The tangible evidence that the Watchtower Society doesn't happen to lie

The Common Practice of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses like to shift the entire responsibility for their actions onto the Watchtower Society. They themselves have placed their trust and acted to the best of their knowledge and belief after choosing their leader. If that should go wrong, you yourself are not to blame, only the one you trusted.

By means of this simple mechanism, Jehovah's Witness regulates the removal of his legitimate doubts about the truthfulness and fidelity of the Watchtower Society. Any objection by a critic to the Watchtower doctrine will surely be fended off with the iron consciousness that the channel of this Jehovah must take full responsibility. In order to successfully appease his obviously justified guilty conscience time and again, Jehovah's Witness must follow this path of self-relief. – Hard as iron. For any doubt that a Jehovah's Witness may raise within himself would mean that he himself would have to assume responsibility.

Rule of Thumb:
Ignore the evidence for the deliberate falsehood of the Watchtower doctrine

This strategy of appeasing one's own conscience could no longer be applied if the self-confessions of the slave from Brooklyn were viewed with open eyes. The faithful and understanding slave regularly publishes clear indications in his publications that it is very important for him to make his own lie clear and easy for people to recognize. The background to this illogical behavior lies in the fact that at the time of the legal settlement, any responsibility falls away from the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body and is attributed to each individual Jehovah's Witness.

Then everyone who has believed this organization will be responsible for his own aberration and all people will be amazed at how little effort the lie of the Watchtower Society can be seen through.

A proof that no Jehovah's Witness recognizes

With the picture from the Awakening of April 2007, page 26, the whole world, i.e. in fact every single person, has the crystal-clear proof that the Watchtower Society deceives people in an anti-Christian way. Their deception is so professional that the clear and blatant lie is hardly recognized by anyone. And whoever recognizes it is not listened to.

Source: Awake! April 2007, page 26 – please click, then right-click

Three Romans consider a modern Bible

The Watchtower Society represents three Romans from the first century who contemplate a modern Bible. The Roman on the far right cannot grasp what he sees. The Roman in the middle seems to ask: "Do you believe that?" – And the Roman on the left seems to answer: "No, definitely not!"

Three Romans look at a book that could not have existed in their time. The first printing house did not exist until 1458 in Strasbourg. But more than 1300 years earlier, according to the Watchtower Society, there were Romans who looked at a Bible with a gold rim!

While the Watchtower Society allows itself such a coarse and reprehensible joke to its subordinates so that the true God of the Watchtower Society can later accuse them of having easily recognized everything if they had only wanted it, looks at the right side of the picture a being out of the window who most likely represents Satan himself.

Erwachet! April 2007, Seite 26

Which attack on the psyche of Jehovah's Witnesses should distract from the other remains unclear. Presumably, the viewer is free to decide. The fact remains, however, that none of the anti-Christian references in the Watchtower literature can be accidental, as long as such bold twists are sold to the foot people of the water bearers.

Satan, who is the author and entertainer of the Watchtower Society, has long seemed to graze on the naivety of Jehovah's Witnesses in the most entertaining way. He distributes his literature all over the world and not a single one of his henchmen and victims manages to see the mega-fraud. Even if one reproaches a Jehovah's Witness with this clear fact, the bottomless embarrassment is suppressed, as if it were a matter of keeping oneself entirely in the innocence of a fictitious childlike phase.

The Holiness of Satan

In this way Satan demonstrates impressively how he asserts his own "holiness" among men. He so thoroughly fools them that they can never again summon up the will to reject the obvious lie or even to look more closely at it. By the absolute loyalty he has instilled in man, he has created for himself a people of victims and perpetrators who blindly and deafly go to eternal death for him.

In the "normal" world there is still something like a halfway functioning sense of truth. This sense of truth is completely eliminated in Jehovah's Witnesses. They are therefore not only blind seduced, but also an active, active danger for people who believe them. They are the extended arm of Satan, who attacks people with pleasure and blatant malice.

When fraud takes place in the "normal" world, then the common citizen still has the shield of ignorance. Human deception takes place in secret. Satanic deception, however, is celebrated directly before the eyes of the deceived and in all openness. Satan thus secures his own sanctification, which consists in his witnesses refusing to acknowledge the clearest facts as given. Satan needs people whom he can lead through thick and thin without them asking. Satan relies on people who make their brains and hearts available for every abuse. With God, the exact opposite is the case.

Jesus Christ does not turn away from those who doubt Him. Jesus never forces anything against the recognition of man. Jesus does the exact opposite of what Satan celebrates in Jehovah's Witness. He gives freedom and faith, but never spiritual prison and fanaticism.


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