Jehovah's Witnesses behind bars

Jesus saves

Those who have never been free cannot really distinguish between captivity and freedom. Anyone who, like the Watchtower Society, keeps millions in captivity will refrain from telling his prisoners about freedom. Any information about this would increase the risk of promoting the justified rebellion of the prisoners. That is why Jesus is only admissible to Jehovah's Witnesses in a cored form. Thus it is possible for the jail lords of the Watchtower to enforce a form of religion that speaks of Jesus but never lets him work.

Jesus says: "Whom the Son makes free, he is truly free." This freedom, which comes through Jesus, relieves us believers of all human morals, of all rules of conduct highly esteemed among men. For Jesus writes his law in our hearts. In this freedom, which Jesus gives us through his direct influence, we also find a daily spiritual growth, in which we advance to his glory without our own efforts and duties. For nothing that we put on our feet by our own strength helps us further, but only and exclusively that which Jesus raises up in us.

His power is the only thing that can make us pleasing to God. Only Jesus' intervention can save us. His work is also this infinite freedom from human limitation and human toil, which must always end in self-congratulation and self-rescue.

Der Watchtower chains

In order to hide this liberating and independent effect of Jesus from Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower repeatedly comes with the old phrase that has always existed in the world without Jesus: "If we diligently serve Jehovah, he will support us." This saying applies to all men and all gods. People have always thought, first of all, that if we sacrifice this or that to God, he will support us. Under this way of thinking people have been slaughtered in the name of religion, magical rites have been held, under this way of thinking superstitious actions are performed at all times, always in order to tap into some force majeure or to make oneself useful.

Jehovah's Witnesses are held captive in this ancient pagan attitude of faith. They are constantly instilled that they must do something to draw Jehovah to their side. The Watchtower conceals the fact that Jesus has put an end to this very stupidest of religious games.

Jesus saves

Whoever enters the yoke of Jesus experiences very quickly and plausibly that all human attempts to draw God to his side are and must be the last nonsense. There is no human work that could ever reconcile God to us. For this to be so, the Lord Jesus himself went to the cross to replace our infinitely stupid attempts to come to God with his deed. He is the way to the Father, he is the one who makes us acceptable in the eyes of the Father, because he, Jesus, carried away the punishment for all our remoteness from God.

Under Jesus there is no place for superstitious actions. No increase in preaching ministry, no stubbornness, no rigid watchtower stubbornness, no struggle on a hopeless post will help a Jehovah's Witness. Independently acquired character traits and behavioural changes will always remain human work and will always find their condemnation under the aspect "Tower of Babel".

Jesus ended this lastingly! He only says: "Without me you can do nothing!" He calls us to finally relax in His salvation. He assures us that he is also, no only without our performance on our side and with him the father. He gives us his strength and his motivation so that we can grow in him. So that who boasts, boasts of the Lord.

There will be nothing and nothing to protect us from the wrath of God except Jesus. In God's eyes, no human work will have the slightest effect, because human action is always far from God. That is why Jesus must take a seat in us and take up space in us so that he can realize his law in us with his power. In this way it will never happen that any of us who have trusted in Jesus will say to God: Look what I have done for you! But we will always praise Jesus Christ only in gratitude, because he is the only one who can begin something divine in us and redeem us from our inadequacy.

The Watchtower is destroying all this

The Watchtower reduces everything to human power. In the Watchtower edition for January 1, 2006, we find this intention of human complacency fully expressed. Already on page 3 we find an illustration, which should represent the world evil.

The Watchtower: Harmless Representation of Good and Evil in the World

But if we enlarge a section of this watchtower representation, we rediscover the self-exposure of Satan, who works through the watchtower society. The suffering Jehovah's Witness is depicted, who is forever kept away from his Salvation through Jesus by the grids of the false Watchtower doctrine:

Jehovah's Witness behind bars

Here, too, we see demons again who maintain the lattice of the Watchtower doctrine.

The Watchtower Society knows very well about the saving power that only Jesus has in store for us. It therefore tries to distract people from Jesus in order to lead them to destruction. She is doing the will of her father, Satan, whom she calls Jehovah. And because Satan is not allowed to carry out his deception in a perfect manner, he must make his actions recognizable. We find this in the image of the desperate Jehovah's Witness, who is surely betrayed for his salvation by the Watchtower doctrine.


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