Jesus, a totally normal person

Watchtower heresy: Every human being can make it

Anyone can do it, says the Watchtower. Jesus, who was a normal person, made it. So! Why shouldn't at least some of us not make it? At least in such a way approximately?

The most important day in history
... was the day Jesus Christ died.
Watchtower, 1 March 2009, reverse (all other quotations from ibid.)

For Satan, the day Jesus died was indeed the most important day in history. Wasn't he expecting a plan that God wanted to carry out through this Jesus? Yes, he did. And he had managed to keep the people so firmly under his influence that they finally put God's plan down for him. While smaller battles to Satan's disadvantage had already ended in the run-up (child murder in Bethlehem, persuasion attempt in the desert), in the end he had managed to successfully carry out the great rejection of the Son of God. The annihilation of Jesus was and is the most important of Satan's intentions and therefore the day on which Jesus died was actually the most important day of history for him.

But for true Christianity, the day is the most important day in history and in the whole universe when Jesus Christ withdrew his life. Yes, he took life back from himself.

Johannes 10,17-18 That's why my father loves me, because I let my life take me back. No one takes it from me, but I leave it myself. I have power to leave it and have power to take it again. I have received this commandment from my Father.

For the Watchtower's false doctrine of death, the death of Jesus is the most important, for it represents Satan's victory for a short time. For all mankind, however, the resurrection of Jesus is the most important. With the assertion that the anniversary of Jesus' death is the most important day in history, Satan only tries to distract from the fact that Jesus is God who gave himself up for us and took back his own life. He defeated death. And the day of this victory is the most important day for all people.

Jesus' faithfulness to death proved that every human being can remain faithful to God.

While the sacrifice of Jesus on the one hand seems to be the greatest of all for the Watchtower and the victory over death does not require any further mention, already in the next thought of the faithful and intelligent slave the impression is aroused as if people could basically do the same as Jesus. Motto: Jesus was only one of us, even if he was "the first and greatest Freemason" (words of Russell). This "follows Christ" is for Jehovah's Witnesses only an approach to Jesus in the sense of imitation. An approach to Jesus in the sense of a personal contact with him is taboo for them. They take Jesus only as a good example and as proof that "actually every person can remain faithful to God". But Jesus explicitly says that we cannot do anything without him. According to the Bible, his personal support is necessary so that we can do even one good deed in the eyes of God. Jehovah's Witnesses hide this 100 percent, because otherwise personal contact with Jesus would be the result.

Christ's death gave some people the opportunity to reign with him in heaven; and many others had the prospect of eternal life in a paradise on earth.

The mechanized Bible interpretation of the Watchtower Society gives Jehovah's Witnesses only rights and duties, tasks and fulfillment guidelines, heavenly and earthly hope. This carnal Bible interpretation amounts in all points to the realization of a New World plan that Freemasons could not think of better. First people are ennobled by being sent to emulate a great example, then the existing system is overturned and then a world domination is installed whose initiators are not definable because they "reign in heaven with Jesus".

This planning does not represent Satan's direct aversion to Jesus, but it does represent man's personal salvation through Jesus in a modified form that coincidentally prohibits the sitemap to maintain personal contact with Jesus through prayer. In this refined way, Jesus' invitation "Come here to me all" is turned into a pure world-changing program that requires only ideological conviction but no more personal faith. This is why Jehovah's Witnesses are so "superior" because they are equipped with a real party program and live from a real party doctrine. They cannot be in doubt because they do not seek the Lord Jesus in faith, but only the knowledge imparted to them by the Watchtower Society.

The commemoration of the anniversary of Jesus' death does not make Satan feel unpleasant. It is the feelings that a good chess player has when he thinks back to one of his best moves. But the resurrection of the Son of Man is an abomination to him and he does everything to form followers that glorify death (Catholic worship of relics, watchtower-like bleeding to death). And he likes to suggest to people that they can manage to meet the standards of God without the personal support of Jesus. He tells them to have a "good standing" before Jehovah. At the same time, he denies that Jesus gives everyone who confides in Him the best state before God that exists. This is like a bank account with infinite credit. Through Jesus we are fully accepted (infinitely) and draw from full life. Who adds to this bank account, which can never be filled less than infinitely, his 5 euros "good balance before Jehovah", will notice that this deposit can do nothing and also has no place on the grace account of Jesus.

The earthly doctrine of the Watchtower Society turns the message of human redemption into an incentive to save oneself. Put yourself before God in as good a light as possible so that he cannot avoid condemning the glorious world achievement of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society, disregarding all biblical passages that tell people that God was committed to himself for us and made the absolute sacrifice for us to satisfy his absolute righteousness, demands every possible self-abandonment from its seduced. But the truth is: God's absolute love ensured that he did not turn his absolute justice against us but against himself.

Those who see Jesus only as a good example argue like the devil himself.


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