Demos against the Merkel-Corona-Despotism in Reichelsheim and Walldorf

Hope does not die

Reichelsheim unperturbed, Walldorf hooted down by trombone choir

Demo dates

How long will it take? Jehovah's Witnesses have already cancelled all public activities in early 2020 because of the alleged pandemic. And this for two years. How did they know that the Corona affliction would last for at least 2 years? – They are sitting on the same sofa with Freemasonry, symbolically spoken. This period of time implies that the old parties will continue their deception because they are leaning towards communism. There the good good good people may rejoice. Mrs. Merkel is right always!

The Antifa and Evangelical Church with their manifold weapons (trombone choir) did not intervene against the demonstration in Reichelsheim. People could speak undisturbed about the different aspects of the Merkel-Corona despotism.

Link to the Reichelsheim website

But in Walldorf the trombone choir struck.


The tricky church and the tricky Antifa took away the demo place from the people of Walldorf by early registration. But the Walldorf demo participants now had to stand on the narrow sidewalk in front of the church. The antifa pastor must have rubbed his hands. The whole thing looked very constricted and as if it had been taken in a pincer. But the spiritual and other rather accidental advantages were found on the Walldorf side, not on the side of the church and the antifa.

The trombone choir lost itself acoustically more and more. Perhaps my words had gone to their hearts. I had indignantly shouted something critical at them.

People who oppress other people with noise cannot be Christians. Okay, when you react emotionally this can happen.But the noise show of the protestant church is planned coldly from a bad source. Between the evangelical trombone choir and the antifa and the operator of the church bells one saw a good cooperation. The neo-Marxism in the Protestant Church is in no way inferior to that in the Antifa. Only that Mrs. Künast does not have to beg for the church in the Bundestag as she begged for the Antifa. She wants a further expansion of the antifa terror financing.

During the demonstration there was a man who had his backside permanently turned towards the demo participants. Only once did he turn around and yell at the speaker because he had misspoke. "Oh", I yelled really loud, "are you the pastor? Look, all of you, there stands the pastor of the trombone choir!"

The hope remains that the trumpet choir learns or has learned that true Christianity can never be directed against people. Neither acoustically nor otherwise violent.


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