Indicator, that Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians

The absolutely opaque seduction of human beings is not permitted to the devil. Unfortunately, I cannot prove this claim with anything literary and I do not have a corresponding Bible text at hand. But I remember this information darkly, which I took up in the course of my Christianity. Perhaps in a sermon, perhaps from another source.

This fact that Satan is not allowed to work completely covertly has never really affected me in my life. Only the Watchtower publications bring these thoughts back into the foreground. Because in the Watchtower you always find demonic representations. Why that, if not for the reason of being able to tell the seduced at some point: You would only have had to take a closer look at a dot, then you would have seen through the falsity of the Watchtower doctrine.

In the Watchtower for 15 October 2007, on page 28, we find a photo of two "Christians" who obviously have a dispute with each other. Below is the caption: "Two Christians could decide differently in the same situation".

Watchtower Demon from the Vase

But as if to point out that the people depicted are not Christians but Jehovahists, a vase with a demon emerging from it is blurred in the background. The demon makes it clear: They cannot be Christians!

Because Christians have nothing to do with demons!

Jesus is in a Christian and a Christian is in Jesus. Therefore any contact with demons and any closeness to demons is impossible for a Christian. For demons cannot bear the presence of Christ. So this demon coming out of a vase seems to signal as a kind of inventory of the apartment of this Jehovahist couple with his relaxed appearance in the background that he is at home here and feels very comfortable and that these people can never be Christians.

For some reason Satan is forced to sign his seduction so clearly that every person has a real chance to make an accurate assessment of the matter on closer inspection. Here in this pictorial message Satan tells us: The persons depicted cannot be Christians, for they live in communion with demons.

Watchtower Demon Demon of Jehovah's Witnesses

Even the upside-down picture shows a strange face. This unambiguous signature of Satan refutes the excuses of some who say that such things can be recognized anytime and anywhere, if only one wants to. Here Satan's visual indication is so clear and obvious that even those people who cling with all their might to the supposed security of the Watchtower Society must finally come to their senses.

These references of Satan can be found in masses in the WTS publications. However, they are often so cleverly hidden that they cannot awaken the wildly determined Jehovah's Witness from his Watchtower coma. Therefore I am extremely grateful for this simple photo, which fortunately openly documents that in the publications of the Watchtower Society Christians can never be mentioned. For Christians cannot have fellowship with demons, but they are absolutely protected from demonic influences by the presence of Jesus as long as they adhere to Jesus.

This does not seem to be known to Jehovah's Witnesses either. For they are under constant pressure in their lives, like soldiers on a front. But like soldiers left alone. Because they have to rely on their own strength. Genuine Christians, on the other hand, continually draw on the power of Christ, especially in situations of stress that they experience when they disturb Satan's circles.

Jehovah's Witnesses, let it be said to you: The Watchtower Society is an instrument of Satan to turn you away from Jesus in whom we are to be saved. Escape this obvious complacency box offered to you by the Watchtower Society. No one has yet come to Jesus through human achievement and goodness, but only through faith.


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