Michael Stürzenberger in Bruchsal, Germany

City lets gullies clean loudly

Muslim suddenly is Christian

Demo dates

If in Bruchsal before Christmas the overpriced Rotarian Advent calendars are sold in the pedestrian precinct, one can observe with which submissiveness the people buy this masonic calendar. As under enthusiasm trance working helpers oscillate between the large supply box and the buyers back and forth. They can't get their childish smiles out of their faces. Fascinating.

The fact that the Bruchsal good citizens seem to be brain-technically successfully manipulated is also confirmed by the underground green-left bourgeois reaction to Michael Stürzenberger, who attended a public demonstration in Bruchsal on Friday, 16.10.2020. Topic: Ban the deadly programmatic of the Koran. Stürzenberger naturally encountered the prejudices that Freemasonry has inoculated in the Green Left. Thus the gullies around the rally were loudly vacuumed. Only the church refrained from using its bells, as it was not close enough to the event.

On the other hand, the left-wing extremists were again on the sidelines of the demo, staring at you so strictly and intensely that you realize: Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'll be dead. A woman who seemed to have been ordered agitated against Michael Stürzenberger. She accused him of agitation. When I told her that she was the one who was agitating, the left-wing extremists came dangerously close and stared even harder. Fortunately, however, there were also police, who lined up in the middle of it all.

The speeches of Michael Stürzenberger were correct as always. Once again they represented reality accurately and only Muslim lie maneuvers stood against them. The response of the Bruchsalers was disgraceful. An old woman with an already graying son looked at the announcements on the signs and waved to her son that one could avoid this. He also turned off obediently and both went to peel potatoes or something else. That seems to describe the Bruchsalers' nature well. He is not interested in anything beyond the fresh bread roll in his bag. Or has anyone seen a Bruchsaler who reacted differently? The mayor can rely on the manhole cleaners and the other citizens.

A Muslim who pretended to be a Christian rode on the fact that we Christians would believe in three gods. I called out to him that the Son and the Father have one and the same spirit. In Romans 8:9 Paul naturally refers to the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of God as one and the same spirit. When two beings share the same spirit, one can only conclude that they are one. This so-called Christian could not say anything about this and he ignored my objection. By the way, Jehovah's Witnesses teach exactly the same heresies as the Muslims.

A man who first supported the artificial agitator joined the Muslims standing further away and proclaimed an annihilation theory to be applied to Stürzenberger. This could be seen from his gestures and from the enthusiastic approval of the Muslims.

The German judiciary is now also beginning to prosecute Stürzenberger more severely. It is putting things on the hate horse that are not hate. Before the Sharia wave, we can expect to see a lot more repression from the Green Left. As long as the Germans don't wake up, things will continue to go steeply downhill. According to Erdogan, democracy is the train onto which Islam is jumping. Through the bellies of the Muslims, the majorities are changed in a demographic way. That is only one of Erdogan's thoughts, which is reproduced here.

In mosques, four-year-olds are taught to kill chicks by hand until they have forgotten how to stop killing. This is no longer pious. That is extremely dangerous and agrees with all the theses of Michael Stürzenberger.

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