the media in the finest GDR manner
  • Human experiments
  • Medical ruin by caput savings and "voluntary" compulsory vaccination without liability for vaccination damage
  • Globalist human mixing
  • Deindustrialization of Germany
  • Ideologized destruction of the energy supply

Merkel's dead-sitting of children will be evident for many decades after Merkel's departure, when under Sharia law the lives of children and adults will be impossible. Sharia will come. Thank Mrs. Merkel and the Greens.



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