Frankenstein's Monster

When so-called Christian literature makes fun of Jesus, a limit has been reached that must finally stop all efforts of the authors of such blasphemies to be recognized as a public corporation for all time. Only the great Catholic blasphemy, which is also considered a public corporation, can serve as an argument for the organization of Jehovah's blasphemers to be recognized as a K.d.A. under the disposition of equal treatment.

Blasphemy of Jehovah's Witnesses

In the Watchtower for February 15, 2007, on pages 15 and 16, the Watchtower Society depicts a Jesus who obviously must have told his disciples a crude joke. But the accompanying text reads: "Jesus took into account that his disciples were tired". This text does not fit at all to the picture with the obviously well amused group of disciples.

Jesus and the disciples laugh themselves to pieces

Jesus and the disciples laugh themselves to pieces
(Watchtower 15.02.2007, page 15) – Notice the joker at the bottom left, whose gesture suggests: Haha! We took them well!

The article in which the funny picture is embedded deals with how Jehovah's Witnesses should behave toward their wives. This article shines in a well-known Watchtower manner with relatively meaningless word clusters of an appellative character. On the next page you can find another picture, which with high probability is the true reason for the laughter of the Watchtower Jesus from the previous picture. We see a couple discussing their problems in an exemplary way (under Jehovah's leadership).

The man holds the opened Bible in his left hand and puts his right arm around the shoulders of a woman. This is the Watchtower Society's representative view of how men should deal with women. At the same time, this image makes a number of promises.

The Strangulated

A man should address his wife friendly and with considered words to a problem
(Watchtower 15.02.2007, page 16)

This picture promises the reader of the Watchtower that despite being ugly, one can find a nice woman and get close to her physically. All you have to do is show her an open New World translation and you're ready to go. But the really strong promise that this picture makes to the Watchtower reader is of a completely different nature! It is the promise that even undead and zombies have a good chance with Watchtower women.

Because the superior smiling man has a strange mark on his neck.

Frankenstein Junior

This mark cannot be caused by strangulation, because then the injury would have to be higher on the neck. The mark cannot come from a tie that is too tight, because in this case the injury would have to be higher. The position of this circular skin irritation is so deep at the base of the neck that basically only one end remains to be drawn. It must be an old seam. This man must have had a new head sewn on.

That's why Watchtower Jesus is laughing his ass off!

The Watchtower represents a newly sewn male object of human form in its notebook, suggesting that brainwashing through Watchtower theology is fully effective. The Watchtower-Jesus laughs at this "perfection" broken and with it the Watchtower disciples are in a very good mood about it. A perfect change of man in the sense of perfection is to be indicated. The seam doesn't bother any further, because the woman's attention lies on the opened Bible.

The suture on the neck is completely unnatural and cannot be explained by any coincidence. It can be no disease, no natural scar, no pollution, no collar or the like. Thus the subconscious of the observer has only little room to interpret the information hidden in this sequence of images. Certainly, within the Watchtower Society, only the initiated know the true meaning of these images.

Collared snake

The unbelievable use of hidden messages in the Watchtower publications suggests that the authors have bad intentions. Not only very well hidden demons overshadow the Watchtower propaganda, but also hints that complete the demonic chapter of the Watchtower Messages. The faithful and understanding slave is a godless being who permamently makes fun of the Bible and those who seek truth in it. In order to present this phenomenon as a whole, many websites still need to be created. The Watchtower Publishing Society's failings are not abating. It offers pemanent new material with which one can prove the satanic orientation of this ideology.


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