Karlsruhe: Demo against Merkel's takeover on November 19, 2020

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How long we are allowed to go out on the streets to demonstrate is not clear. After Merkel's takeover it can happen in a flash that every demonstration against her and her power apparatus is banned. Anyone who stands together with several people for more than 15 minutes can then easily be arrested. The question is whether Bautzen will then return to its former glory. But the political prisoners will have to be accommodated somewhere.

In relation to these prospects the demo in Karlsruhe in front of the constitutional court building formed like a large Wellness meeting. I had the sign "Merkel sits the children dead" there and could hardly believe how positively this admittedly hard slogan was received. This saying not only covers the mask deaths, but also the psyche of the school children. In addition, there are the children in developing countries, who are suffering severely due to the closed down trade. They have no reserves. We must not forget the children and grandchildren who lose their lives or are forced into a life they would never have wanted with the inevitable introduction of Sharia law. With chopped off limbs, with the constant fear of the death penalty for permissive behavior. All these children suffer under Merkel's self-importance.

The antifa behaved quite decent. When they saw the sign "Merkel sits the children dead". On closer inspection, one could recognize a certain semblance of shock in their faces. The saying is truer than one might think at the moment. So it was very nice to watch how it had its effect. It lasted a little longer than a few seconds.

But of course the prepared left phrases had to be read out by the antifa. The Antifa called the demonstrators anti-Semites. But the fact that the Greens and the Left Party, together with the CDU and Mrs. Merkel, invite and protect the only true haters of the Jews into the country en masse, does not occur to the children of the Left Green Party. An important role is played by the fact observed in other countries that at the point of its victory, Islam will force all fellow Muslims to support the killing. Then no peaceful Muslim will be able to save himself. He will have to take part in the murder of Jews and the killing of non-Muslims under threat of the death penalty.

After about an hour, the police formed a chain as a demarcation to the Antifa. But there was no reason for this. This border was also hardly recognizable and when I wanted to walk along the Antifa again, I was kindly stopped. Should the young people of the antifa be protected from knowledge? It was a bit strange, because there was peace and quiet on both sides.

With Jehovah's Witnesses I had already experienced the results of holding up convicting sayings. However, there is one striking difference to the antifa. Jehovah's Witnesses have extremely more practice in keeping up their facade. The Antifa in Karlsruhe reacted so beautifully shocked that it was a joy.

The depth of the abyss that can be seen in these people lies in the stiff perseverance mentality, which even Jehovah's Witnesses do not surpass. The reading of the accusations of hatred for Jews clearly shows these abysses. To call fellow men who speak out against Mrs. Merkel's takeover a Jew-hater is the lowest level to which a person can stumble. And yet these young people behave like the smartest and most educated under the sun. This also reminds us of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

An ARD cameraman came up to me with a stern look and recorded the sign "Merkel sits the children dead". This recording will certainly not be seen on television, because the saying is too convincing. It is firmly fixed in the memory of the reader and in the long run more and more aspects will be added which refer to this saying and become plausible on the basis of this saying. This is exactly the joke of telling cheap truths. This is the speaking of the truth, which is attributed to children and drunkards.

It is about every single person! Just as Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses can usually only leave their religion in secret, so it is with the antifants. They are under strict supervision by their peers. Deviating views are punished with contempt. Liberation from left-wing dogmas and lies is usually only possible secretly. In this respect the confrontation with the sign "Merkel sits the children dead" a real chance. The long faces of the anti-fants bear witness to this.



I introduced your sign to the antifa in Baden-Württemberg. I wish you a lot of fun with the next demos, respectively with the next and maybe last.....

Antifa demo money manager BaWü [November 21, 2020]

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