Awake NOVEMBER 2009 Demons

They can't let it be!

The cover of "Awake" NOVEMBER 2009 shows the reader a modern high-tech world reminiscent of science fiction. In front of an architecture from the fantasy of the Watchtower makers, equipped with the most modern elements, one sees a couple who obviously travel together, but due to modern technology do not communicate with each other, but with other interlocutors with whom they are in contact via technical aids.

Awake NOVEMBER 2009, title page

The Watchtower Society, the self-appointed great counselor by the grace of God, once again presents small hidden demons to mankind.

Demon in science fiction environment

It is not understandable that intelligent people weave demons into religious scriptures if it is not meant as manipulation. Chance can be safely ruled out, because the Watchtower scriptures are very uniformly equipped with these things. A similar demon infestation cannot be found in other religious publications.


It remains unclear what the Watchtower Society expects from these demons. If one has thought through all the variants, only one thesis can remain, namely that it actually publishes these demons in the service of its master. Apparently the Watchtower makers actually believe that this counter god Jehovah gains power over humans with the help of dark beings.

Skulls on watchstrap

The slightest hint of death and the downfall of mankind brings Jehovah's Witnesses the unconscious news that the devil himself rules the Watchtower Society.

Skulls on watchstrap

Unfortunately you have to accept a certain blur when enlarging these devilish details. But these details are actually there and have their effect (at least according to the faith of the Watchtower makers). Jehovah's Witnesses who deal with these representations on a daily basis are filled with the corruption Satan has prepared for them.

Long nose demon

The Watchtower Society's demonic influence is not about accuracy or about these figures being clearly visible. On the contrary. The Watchtower Society tries to influence its prisoners with small hints. Abstruse face-shaped figures cavort in hairstyles and garments. The wide dispersion of these representations guarantees an even manipulation of the Watchtower foot people and helps to avoid a possible exposure.

Long nose demon


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