Monday-Corona-Demo-Walldorf on October 19, 2020

Police helicopter for robbery

Yellow points as border, nerves lie bare


A police helicopter stood over Walldorf. Later it turned out that a robbery was the reason. But the nerves of the Walldorf demo participants were exposed. The reason was the idiotic filming of the left-wing radicals. Also the Walldorf demo participants felt: At some point, when the Antifa reigns, the Merkel purge comes and arrests you and puts you in the cell with the wire noose.

But the Antifa could not be seen. Only the church bells did their neo-Marxist job. Doctor Pastor, who, according to hearsay, had called the demonstrators "unholy corona deniers" did a good job and kept his hands off the bell control. Recently he had made a small time mistake, so that you could see that there was someone sitting at the computer to enjoy the power of muzzling people with the ringing of bells.

The police sprayed yellow color dots on the tiles, not yellow stars. On the side of the demonstrators was mask duty, on the other side mask freedom or mask prohibition. The police also very kindly approached demonstrators who had briefly taken off their masks in the concentration camp-like area. Something like distance did not play a role. It was only a matter of observing the sudden special rules. Obedience, obedience, obedience. The reins must be tightened. The thumbscrews must be tightened even further.

These formulations (tighten thumbscrews and reins) are by no means invented. Such formulations are brought out by the administrative authorities themselves and do not see that they have anything to do with torture and violence. The most beautiful hobby of the German magistrate is harassment and oppression. He gets his money for it.

Two women performed a play that depicted this German torment in the variant of the village crier. People, people, let me tell you ... Good that the administrative staff and their representatives were not even listening.

Again and again you will meet people on the demos who regret having voted green in the past. The new German Nazism and its millions of blind followers would not have had these chances without the Greens. The church leaders would never have found their new human oppression without the Greens. The good old German technique of destroying the existence of all those who are not silent about everything is booming. And the bells are ringing.

Angela Merkel is known for sitting out especially the problems created in self-work. She now sits dead in Germany the children who die under the Merkel mask. In contrast, the new citizens are close to her heart. Together with priests she makes sure that they are doing well in any case. She has made so many people happy. As a child, she probably saw the fairy tale film in which the poor Muslim became an heir because he was so honest. But the fact that Merkel lies like a large gravestone on Germany is not important to her.

A small survey has shown that "normal" people do not understand the saying "Merkel sits the children dead". Corona critics understand it immediately.


Hello everybody!

Are you just bad-mouthing all denominations by looking for mistakes, or do you also offer better / more conclusive solutions?

I have been a Jehovah's Witness for over 30 years, have had my own experiences & do not stand behind 100% behind any current understanding of the organization.

I grew up as a ZJ and was later away from it – had no problems with friends & family – but came back anyway and in later periods of insecurity I always examined other denominations (including Islam & Judaism).

Measured by the Holy Scriptures of the Christians (Bible Joh. 6:68), I am still of the opinion that Jehovah's Witnesses are closest to it.

However, I will gladly be instructed to the contrary and am open to valid arguments.

With kind regards

Raimund [October 22, 2020]

Well, opinion is all well and good. We experience that in the course of the neo-Marxist world metamorphosis, freedom of opinion is to be crushed globally. The churches are happy to cooperate in this. New opinions are emerging in every corner, but they all have to follow the radical left pattern to be considered good. Currently there is the idea of the left to abolish the highways. Everything is pushed through the green-left tube and in the churches this finds support. You save yourself by being oh-so-good.

Religions in every form are only this self-rescue. Ideologies too. But they cannot save, because they are all man-made. Only God himself can save. And it doesn't matter whether someone is close or not, it depends only on the man Jesus Christ. That is God, who became man.

Jesus told us plainly that he must be in us if we want to be part of him. Whoever rejects Jesus as the personal Lord has no fellowship with the Father. No religion, not even the green-left strategy of self-redemption, is of any use here.

You have met Jehovah's Witnesses. Haven't you noticed that since Fred Franz's new idea they have been unanimously rejecting bread and wine? They celebrate the Anti-Evening Meal by acting exactly contrary to Christ's instructions. Who can find such a thing good except Satanists? Satanists are envious of the solemn rejection of Jesus.

And if you consider that the rejection of Jesus is the most beautiful hobby of the Green Left and Islam, you will also notice in what pulp the Watchtower Society is swimming.

Denominations do not have to be made bad. They are bad. In order to describe the badness comprehensively, these pages would have to be extended umpteen times.

It is a blessing that Do-good Germany shows so clearly what they think of Jesus. Nothing. This is a blessing because sooner or later people realize that apart from God himself, nothing and nobody can save.

How many more children have to die under the Merkel mask? How many more knife murders must there be? How many rapes? At some point even the last ignorant person wakes up.

To you I say: Talk to Jesus in prayer and you will know that he is God. [RH]


Hi Raimund,

You are not a denomination – you are a blood murder and children's ****** club, that's all you are. You do not believe in Jesus anyway, you are exactly the same *******-association as the Muslims!

You join the Merkel-green-left fascists.

The pure culture Marxist association are you!

Fie you Jehovah – you are resting on the spelling mistake of a catholic monk – shame on you!

Rüdiger, keep it up!

A sympathiser from Bavaria [October 22, 2020]

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