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The Watchtower Society is doing the whole thing. There is nothing half-hearted, nothing started that does not bring it to its goal, there is nothing that is broken off halfway. The Watchtower Society manipulates the children of Jehovah's Witnesses purposefully and without pardon. It continues this line with the youthful Jehovah's Witnesses. The demonic burden of youth is not as easy as that of JW children, but it must be done consistently in order to maximize the profit calculated in human mass.

Ninjo from Austria recently sent me the book "fragen junger leute – praktische anwworten, BAND 2" and drew my attention to a graphic sexual allusion in the book, which I could not verify. While leafing through the book, which comes in a pleasing "Reader’s Digest" format, I discovered, however, other things that complete the chain of circumstantial evidence that convicts the Watchtower Society before God and the consciously blasphemous man.

On page 28 we see a pretty girl in make-up and nail polish thinking about it: "Let's fit together?" She is a selected pretty girl and especially fascinates the male Jehovah's Witness reading this book.

Thoughts of a Jehovah's Witness: Do we fit together?

The whole thing makes a very nice, harmless impression. How encouraging this picture must be for young people who have questions and expect practical answers! That such a beautiful young girl thinks such responsible thoughts can only be because she was brought up by Jehovah's Witnesses. Is it?

But closer inspection reveals something that makes the reader shudder. Again, the demonic blasphemy of the Watchtower Society laughs from the picture. Let's zoom in a little closer on this nice lady!

Demon at the hairline

Well? Already discovered? Have you already noticed what a coincidental coincidence has accidentally befallen the graphic artist of the Watchtower Society again? – Or should we take a closer look at the picture? – Okay!

Demon at the hairline

For all those who want to dismiss such "inlays" as random, there is now a scan of the image with high resolution. Please be aware that in Jehovah's Witness publications not a single pixel is random. Everything is carefully planned and controlled. After all, the success of the worldwide sermon depends on it!

Demon at the hairline

What has such a demon clown head to do with the hairstyle of a Jehovah's Witness – despite all forbearance and generosity? There are few explanations:

  • The Watchtower Society cannot leave its already false confession to God without reference to its satanic origins.
  • Manipulating the Jehovah's Witnesses is the core business of the Watchtower Society.

Demon at the hairline

It is not worth it for you, Jehovah's Witness, to deceive yourself about the diabolical machinations of the Watchtower Society and to delude yourself about them. All Jehovah's Witnesses are called to verify their "practice of faith" and to turn to the truth, which is certainly not spread by the faithful and circumspect slave. Let true Christians pray about you and free you from demonic influence. Then consciously turn to Jesus under the spiritual guidance of these Christians and make contact with him. Begin to be led by Jesus.

Jesus will never burden you with demons, but will free you from demons and protect you even if you have too weak a will to turn away from demonic influences. Jesus is the victor and has long since made Satan's dominion ineffective for those who trustingly enter into Jesus' protection.

Demons in watchtower scriptures are sacred Jehovah's duty

One can already be grateful as a critical observer of the "channel of God" when the satanic signs of recognition of the faithful and understanding slave are as well recognizable as the forehead demon above. The far higher number of such manipulations are hardly suitable for publication. On page 36 of the book "Ask young people – practical answers, BAND 2" we see a nice young woman. She also has a forehead demon, but it is much smaller.

Demon at the hairline

The Watchtower Society is such an impudent representative of Satan that the documentation of these demons is an important work. The blasphemy of this "religious community" beats all records, at least in terms of audacity. The piety shown to the outside and the recourse to the only true worship of God are tragically refuted by the verifiable works of this sect. The satanic image manipulations urgently suggest that all Jehovah's Witnesses are lost.

Demon at the hairline

Even the Watchtower demons, which can hardly be depicted, inevitably change the psyche of the believing Watchtower slave. Whether one wants to explain this effect by the scientific track or by the actual effect of demons is relatively irrelevant. The Watchtower publications are full of these manipulation objects. The intentions of the Watchtower Society can never come from God or be connected to God. The Watchtower Society betrays itself as a disciple of Satan.

And where do the young Jehovah's Witnesses carry their demons?

In the same book ("Ask Young People – Practical Answers, BAND 2") on page 181 we see the counterpart to the demonized Jehovah's Witness:

The boy with the living trouser stable

The boy with the pants demon

The boy with the pants demon

The boy with the pants demon

Would the models posing for the Watchtower Society tolerate this abuse if they knew about it?

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