Demons in: Imitate their faith

Jehovah's Witnesses like to publish their Bible substitute literature to prevent independent reading in the Bible. The book "AHMT IHREN GLAUBEN NACH" from April 2013 comes along like a textbook, in which you first enter . How nice, now you have concentrated Jehovah knowledge in your drawer. A nice feeling for everyone who wasn't totally scared off by the school.

The first strange figure already appears on the cover of the book. The demonic allusions in this book of Jehovah's Witnesses are so interesting that this page appears as a step-by-step version. It takes a medium eternity to capture the monsters and grin pigs in this Watchtower book. This task takes several winter evenings.

On page 15 we find a bare skull representing the victim of Abel. Always click on the picture to see the overall context.

Page 18: Here is a watchtower picture with three strange embeddings. First the water head with a long nose:

In this watchtower picture there is also an animal head with alien eyes.

And again in the watchtower picture on page 18: a skull ...

A newspaper publisher who constantly incorporates demonic abstrusities into his illustrations, which promote understanding, announces that his theses and theories are lies. The line recognizable by the quantity and quality of these demonic allusions is antichristianity and lies. Whoever has an eye for these antichristian demon images of the Watchtower Society will never again be tempted to consider the Arian theology of this religious community as possibly true.

The Watchtower Society sees itself as Noah's Ark

For Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Society is something like Noah's Ark in modern. One saves oneself into the organization that is the only one that can interpret the Bible correctly. One takes the side of a certain type of human being and thinks that this trust in human beings creates eternal life on a paradisiacal earth. But the Bible says: Whoever trusts in people is lost.

For the mockery of those who rely on the Watchtower Society, this instrument of Satan on page 21 brings the Jehovah who represents the God of this religion.

Icy cold, the Noah of the Watchtower Society mimics the puppeteer and thus characterizes the real role of the faithful and intelligent slave. The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses openly presents this fact. It knows that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot recognize this. The Watchtower Society has its seduced under full control.

Consequently, on page 31 of the Watchtower Book, we see "IMITATE THEIR FAITH" Sarai, Abram's wife, as an Aryan who absolutely corresponds to a modern Jehovah's Witness.

And as a special mockery in the same picture there is the Watchtower Camel, whose muzzle appears as a grinning Jehovah's Witness caricature.

So that no wrong conclusions can be drawn, the Watchtower Society marks the modern Western Jehovah's Witness, who appears here as Sarai, with the Satan S and the Serpent.

It is not the case that the Watchtower Society only happens to appear as a money-grabbing monster like a sect, but the satanic intention is its supreme program. The seduction of the believing, searching human being is her fetish. The fight against the God who has become man is her central sitemap. The Watchtower Society confesses these facts in its illustrations so that no one will ever have an excuse. Because everyone can recognize it. The devil-hearted Watchtower apparatus confesses its source.

How funny is the appearance of the at this point? Khola Maryam Huebsch comes from an Indian version of Islam and publicly fights for a soft version of Islam. This pretty Khola Maryam Pretty is actually depicted in the Watchtower Book "IMITATE THEIR FAITH" as the Old Testament Ruth. Did the Watchtower Society know under what auspices this woman would become known? For comparison, look here: Sarai = Muslima Khola Maryam Huebsch. The woman needs even more bags to hide her sexually provocative being.

The poor Muslima Khola Maryam Huebsch, who has to serve as Watchtower Ruth here in the Watchtower literature, plays a very important role on the next page (34). Her friend holds her in her arms and the arm is Frankenstein's monster.

The Watchtower Ruth collects grain right next to abstruse demon faces. The Muslim Khola Maryam Huebsch must show how Jehovah's Witnesses fish directly in the garbage. And the connection is obvious that the Islamic dream world of the Muslim woman Khola Maryam Huebsch is just as ludicrous as the Watchtower doctrine. Muslima Khola Maryam Huebsch, like Jehovah's Witnesses, refuses to accept reality and propagates peaceful plush Islam. Blamabel!

Muslima Khola Maryam Huebsch collects 40 grains of rats on page 40.

On page 45 we recognize the Watchtower-Ruth again as Khola Maryam Huebsch. This time she has a disgusted puking demon on her shoulder.

That's how a demon pukes on page 58.

The amount of demonic Watchtower allusions is immense in the book "IMITATE THEIR FAITH". This Watchtower tactic really frustrates, because Jehovah's Witnesses vehemently deny these things. But there is enough information to expose the true source of the Watchtower Society.

What is very irritating, however, is the fact that the Watchtower Society uses a living prominent enemy of Islam criticism in its book for a biblical woman. The Watchtower Society thus fulfills another indication of its origins in Freemasonry, whose god is called Jehovah and is none other than the devil.

The turban has been connoted with Islam for hundreds of years and the Watchtower Society loves to depict Old Testament Jews with turban. Submission to God without Jesus is the goal of this tactic. Besides, a turban can be used to accommodate some strange things. Here Samuel has a snake's head in a turban.

This absurd mixture of pure white Americans with turban gets a special touch when the actress of the Abigail has a hand puppet on her head. As already Noah makes the puppeteer above, there is, so to speak, an equivalent on the head of Jehovah's Witness, who is supposed to be the Old Testament Abigail here.

The hidden message of the Watchtower Society is: Jehovah is a popantz, nothing more than a hand puppet or a sheet with two eyes painted on it, pulled over someone's head. Jehovah's Witnesses receive a copy of it inoculated, sewn into consciousness, so that they can only provide for Watchtower turnover.

On page 81, Abigail, the North American, has a badly folded towel on her head and a severed head in her lap.

In the same picture the Watchtower Society has accommodated at least one very strange face.

The emaciated Jehovah's witness immediately identifies herself with the Abigail on page 83 and overlooks the fact that the picture is stuffed with demons and devils. On closer inspection, it is hardly possible to decide which demon being should be documented first. But here only two. First a face again.

Then we see a snake crawling over Abigail's shoulder from behind. The snake has a cat's head. Witches are often depicted with a cat on their shoulder. The snake-cat mixed creature of the emaciated Jehovah's Witness has a clear meaning. But please! Today witches have their rights and dignity like everyone else. But they should be redeemed by Jesus Christ. That is why I prove these things. I want to help Jehovah's Witnesses!

Jehovah's Witnesses should realize as soon as possible what kind of being they are really serving!

Baal priests are also marked with demons in the Watchtower booklets. This is an important parallel for the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are a caste of priests afflicted with demons, which the Watchtower Society describes in the Book of Revelations as locusts possessing scorpion spines from the abyss. The Watchtower Society claims that these locusts from the abyss with their scorpion sting cause pain to one third of humanity. Jehovah's Witnesses are perfectly organized stalkers on the street as well as at the front door, carrying out their harassment activities with played emotions. The marking of the Baal priest with a demon face in his hand once again points to the origin of the Watchtower religion.

The Watchtower illustrations very often contain the repetition of the central theme in a ridiculous, embarrassing way.

The creators of the Jehovah religion on page 93 of the book "IMITATE THEIR FAITH" then also represent true worship. True and pure worship belongs to Jehovah, the God of Masons and Mormons. The Watchtower Elijah shows the worship ulcers of Satan. Jehovah is Satan.

What if the devil did not make his seduction recognizable in small details? Then the people who fall for him would be innocent. Satan hates innocence because he cannot sue them. That's why he constructed the Jehovah religion so that everyone could recognize its satanic origin. That is the basis of his actions. Therefore, the Watchtower Society will never stop equipping its literature with demonic faces.

For this "brand identification" even small details are enough. The watchtower-internal connoisseur doesn't need long to look at a watchtower picture to identify the dark origin and the evil master of the picture. A small dead body (page 96) that came out of the V-neckline of the North American Jehovah's Witness is sign enough. It clearly marks the sinister origin. Jehovah's Witnesses do not even notice that the alleged Old Testament Isrealit is a typical North American.

The imagination of the Watchtower illustrators is almost unlimited. Page 99 of the book "IMITATE THEIR FAITH" shows a Watchtower Elijah with a crocodile head on his shoulder.

Further down, the Watchtower Elia is accompanied by a loudmouthed buff. Does this mean that biblical reports have something to do with big mouths?


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