Jehovah hears our cries for help

Under the title "Jehovah hears our cries for help" we find an article based on the Bible text on page 12 of the Study Watchtower of March 15, 2008:

The Eyes of Jehovah are directed at the righteous. And his ears to their cry for help. (NWT)

On page 13 there is a picture of Solomon who, according to the faithful and understanding slave, was convinced that Jehovah would help his people in distress. Within this picture one can see a face with large, swelling Glubsch eyes and a broad grin. That must be the face of Jehovah.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Then you will see the magnification upside down and the face of Jehovah. His eyes are actually on the "righteous. On the self-righteous and those who expect something from the Watchtower Society. He laughs broadly and you can see his horns.

If you look at the original image, you will notice that these Jehovah's eyes are clearly recognizable in their original size.

The Watchtower Society is an institution for the professional mockery of God. Satan himself must be its leader.


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