Abortion Jesus

The Watchtower Society takes great pleasure in depicting Jesus in many different ways in its books and exercise books. In this way she signals anew every day that in her eyes Jesus is only a creature and not God. For according to the Bible, it is forbidden to depict God in images. And as the watchtowers overturn to depict Jesus again and again in all possible variations, she manipulates the Jehovah's Witnesses in the direction: Jesus cannot be God.

The Watchtower of 1 December 2008 already shows Jesus on the title page as a kind of Tom Cruise or as an advertisement in the shop window. As an attractive man he invites the reader to something as if he were a bouncer on the Reeperbahn or a market crier – only much more noble. For the Jehovah's Witnesses, his physical attractiveness is a substitute for the fact that they are not given life by Jesus. They must see and understand him only as a bearer of ideas. But that he is the one who actually gives life does not happen in the Watchtower doctrine.

But Jesus gives life!

When Jesus says, "I give life for nothing," He says, He is the Almighty God. For only the Almighty God can give life. This is a terrible thorn in Satan's eye. The devil hates nothing more than the fact that Jesus is God. Because as soon as a person trusts Jesus and follows him, he is saved.

To circumvent this circumstance, the Watchtower Society even shows Jesus as a Freemason cripple on its Watchtower title page. Masons spread their little fingers unnaturally when they want to make themselves known.

Jesus as a Freemason

One of the most beautiful hobbies of the Watchtower Society is the depiction of Jesus as a joke figure. Sometimes he is a bouncer, sometimes a market crier, sometimes a know-it-all. Here he comes as an attractive young man with a silver look, who by the way consistently looks past you or through you as if you weren't even there.

This picture has a treacherous peculiarity: the little finger on his right hand is unnaturally large and seems to have been broken at least once. Compared to the little finger on his left hand, this unnatural crippling becomes clear once again. Anyone who thinks that this is just a coincidence must realize that the Watchtower Society only produces its publications with the utmost meticulousness and control. There is no comma or thumbnail that does not need to be checked and approved.

Freemason's mark of identification

When one considers the subtle and sophisticated lies with which the Watchtower Society undermines Jesus, one must assume that such a thing was not invented by human beings, but that there is a higher power behind it. And every power that seeks to distort Jesus is Satan's power. But Jesus is God, who presented Himself to us in Jesus and appeared visible to all people on earth. The story of Jesus is the most read life story among human beings. Not even the prophet Mohammed can stink against it.

Under these circumstances, what could be more obvious than to think up a counter-version and bring it to the people with all your might? This is the core business of the Watchtower Society. It wants to manipulate psychologically that Jesus is only seen as a creature, and it wants to degrade Jesus to a human leading figure who often enough looks ridiculous.

But he who knows Jesus fills him with disgust and disgust at the sight of the watchtower magazines. For Jesus is by no means what the Watchtower Society wants to make of him. He is the Saviour of all men, especially of the faithful.


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