Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 380

Two weeks after the death of the six-year-old in Walldorf

This week was very turbulent!

On Saturday, February 11, 2018, Juergen, Renate and I were in Darmstadt to confront Jehovah's Witnesses with their religious atrocities. We had talked over the phone and were therefore not surprised that not a single Jehovah's Witness appeared in Darmstadt. But it was only on Sunday evening that I learned that it was not only the fact that we were intercepted that led to this result. A good friend drew my attention to the six-year-old, who had died on January 30 due to his mother's refusal to give him treatment at Heidelberg University Hospital.

And already on Friday, February 10, 2018, I did not make a report as usual, but a special page: Jehovah's Witnesses reject blood transfusion. The reason was that not a single Jehovah's Witness showed up on Friday either. I was very satisfied with this page and was amazed when I was told on Sunday evening that a six-year-old boy had to die shortly before in Walldorf because his mother had refused the treatment.

On Monday morning I took a week off to do some research. I took my big floppy hat and the big magnifying glass out of the closet, put on my washed-out detective coat and searched the Internet. There were several reports of the incident that did not even mention Jehovah's Witnesses or the rejection of a blood transfusion. The whole thing smelled very strongly of the fact that the media had been forced to withhold important information. The false panic report about an unknown virus, which dominated all reports and thus distracted from the Watchtower Society's serial murder, which had once again been committed, also fitted into this picture. I made a page about it: Walldorf-Wiesloch: Six-year-old dies of refusal of treatment.

At that time it was already obvious why Jehovah's Witnesses were nowhere to be seen. I was all the more amazed when I left yesterday, February 15, 2018, to hold up signs in Wiesloch, even without Jehovah's Witnesses and despite bad weather. It had become important to me to confront people with the topic of serial murder Watchtower Society at exactly this time. After driving around three corners I saw two Jehovah's Witnesses directly in my place of residence and followed them with my signs. The two Jehovah's Witnesses laughed. I gave them such a loud sermon about the blood fraud of the Watchtower Doctrine that all people could hear through the closed window. The Jehovah's Witnesses laughed. Unbelievable! The Jehovah's Witnesses laughed. And they happily walked their way.

The Jehovah's Witnesses laughed, although I had reproached them for the death of the six-year-old von Walldorf. The prosecution and Jehovah's Witnesses seem to have a similar pattern of life.

Although or because the Watchtower Society's serial murder can be considered proven with minimal scrutiny, Jehovah's Witnesses laugh and the prosecution remains silent. Whether the prosecution grins at the silence is unknown.

After the Federal Republic, which for some time has deliberately been preparing its own creeping self-dissolution in favour of a European superpower, has turned the Jehovah's Witnesses into a public corporation, the view of the criminal doctrines of the Watchtower Society is once again thoroughly disguised. How can a public prosecutor's office take action against a public corporation when illegal decisions on the part of the government have become customary and remain without resistance? The few dead, the few impoverished, the few violations of words and laws! Doesn't matter. As long as the media obeys, the human leadership system works perfectly. The media glossing over of the death of the six-year-old in Walldorf not only fits perfectly into the picture, but is also almost a state test balloon on how to keep people calm in the future.

The people are kept so quiet that Jehovah's Witnesses walk around the streets very fresh and pious and are happy when they are publicly reminded of the death of the six-year-old in Walldorf. And why else don't you see any Jehovah's Witnesses at all on the streets and at the corners? How does it all fit together? Is the Jehovah's Witnesses' lasting disappearance part of the immobilization plan? Should the two Jehovah's Witnesses be a kind of provocation test right where I live? What is being played here? I would like to ask Mrs Merkel and Mrs Goering-Eckardt and the public prosecutor. They could at least call the Watchtower Society and get some information. Then the Watchtower legal status of a public corporation would certainly end sooner or later. Would it? What do Mrs Merkel and Mrs Goering-Eckardt and the public prosecutor's office do? What do Mrs Merkel and Mrs Goering-Eckardt and the public prosecutor's office think?

The hypocrisy of our politics, which does not see and does not want to see the simple truth, is reflected in the behaviour of the Watchtower profilers. Self-invented concepts and self-invented values shape both politics in Germany and the strategy of the Watchtower Society. The infantry only fulfil the requirements. The media conceal facts and Jehovah's Witnesses spread the total distortion of the Bible. All that remains to be done is for ecumenism to ensure that truth is lies and lies are truth.

But it is given to the minors and to those who are not valid before the world. They are the ones who still have an eye for Jesus. The great animals and the trained Bible experts have long since chosen the Goering-Eckardt way and only stand up for a human thought that has nothing to do with God and lives only from humanistic goodness. And then there is the Merkel way: sing more hymns! If you are afraid of an Islamic man, please sing more hymns! But the most beautiful game is played by the public prosecutors. They have created a decades-old customary law, on the basis of which the serial murder is diligently carried out by bleeding to death. The Watchtower Society thanks you. Or are the public prosecutors of Freemasonry grateful? Who serves whom here?

Why is the Islamic state denied the right to kill people, while the Watchtower Society, with its doctrine, is allowed to kill a lot of people worldwide? How important is the curvature of the European snake cucumber to the six-year-old in Walldorf, who died on 30 January 2018 because of his mother's Watchtower conviction? How is the planned abolition of cash connected with the concealment of facts in the media? Why can't we expect our legal system to react to human requests? How many billions must you own to be heard?

The Watchtower Society demonstrates to us all in practice how human society is transformed centimetre by centimetre. It has been killing people in series for decades and is not prosecuted for it. How do they do that? And how do we do that? How do we do the rest, which is decided from above? We can do it! The Jehovah's Witness Serial Murder Society is showing us how.

Is there a difference between the steadfastness of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are adamant in their adherence to the serial murder blood doctrine, and the open penetrance of German politics, who insist on the deadly principles of Masonic Europe by destroying African markets? Will there ever be a chance to live together democratically in Europe and make decisions?

Today – two weeks after the watchtower murder of the six-year-old in Walldorf

Today I went again into the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch and held up my reproachful signs. The passers-by were not inattentive, but the fast looking away was very conspicuous. The politics of the mighty had a hold on that. For them murder is just a kind of accidental side event. This six-year-old, as cold as he lies underground, weighs as much as ... yes ... like the status of the Watchtower religion as a public corporation. The icy cold characterises the plans of Mrs Merkel and Mrs Goering-Eckardt and the public prosecutor's office. The acceptance and the instrumentalisation of murder and the annihilation of human beings is the great success of our time. This is about maintaining power and profit.

Good, good, good. In this scenario, do I still have to deal with the German defence industry? No. The behaviour of the public prosecutor's offices is enough for me.


Buder brother brother brother

Hello Turgay,

are you Jehovah's Witness? You say Jesus is not God. Jehovah's Witnesses say the same. But the Bible simply forces Jesus to be God. In the beginning, a second God is absolutely forbidden. In John 1:1 the Bible comes with the God Jesus. If Jesus were another God, then the commandment at the beginning of the Bible would be broken. This is exactly what Jehovah's Witnesses want. They want to turn the Bible into a book of lies. You are standing on exactly this level, Turgay.

Why are you deactivating the comments? Are you afraid?


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