Hope for Jehovah and be courageous

Yes, be brave! For to hope for Jehovah can hardly be accomplished by delicately stringed souls. For Jehovah is not the God described in the Bible, our Father and the Father of Jesus Christ. The name Jehovah is an error in writing and reading. From this name the Watchtower Society developed a new God according to human wisdom. There had to be a realizer, one who had intentions consistent with the goals of the Masonic environment of Charles Taze Russell.

Those who hope for Jehovah must be polished up with motivational writings every 14 days. Those who hope for Jehovah must take in these writings 4 or 5 times a week under strict guidance. And those who hope in Jehovah must be so misled that they no longer perceive the demonic representations in the Watchtower. But he will feel them unconsciously, and that will require even more courage to get involved again and again with these writings.

In the Watchtower for October 1, 2006, page 26, a red-bearded Aryan in Semitic clothing is emblazoned. His bold look and facial expression radiate the fact that the whole world can mean nothing to him. He has found his orientation and the stick he holds in his hand is not only there to lean on, but also symbolizes a weapon. He is satisfied with it.

Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons

(Further down there are still darkened variations of the image.)
Beware, the demons are not so clearly recognizable on tube screens.

But he will not turn the stick against his companions, who can be seen to the right and left behind him.

To his left you see a green head (a little harder to see, you have to look longer). The corners of his mouth are pulled down and his eyes closed. To his right, a cat-like creature with his ears set on is staring rigidly at us, ready to attack * They are two of the companions of those hoping for the Jehovah Charles T. Russell designed and constantly evolving by the Watchtower Society.

It takes courage to hope for this demon-god. Perhaps the courage of despair. In order to follow this Jehovah and be pleasing to him, one must either be death-defying and trusting in the non-preservation, or be completely indifferent. After the experience I have had with Jehovah's Witnesses, the latter is most true. The bluntness consists mainly in accepting without contradiction obvious, even skyrocketing misinterpretations of the Bible. This is the aim of the Watchtower, with its regular forced reading, to spiritually stun its followers under duress. Like drumbeats on a galley, the Watchtower forces itself upon these people who are hoping for the Jehovah, the Watchtower Society's God-denomination.

Jehovah's Witness is systematically prepared to take over the world. Brains and hearts will be totally focused on one day remaining as the only owners of the world. This goal will prevail according to the WTS teachings of that Jehovah. But will this happen in harmony with the Jesus of the Bible?

No, because the numerous demons depicted in the Watchtower scriptures speak a different language. They categorically exclude belonging to Jesus. They point out to the reader and Jehovah believers that the world takeover will one day take place under a terrible struggle and under the destruction of non-Jehovahists. The demons testify that Jesus Christ has nothing, nothing at all, to do with this "religious community.

Because in Jesus we find direct access to the Father and need neither the support of angels nor much less the support of demons. This is different in the Watchtower! Here the demons are funnelled into the reader's psyche as an everyday experience, so that the fright of the Jehovah's Witnesses will not be quite so terrible on the set day. The remaining fears of this group of Satans then disappear under the lifelong trained drill.

To protect our children from the Watchtower Society, this disguised Freemason organization must be deprived of its public corporation status as soon as possible.

Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons Jehovah's Witness accompanied by demons

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