The Watchtower Jesus with a subordinate role

As Allah of the Muslims, Jehovah is the Highest

Jesus plays a subordinate role in the Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine. As Allah of the Muslims, Jehovah is the highest among there gods. Jesus is not the center of faith and the God who has become visible, but he is only a kind of program point in the bundle of Jehovah's loving measures. In the description of the Watchtower, which is always found on the first inside, the faithful and understanding slave himself bears witness against Jesus:

THE PURPOSE OF THE WATCHTOWER is to honor Jehovah God as the highest ruler of the universe. ... He promotes faith in the now ruling King of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ, who gave his life so that we may attain eternal life. ...

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Watchtower flap text

Jehovah God – the Highest?

When they live in the permanent fear that their Jehovah cannot be recognized as God, they always add "God" to it. In the everyday language of Jehovah's Witnesses, this also sounds rather strange until you get used to it. It's a small risk to say to the car dealer: "I'd like a VW Golf Auto!" The dealer would probably prune for a moment and then ignore that phrase considerately.

But the fantasy creation of the Watchtower Society seems to need this closer definition again and again. This has a significant parallel in Islam: Muslims always have to prove themselves by shouting: "Allah is great, Allah is powerful ...!" How under self-suggestive stunning must all religions, which have removed Jesus from their center, affirm again and again the deity of their substitute figures.

While the Bible presents Jesus as the highest and many words of Jesus confirm this fact, in the world religions are constantly appearing that install counter gods to displace Jesus to second place. For example, a Catholic must pray to the Mother of God to have access to Jesus. The suppression of Jesus from the centre is the most important of all religions. This is their meaning and their goal and everything that does not place Jesus in the center is pleasant for them.

The Watchtower Words "... promotes faith in the now ruling King of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ, ..." immediately raise the question in the heart of a true Christian: What faith? It is the false faith that the Watchtower promotes. For any faith in Jesus that sees him as a subordinate authority is capable of irrevocably separating man from eternal life. This is how the Watchtower consistently writes: "... who gave his life so that we may attain eternal life." Nowhere in the Bible does it say that a believer in Christ must do anything else to have eternal life than to believe in Jesus. But the Watchtower says: We can attain eternal life. So in Watchtower theology Jesus is only one of several prerequisites for attainment eternal life. But the Bible says: Jesus is the only condition to have eternal life. – What a difference!

The ungodliness of the Watchtower-Jesus

In order to convince people that Jesus can never be the highest, the Watchtower Society always presents Jesus in a different way. The diversity of these representations of Jesus prove in themselves and through their existence that everything that the Watchtower Society wants, can and has is invested to classify Jesus as "running among the farther".

The various Watchtower Jesuses:

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So many Jesuses. Good thing there's only one slave.

Unlike Jesus, the slave is never represented, because he is a human group instance. This is by its nature faceless. Thus the slave from Brooklyn fulfills the divine principle of non-presentability in matters of representability rather than Jesus. While Jesus is reduced to the role of a redemption aid, the Watchtower slave gives the godlike, because not representable guide.

The well-known standard form of Satan's struggle is the defeat of Jesus and the Christians. A strategy heightened in boldness is the instrumentalization of Jesus for Watchtower goals. The open abuse of the person of Jesus, which is nevertheless for sale to many people, is found both in the Watchtower Society and in the sacramental dogmas of the Catholic Church.

Jesus as subgod with many faces

The Watchtower Society takes the game with the gods to extremes. It claims that Jesus is a God, but not the Supreme, who even makes the prayers ascend to their main God. They don't care that the first commandment explicitly states that we can't have a God next to the Father. In this way, they actually practice polytheism, but they blame Christians precisely for this. It is the Christians who say that Jesus and the Father are one.

To make Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is just a kind of subgod, the second in the system, they give Jesus lots of faces. They tell of him as of a particularly exemplary Jehovah's Witness. The overall scenario that the Watchtower Society is building brings man two gods. An upper god and a lower god. This is strictly forbidden in the first commandment. But this is not of importance for the faithful and intelligent slave.


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