Another Jesus – Horned and with normal hairstyle

The devil, who likes to show himself to be a friendly Jesus

If you click on the picture, you will see Jesus, who is pictured in Watchtower 01 February 2005 on page 10. His hairstyle is designed to give the impression that he has horns. Since February 2005 Jesus has grown new hair, as you can see in the picture that awakens! August 2010, page 31. Has the Watchtower Society discovered the error and thrown out the villain? Or did the villains change the picture after it was published here?

Awake! August 2010, page 31

One could almost assume that the Watchtower Society has become a little more cautious about abandoning its satanic transactions. This would have the disadvantage of gaining a little more immunity to criticism. The creators of the Watchtower religion might have noticed that they had already become too careless with the hidden publication of their true intentions. Do they withdraw their allusions or did Jesus just change hair? In any case, he kept his old beard.

The reworking of the devil, who likes to show himself to be a friendly Jesus, proves in any case that the declaration made by all sides that all this is just coincidence is wrong. From the change of hairstyle it can be concluded that the painters and draughtsmen of the Watchtower Society also have eyes in their heads and would rather do without the public exposure of the built-in horns. Is this a result of this website? Are the rulers of the Watchtower World Empire trying to secure their rule by evading?

Attention is required

In any case, attention is urgently needed. It is precisely the effect of correct criticism producing adjustments that poses a danger. As the religion of Jehovah worship drops its audacity to some extent, it becomes even more opaque and dangerous. What is comforting, however, is that the errors it contains are so blatant that an adaptation of the Governing Body cannot actually do any harm when it comes to revealing its falsehood.


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