Demons in Watchtower Images

A collection of depictions of the Watchtower in which demons can be seen.

In the search for these signs of the dark origins of the Watchtower Society, it has become apparent that demonic contours can be seen in extremely many depictions in the Watchtower booklets. Especially in black areas these demon fringes accumulate. They are often visible to the naked eye when the book is turned to the right angle to the light source.

Very, very many more demon representations can be discovered by brightening the image and varying the contrast. This "grain" is not to be found in any other printed product that has been drawn in for comparison. This "grain" is discovered only in the printed matter of the Watchtower Society. Try it out!

These "background demons" are represented on the one hand in the predominant number in the publications of the Watchtower. However, death masks and similar objects are also integrated into the image in an easily recognizable way. Often one does not even have to rotate the picture to recognize these fragments of evil.

On this page and other pages appearing in loose succession, such diabolical details are to be collected so that the viewer can convince himself that Satan's signature resides in the Watchtower amidst magnificently designed piety. Satan is not allowed to deceive people with the perfect lie. That's why he is forced to come out with such wafer-thin distinctive signs!

Let us be thankful that God does not allow the devil to deceive us with all his might! Unfortunately, most "grains" of the images in the Watchtower are relatively unspectacular. But the regularity with which they are easily recognizable by everyone points to a built-in recognition feature of the real originator of these notebooks.

The collection begins:

Evil Watchtower Look and Demon on the Arm

In the Watchtower of November 1, 2007 on page 15 we see a man staring at us strangely enough. On his left forearm his clothes fold and curl into a monkey-like demon mask. It is very easily recognizable. As I took a closer look at this detail, I rediscovered in the black area below this monkey frat those background "grains" that seem to be in all the Watchtower illustrations.

Below you can see the relevant section enlarged and rotated. The arrow number one points to an area in which you can gradually see several demonic heads again. The number 2 points to the monkey face, which – so far I may go – is probably not on any other left sleeve in the world. Should the rigid gaze of the man distract from this revelation?

Watchtower: Demons in clothing

What effort is made for such representations! Why are these demonic representations incorporated into dark areas?

Do your own Watchtower booklets and see if I'm telling the truth or not!

The Watchtower Society, despite all the religious aberrations of people worldwide, is the best manipulated fraud version of modern times. With its personnel deployed worldwide, its know-how and its evil refinement, it beats everything that has been cheated of so far. Stay awake and do research with me. I am very grateful for your photos and information.


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