Trinity – believe it?

The Trinity doctrine is one of the most fiercely opposed doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society bleeds people to death for their Jehovah and gets away with it unscathed. State and population take no offence at the religious murder commanded by the Watchtower Society. The defeat of the Trinity doctrine, in its cheeky appearance and in its scope and in its lie potential, runs parallel to religious murder by bleeding to death, but appeals to many badly or one-sidedly informed people very effectively in advertising.

The so-called literature of Jehovah's Witnesses – it is so called although it is rather a disparaging collection of lies – culminates in the concentration of lies and slander in the booklet: "Should one believe in the Trinity? Is Jesus Christ God Almighty?"

Very patiently and cleverly, the chain of argumentation is spun together from hole to hole in this booklet, even if the chain links are missing. The Watchtower Society spins its threads using all kinds of psychological tricks and tries to hide its depraved strategy, which despises all logic, behind scientific half-truths.

Under the keyword of "predicted apostasy," the Watchtower argument outlines the Trinity doctrine as the great apostasy and speaks of it, but that "true worship" should survive. That Jehovah's Witnesses understand by this "true worship" only the street sale of a murderous religion, thus the sermon service, the Brooklyn newspaper publisher deliberately conceals that. The Bible does not know the term "true worship".

The Non-Triune God of the Watchtower Society

Which non-triune God stands behind the religion of antichristianity? Is it the Jehovah who, in the first commandment, strictly forbids having another God in order to claim in John 1:1 that Jesus is one another God? How can that go together, how can a person understand that when Jehovah "God" strictly forbids having other gods on the one hand and installs one another God in the word he speaks and becomes the person on the other? How logical is a Jehovah "God" who blows "Hot!" in the first commandment and blows "Cold!" in John 1:1?

Jehovah's Witnesses are forced by the rejection of the Trinity doctrine to invalidate the first commandment. Certainly they are not aware of this, but they are in obedience to their mother, the Watchtower Society, every day for 24 hours breaking the law! They have two gods in their religious system because they do not want Jesus to be the man made JHWH of the Old Testament (John the NWT (New World Translation of the Bible, falsified by the Watchtower Society) speaks in Chapter 1, verse 1 explicitly of one and thus of another God).

The doctrine of the Trinity is not a political doctrine of power, as the above-mentioned booklet asserts, but the Trinity is the only possibility of resolving the conflict between the first commandment and John 1,1. If the first commandment is to apply at all, then Jesus Christ – the Word made flesh – must be God Himself. And so must the Holy Spirit. If the NWT of the Watchtower Society were right, God and His Word would be two different gods. Thus the first commandment would not only fall into absolute insignificance, but it would also describe its own author as an arbitrary liar.

The Trinity forced by the Bible itself

The Bible forces with the first commandment (you shall have no other gods beside me) and with John 1:1 (the Word was God) that Jesus is the JHWH made man. The NWT forces with the Watchtower arbitrary interpretation "the word was ein God" the polytheism and the permanent breach of the first commandment. And not only that. The NWT thus makes the first commandment meaningless and unfulfillable, for it turns Jesus into that additional God who tramples the first commandment underfoot and abandons it to meaninglessness.

The goal of the Watchtower Society is to despise the Bible and above all to despise Jesus. Salvation through faith in Jesus is to be prevented by senseless distortions that serve the logic of the regulars' table and many respectable citizens fall for it.

Most former Jehovah's Witnesses who could somehow detach themselves from the Watchtower Mother's spiritual embrace think they have finally escaped this organization. But in the vast majority of cases they continue to defend the nonsense of the Masonic-based Watchtower doctrine of this wooden puppet Jesus, carved by Jehovah out of loneliness, until their death.


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