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Jesus as the bearer of a good idea, that is what the Watchtower wants to make of the heir of the "company of God". Just as in a corporation or any other company where an unloved person is complimented away from the place he is entitled to, so the Watchtower Society equips Jesus with a very good job. Jesus is showered with many testimonies of honor, so that the reader does not realize that he has actually been deprived of his position. Instead of the chief position, Jesus ends up on the spot as the head of the public relations department.

Not Lord – just Mission Statement Jesus

There is probably no more bold proof of the dethronement of Jesus than this beautiful headline above the article in the Watchtower of 1.12.2008 (page 4). The degradation of the heir of God to an ideology is the core of the Watchtower philosophy and has the goal to build a New World under the guidance of the faithful and intelligent slave, as Judas Iscariot already intended. For this planning Jesus only has to be a leading figure who is at the mercy of the interpretations of the guiding body at will.

With this shift in roles, which WTS is striving to achieve, the Jehovah's Witnesses will experience the bang effect of avoiding personal contact between them and Jesus. The frequent depiction of this degraded Jesus signals to them that Jesus can never be God, and at the same time he is so strongly normalized that the Jehovah's Witness must accept in the depths of his heart that Jesus is only a human being. Thus, Jesus' work of salvation for Jehovah's Witnesses is successfully eliminated and Satan has locked people in another drawer who can never get to know Jesus again in their lives.

How good and desirable!

Within this dethronement tactic Jesus must of course be endowed with everything worth striving for that can only be sucked out of his fingers. This, in turn, is another reason why Jesus is becoming more and more frequent as a human being with human attributes. The normalization of Jesus takes its course.

(Picture from the same watchtower, page 5)
Watchtower-Jesus, the Elite Creature

The outrageous manipulation of the Watchtower Society by the Jehovah's Witnesses of the idea of Jesus leads to the conclusion that they can never again get involved in the idea that Jesus can be the Son of the Father and thus the Almighty God himself. But the Bible itself proves that the Father's heir is indeed Almighty God.

But the Bible says that the Lamb is the Almighty God

The Bible says that the Lamb is the Almighty God!

German word-for-word reproduction: for the lamb on top in the middle of the throne ...

In Revelation 7:17, the Lamb is on the highest point of God's throne and leads His own to sources of life. This biblical passage alone says that Jesus is the Almighty God who cannot serve as a model, but who is the real shepherd to whom man can and should entrust himself completely. Jehovah's Witnesses' vision that Jesus should be used as a model is only an attempt to undermine God's plan of salvation and render it ineffective for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses are to be told that they must turn to the substitute God Jehovah, whose mention in the writings of the Watchtower Society repeatedly requires that the attribute "God" be added to the "Jehovah". So the Watchtower must always add the special paraphrase "God" to this Jehovah so that people really understand what is meant. It's like going shopping with my Opel and saying in the message, I'm going shopping with my Opel car now. What nonsense that would be! Wouldn't I admit that I can't see Opel as a real car?

Every single person who falls victim to the Watchtower Society is lost and quite finally separated from the chance to live in Jesus.


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