Obadja representation with demons

The transition from a Christian to an "intellectually sharpened" atheist is fluid. The Christian has at least heard of a spiritual world and enjoys the protection of Jesus Christ, the atheist simply turns away rigorously from such thoughts and relates everything he encounters to this world. In between lie broad fields full of people who are defencelessly exposed to demonic influences. Among these there are those who actively handle and manoeuvre this spiritual world and those who are simply exposed to its lower influence.

The last category includes Jehovah's Witnesses, who never surrendered to Jesus Christ, were never allowed to surrender because they adhere to Jehovah, the God of human wisdom. They are blinded in the wrong direction by the wrong signs of the Watchtower on the spiritual highway, and every six months they are given alleged proof in the Watchtower magazines that they are on the right track.

In addition, the Watchtower praises a multitude of detailed views, which are intended to make it clear to the traveller that he was not mistaken. – Look! This rest stop! Look, this viaduct! Look, this parking lot! Look, this three-lane stretch! Look, this steep incline! – All this half-true evidence of the Watchtower is meant to tempt Jehovah's Witness to stubbornly hold on to the correctness of his way.

But the power of Satan is forever limited by the unique act of God to have himself executed by us human beings in Jesus. Satan no longer has the freedom to do all his seductive power to man. Therefore, he is forced to add to his seduction a distinctive feature that exposes and exposes him to serious observers of matter.

Thus, in the seductive writings of the Watchtower Society, we repeatedly find markings with which Satan makes his authorship recognizable. At the same time, Satan also uses this limitation of his power of seduction to make a special mockery of those who, despite the clear signs of recognition, allow themselves to be soaped by him. As if to a double triumph, he not only misleads the human intellectual superiors, but has a devilish joy in branding all who follow him as idiots with clear exposures of himself.

For in the end there will be a great "slideshow" in which he will prove to all who have fallen into his trap how they could have recognized his seduction even without the help of Jesus. – An example:

Demons as Obadiah's Witnesses

Those who are not already repulsed by the boundless ride of the Watchtower doctrine to the courtyard themselves will find clear clues in the illustrations of the Watchtower literature. In the Watchtower of October 1, 2006 on page 18 we find an illustration in which figures can be seen with the naked eye that have nothing to do with the plot depicted. They are reproductions disguised as backgrounds of those who try with all their might to repress Jesus. The demonic world of Satan experiences a special honor here. It may transplant itself into the soul life of Jehovah's Witnesses via the visual track and make itself comfortable in these seduced people.

Whoever turns these religious images back and forth in the Watchtower exercise books in the light of the ordinary economy lamp sees a lot more of these "faces" and grimaces than they can be documented here. For the human eye has more abilities than a scanner. The human brain receives the signals.

In the magnification even more distorted "onlookers" are visible:

Please click and then switch over ...

When you meet Jehovah's Witnesses, please point out to these people that these phenomena exist in the Watchtower literature. Recommend that these people inform themselves about them on the Internet. For here there is no demonological strategy, but honest attempts to stop the successful march through the Watchtower.

Politicians should take their responsibility seriously and challenge the decision of the Berlin Higher Regional Court. The Watchtower Society, as a freemasonic association, is not an institution entitled to the status of a public corporation.


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