Jehovah's Witnesses have a problem: Is Jesus a created God?

They should actually speak to Jesu

Jehovah's Witnesses have a problem with Jesus. As soon as they allow Jesus to be equal to the Father, they must also admit that they should actually speak to Jesus if they want to speak to the Father. Since they attach great importance to the fact that Jesus stands one step lower than the Watchtower God of Jehovah, they have decided that Jesus is the prayer messenger. So without involving Jesus directly, they pray to Jehovah and append a formula to the prayer that would be something like a stamp to the letter post.

The biblical statement that without Jesus prayer cannot reach the Father is circumvented by Jehovah's Witnesses by turning Jesus into a kind of postage that they stick on the prayer. They emphasize that Jesus is the Son of God, but they must not really believe in it.

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To Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus is merely a creature who is a son to Jehovah like. This means that for Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus is not even the Son of God is, but only something similar like may be a Son of God. As the second person in the universe, however, he is still indisputably a God, as John 1:1 states. The normal translation says that Jesus is God. The Jehovah's Witness translation says that Jesus is only ein God.

What does God Himself say about this problem?

If anyone can answer these questions and solve these problems, it is God himself. Whoever accepts Jesus will be personally introduced into all truth by him. That is what he promised. Those who do not want to listen to Jesus, because they are not even allowed to talk to him (like Jehovah's Witnesses), have the opportunity to search for the truth in the Bible. Isaiah 43:10 gives us information:

Isaiah 43:10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen, that ye may know, and believe me, and know that I am. There is no God made before me, neither shall there be any after me.

Before and after God, there is no God made. This statement kills the entire Watchtower theology all at once, because this theology lives from the division of God's identity into two identities. One is the almighty, the other is the sub-god, who is allowed to have power for a certain time.

If you speak to Jehovah's Witnesses about this, they will most likely tell you that Jesus is not a God at all, but only a divine being. They themselves probably do not understand this distinction either, but they can at least make one argument. And with this flimsy argument they once again violate John 1,1.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word.

The indefinite article added by Jehovah's Witnesses (and the Word was a God) is no longer enough for them to degrade Jesus at this point, but they must also distract from the fact that Jesus could at least be some deity, as even the Watchtower Bible claims, saying: He is not a God, but only a divine being.

Only one Saviour

The diminution of Jesus is so important for Jehovah's Witnesses that they cannot even accept many things in the Bible. The verse that follows Isaiah 43:10 is: I am the LORD, and there is no Savior besides me. This brief statement of God alone would kick Jesus out of the Bible once and for all if he were a second identity besides "Jehovah God. And this, although Jesus is demonstrably the one who has shaken the whole world the most. Anyone who takes the words of the Bible even halfway seriously must realize that Jesus and the Father are one and the same despite different manifestations.

Those who take Jesus seriously recognize that nothing is impossible with God and his being is independent of our human thoughts and doctrines. God is independent and has communicated himself to us. He can never be the object of human exploration, but only the subject of our worship. We are allowed to worship because Jesus met us and reconciled us with the Father. He reconciled us to Himself through Himself.

Jehovah God will take back the power

Daniel 7:13-14 I saw this vision in the night, and behold, there came one with the clouds of heaven as the Son of Man, and came to him that was ancient, and was brought before him. He gave him power, honor and kingdom, that all nations and people from so many different languages should serve him. His power is eternal and does not pass away, and his kingdom has no end.

The Watchtower Society claims that Jesus will submit to the Father. That is right at its core and is also written in the Bible. But this submission of the Son to the Father we must not imagine as a transfer of power, but as a union at a time when the work of Jesus is fulfilled. The Father and the Son are one and have never been anything but one. Against this background, a submission of the one to the other by human standards is inconceivable. Rather, this mutual service takes place in several places in the Bible. Thus in one passage the Father says to the Son: "O God, your dominion is eternal! Whoever, in human understanding, regards these things as submission, merely applies his imperfect instrument of thought to one who is far above our understanding.

And as confirmation that the outstanding submission of the Son to the Father does not mean that the Son loses power and greatness, the Bible says: His power is eternal and does not pass away, and his kingdom has no end. The balance between the concepts of submission and unification (which can only rudimentarily meet what is really meant by it, for they have always been one) consists in the Bible, so that no book of dogmas is to be made of it. Unfortunately, all religions turn the Bible into a book of dogmas. But God allows for some ambiguities, which we can only understand under the influence of the Holy Spirit. This understanding does not take place according to a schedule or mood, but only when the Holy Spirit wants to give it to you. This connection to the Holy Spirit can only occur when you have addressed Jesus with clear words. The acceptance of Jesus is a prerequisite for life and for everything that is connected with it.

The assessment of Jesus as a master workman, who has carried out creation on behalf of the Father and in the end gives up his power again, is a one-sided interpretation of the Watchtower. This one-eyed view should only serve to minimize Jesus as much as possible and to place another God above him. This God, allegedly above Jesus, is called Jehovah and must always be given the attribute "God". This Jehovah "God" is only an antithesis to the God who humbled himself for us and met us in Jesus.

One or two gods?

Titus 2.13 ... and wait for the blessed hope and apparition of the glory of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, ...

This Bible verse can be understood as referring to two individuals we expect. But if we add Isaiah 43:11, then we must recognize and acknowledge that there is only one. For Isaiah 43:11 says unmistakably: I am the LORD, and there is no Saviour besides me. Through many passages in the Bible it is impossible to interpret the mentions of the great God and Saviour as if they were two entities. Why these formulas in greetings and on other occasions were so often used without further explanation by the first Christians can only be explained by the fact that they knew the statements of the Torah better than we do today. The Old Testament excludes a two-god system. The commandment "you shall have no other gods besides me" is only a small example of the consciousness of the first Christians. That's why they took it for granted that the son and the father are one and not two. They must have believed God to be able to appear as several. They must have left it to God how he does what and why. That is obedience, that is faith.

Who of Jehovah's Witnesses can muster the belief that God is and can be more than what the Watchtower Society claims about him?


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