Demons as companions of the Watchtower Devil

In the Watchtower for November 15, 2005, the Company headlines:

"Is there a devil?"

Below, on page 3, a silvery shimmering mask with the caption is emblazoned: "To see through someone who absolutely wants to hide his true self behind a mask is anything but simple!" How true, how true!

Devil mask

Who is Satan really? Who defeated him? If there really is a devil, then Jesus himself defeated him. Whoever has Jesus does not need to worry about whether or not there is a devil, nor does he need to be afraid of the devil. Of course it is interesting to learn something about these things, but Jesus is the guarantor that we are protected and saved from such a threat even without any knowledge of the devil.

The Watchtower Society, however, bathes itself in this possible threat and spreads this topic out in detail before its seduced audience. And to fuel the diffuse fears of its victims, it depicts demons again in the diffuse background.

Demons in the background

If one lets one's gaze rest for a while on the enlargement of the section, one recognizes skulls and goat-like creatures that grin at one with audacity. (Turn the book in the light and look at it from different directions.) It's a happy demon world presented to us in the Watchtower. All the superficial information that the Watchtower scratches together for its seduced ones from the Bible is useless, because the demon infestation happens in the Watchtower on a completely different level.

While a whole staff of investigators pump the Watchtower full of false and superficial statements that they suck out of the Bible in their inimitable American superficial way and reproduce distorted and twisted, skilful draughtsmen and graphic artists equip the Watchtower with information hidden underground that corresponds to the true nature of the Watchtower society.

The demon world in which wizards and freemasons move enjoys free access to watchtower literature. While the text already puts Jehovah's Witnesses in fear and psychological pressure, demons and devils literally rage in these books and seem to laugh themselves to death at the fact that no Jehovah's Witness discovers them. And even if they do, virtually no Jehovah's Witness has a way of staying away from these influences, for he is trapped in the social imprisonment of his local gathering.

Through the constant bombardment of Jehovah's Witnesses with demons and devils, the leaders and hierarchically interposed helpers of the rallies no longer notice their sin. They are simply accustomed to thinking and feeling in hellish contexts by the permanent sight of demons and devils. Therefore, they can no longer see the oppression as sin that they do to their subordinates.

The Watchtower Society may not be Satan's greatest servant, but it is at least the most subtly disguised. Her theme always touches razor-sharply on her own entanglement with evil, but always makes it look as if she's keeping completely clear of it. This trick is Watchtower program! Because with a single stroke of the pen, she can later present Jehovah's Witnesses with the infinite lie for what it is. One of the greatest human deceptions under the sun.

That's what Satan wants. He likes to talk about religion and the right faith in order to turn everything around in one fell swoop with a flick of his finger. He makes his listeners believe wonderful things to make them fall into the bottomless pit with a single blow. This is his desire to make the Salvation through Jesus ineffective, in order to later enjoy millions of times in one fell swoop the suffering of those who have fallen for the "faithful slaves".

Thus, his own costumes and aspirations meet with the condition that he always has to reveal himself somehow in all his deceptions. He plays the game of perfect deception under the condition that he has so much power to be honest even in deception. This supposed honesty even becomes an integral part of his methods. This supposed honesty is the supporting pillar that can lead him to collapse with a single blow of a lie. And becomes.

Jehovah's Witnesses! Jesus finally defeated Satan. Whoever takes Jesus' side will be protected from Satan's deception forever. You can read the Bible on your own! Ask Jesus Christ for the right understanding and accept Jesus as your only Lord! For only in His name, that is what God the Father has decided, should we be saved. Hear him!


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