Women's hair demon – all just coincidence!

Poor Jehovah's Witnesses! The faithful and understanding slave, which are some high-ranking Freemasons from America, has ordered Jehovah's Witnesses to abstain from all Internet activities. At the same time, a letter was read in the Witness meetings claiming that the demon depictions in the Watchtower literature were all accidental. This also exists in nature and therefore one should not imagine that the faithful and intelligent slave consciously and deliberately brings these demons among people through his publications.

Let us look at the picture of a woman depicted in the Watchtower for 1 March 2008. The picture is on page 2, i.e. on the inside of the cover page.

Female Hair Demon

The falling hair of this woman knots herself secretly, quietly and quietly and above all by chance into a kind of animal head. This is again a demon portrayal, as one finds it in heaps in the Watchtower magazines. The watchtower-generated images of demons are as inconspicuous as necessary and as impressive as possible. This graphic border crossing has been developed to the highest perfection by the faithful and discreet Watchtower manufacturers. The demons are always depicted in such a way that one observer only shakes his head and can make fun of the other observer, who recognizes demonic representations in these abstruse changes.

The fact is, however, that even the woman as a model is thought-provoking! How do perfectionists like the Watchtower writers come up with the idea of depicting a totally styled, well-groomed woman, when her hair is strangely taped and knotted in the neck area? One also wonders why the areas around the ears are retouched and artificially adapted, when even a small make-up artist would be enough to make the woman look good.

Have you ever seen hair that bends over the auricle as if it were stuck with phlegm, as if it were supported by the auricle? No, these images are altered and adapted by "artists". Every detail of these images is under the control of "faithful and informed" manufacturers of these colorful Watchtower leaves. There is no chance and no excuse. They try to bring demons among the Jehovah's Witness people. And they succeed.

Retouching and conscious manipulation are never coincidence. All images in the Watchtower are created with great effort. It cannot be a coincidence that demons appear again and again in a Christian script. For a scripture that classifies itself as Christian and at the same time also makes a claim to sole validity can only appear unambiguously. The Watchtower clearly appears satanic, once through the images of demons and once through the absolutely false doctrine represented in the Watchtower.


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