Watchtower Society shows Jesus as a normal person

He's just the leader of an enthusiastic movement

The first and second look at this depiction of Jesus tells the viewer: Look! Jesus is just a guy like any other. Only his especially great attitude towards Jehovah made him something special. So be a good preacher, be enthusiastic, be spontaneous!

Jesus as a normal person – Demons in the background

If we let our gaze rest on the background, we see a series of different faces again. These bizarre grimaces overlap again in the well-known watchtower manner. You have to look at it for a longer time and then you are "rewarded" with quite different demonic portraits.

Demon cat skull

The image has not been changed in color, brightness, or contrast. According to my present knowledge the demons accumulate in such images that are supposed to misrepresent Jesus. The false teaching of the Watchtower apparently needs such supporting measures.

Demon bearded grin demon

It is hard to understand that Jehovah's Witness, at least deliberately, does not seem to be visually receptive to these demons. Has he become so accustomed to it? Rather, it seems to be due to the fact that the "free and free Bible taught" is systematically led in the Watchtower Society. He thus finds a home among demons in the gathering of Jehovah's Witnesses and is so accustomed that Jesus is basically a joke figure and that he ultimately has to be laughed at by these demons. – Take a look at the picture above from this point of view.

Demon deprecating

And once you realize that this Watchtower Society can even give religious instruction and maintain charitable institutions, it can run ice cold down your back. Only the ban on information (Internet) for the individual witnesses should have alarmed the German judiciary!


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